eBook Release: Transform Your L&D With Digital

Free eBook: Transform Your L&D With Digital
Summary: Corporate eLearning is subject to rapid changes; this is why you have to keep your employees’ expectations in mind at all times, as they change too. Staying up-to-date is easier than one might think. After all, technological innovations are here to lend a helping hand, apart from speeding up the pace. This must-read will fill you with insight that will allow you to confidently empower your employees to be self-sufficient, thus gaining multiple professional benefits.

Transform Your L&D With Digital

As crucial as it is, digitally transforming your L&D must be dealt with in a way that causes the least anxiety. Trusting the advice found in Transform Your L&D With Digital is a step in this direction. You’ll come to think of Learning & Development in terms of optimizing outcomes that are related to your work – and not to the process of sheer learning.

eBook Release: Transform Your L&D With Digital
eBook Release
Transform Your L&D With Digital
Discover how to transform your Learning and Development with digital and get practical guidance on getting started in your organization.

Read all about the data produced and how you can use it. How to offer on-demand performance support and what resources and techniques you need to engage employees in the strategic objectives of your organisation. Make the sparkle of excitement a fundamental factor in your workplace. Lead your employees by inspiring them to effectively contribute in the team’s success.

About The eBook

Starting from the shift of focus from learning to performance, Transform Your L&D With Digital will assist you in every step of integrating technological innovations to your corporate eLearning course. The use of data, improvement of performance, implementation of a series of resources, and the work towards empowering the self-sufficiency of your employees are the basic issues analyzed here. Of equal importance is the insight on measuring efficacy of your workforce and leading them to the achievements of the goals set.


  • It's About Performance, Not Learning
  • Make Decisions With Data
  • Influence The Performance Of Everybody, Every Day
  • Resources First, Supplemented By Formal Events
  • Empower Employees To Be Self-Sufficient And To Contribute
  • Measure Efficacy, Not Learning
  • Leading So That Others Will Follow

The authors of this eBook are persistent about putting performance in the center of attention. You’ll understand the need to develop skills faster and to adopt a more dynamic approach regarding performance support. Look past “learning” and deploy the digital resources to push things forward. Further on, you’ll read about collecting and using data as a means of efficient course management. Make it your business to know how people are developing themselves.

The above is how Transform Your L&D With Digital leads you in dealing with the every day performance of everybody within your organisation. The process to do this is by refocusing away from the course, providing contextually relevant digital resources. The argument here is that their position should be more central than the usual eLearning courses. Providing employees with tools that help them overcome challenges is a way to empower them to be self-sufficient and to contribute to the strategic goals. The internet is a great help in this, as one can develop a personal learning network, including experts inside and outside of the company.

What follows is a number of to-the-point notes on measuring efficacy and a presentation of what a data-driven Learning & Development function brings. This is a more confident way to achieve the desired results, compared to measuring whether “learning” has occurred. The authors of this edition have kept some words of advice in leading your workforce, which serve perfectly for the closing pages. Moving away from the “course mindset”, you need to be both skillful and sensitive. Of course, there are many more that you can learn from here on if you choose to trust Looop’s next-gen digital learning platform.

If you want to discover the best ways to digitally transform your organisation’s L&D, download this eBook today.