Free eBook – Amazing Administrate: How Administrate Can Help Solve Your Training Management Problems
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How Administrate Can Help Solve Your Training Management Problems

The purpose of Amazing Administrate: How Administrate Can Help Solve Your Training Management Problems is not bragging. The intention behind composing this collection is to let you know all the ways that Administrate TMS can help out with everything that has to do with training. As a collection of articles, it addresses a big variety of cases. The insight filling these pages can prove to be a constant helping hand, transforming training reality for the better.

Amazing Administrate: How Administrate Can Help Solve Your Training Management Problems
Discover how to manage everything training-related from one central system while dealing with all your training administration tasks and saving time, money, and effort!

I know that you want nothing less than being successful, reaching wider audiences and higher levels of competency. There is not a single one of you that can spare time, money, and effort more than what you are already devoting in your cause. So the smart move is to invest in studying these, so carefully composed, pages.

About The eBook

From chapter one to the very end, Amazing Administrate is bound to grab and hold of your attention. It is mostly compiled of practical advises on how to stay on top of things with the right use of all the features and tools in Administrate TMS. Resource management, course templates, task workflows, the reporting system, and numerous tips and secrets are here. Reading them and learning them will simply make a great tool even greater for you.


  1. How To Tackle Common Training Communication Problems With Administrate
  2. How To Use Administrate To Keep Your Students Happy
  3. How To Save Time And Stay Organized With Resource Management In Administrate
  4. How To Save Time And Stay Organized with Course Templates
  5. How To Save Time And Stay Organized With Task Workflows
  6. How To Use The Administrate Reporting System To Track And Manage Debt Collection
  7. How To Improve Your Customer Journey With Administrate
  8. 5 Ways To Manage Your Instructors With Administrate
  9. An Introduction To Training Tokens
  10. Administrate – One Platform To Rule Them All

As communication is a massive issue of today, this edition firstly addresses this one. With problems of this kind, you can’t go far. The showcasing of a sum of problems here will open the way for you to work past them. What comes next are ways to keep your students happy. No one working in the training industry should neglect this aspect. You should try keeping them updated as to what their course is concerned, and make payments easy for them by taking them online, for starters. And don’t forget to give value to the features that allow you keeping track and managing all your training resources.

Another cool advantage Administrate gives you is easy scheduling with course templates. Set up standard templates, reduce duplicate data entry, and make the use of data as simple as it gets. One last mention in the section of Amazing Administrate: How Administrate Can Help Solve Your Training Management Problems, dedicated to save you time, are task workflows. The knowledge placed here, on keeping track of tasks, individual, or group, will assist you in creating to-do lists, assigning tasks, track their progress, and make changes to them.

Now, there’s this crucial job that perhaps you didn’t know you can take care of through the Administrate reporting system, and it is tracking and managing debt collection. Reports on un-invoiced payments, not paid, or not finalized reports, are all within the range of the system. So keeping the right data in it will give you control on debt.

Despite all the above, the package would not be complete without any prediction for improving the experience of the customer journey. Read all about making your site easy to find and navigate, your courses displayed and sold online, plus some smart marketing-targeted tips. Then, the attention shifts to instructors, as Administrate shares five ways to manage them, so that all your courses run smoothly. Going a step back, one more reference in selling training comes with the training tokens. They are added to benefit everyone using Administrate, working as an easily manageable unit of currency within the system.

Reaching the end of this collection of blog posts you have an accumulative article, demonstrating why and how administrate is one central system that is capable of managing all your training operation. There are detailed descriptions on how time and money are saved and your staff is appropriately trained. Administrate offers features and tools for storing data, create and customize reports, has an in-built LMS, and manages your sales. All integrated! Need you ask for anything more?

If you want to discover all the best functions and features that Administrate TMS offers to its customers, download this eBook today.

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