8 Unconventional Ways To Market Your eLearning Course On YouTube

8 Unconventional Ways To Market Your eLearning Course On YouTube
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Summary: Videos are captivating, entertaining, and attention-grabbing. This article features 8 unconventional ways to promote your eLearning course on YouTube.

How To Market Your eLearning Course On YouTube

How do you market your eLearning course without breaking the bank? YouTube is right up there with Facebook and Twitter in terms of social media popularity. People use it to catch up with content creators, watch movie trailers, and view helpful tutorials. But it’s also an effective promotional platform to promote eLearning courses. These 8 creative ideas prove that YouTube isn’t just for viral videos and vlogs. In fact, you can use this social media platform to reach a broader audience and increase eLearning course sales.

8 Insider Tips To Promote eLearning Courses on YouTube

1. Learner Testimonials

Written testimonials can sway people’s opinions if they’re unsure about signing up for your eLearning course. However, a video testimonial takes it a step further by fostering an emotional connection. Prospects are able to watch the reviewers’ facial expressions or hear the enthusiasm in their voice, which underscores the fact that they’re satisfied with your eLearning course and aren’t reluctant to spread the word. You can also produce animated videos with professional voiceovers to "re-enact" the testimonial.

2. Sneak Previews

Upload sneak peeks of your upcoming eLearning course so that online learners can determine if it’s what they’re looking for. As an example, include the first 3 minutes of a tutorial or a preview of the serious game you’re developing. This is also a great way to market your eLearning course while you’re still in the early stages of the project. Be sure to include the expected launch date and invite them to sign up for your mailing list. That way they won’t miss the opportunity to sign up once you officially open enrollments.

3. Subject Matter Expert Interviews

Invite Subject Matter Experts to sit down for an interview and record the session. Your YouTube subscribers will welcome the opportunity to learn from the pros. Especially if the Subject Matter Expert is prepared to offer valuable insights and tips for everyday challenges. For instance, the industry expert gives viewers advice on how to increase their monthly sales figures or handle a customer complaint more effectively using superb active listening skills. Don’t forget to give the guest host a chance to promote their site or works while their marketing your eLearning course. For example, they get to pitch their latest book or upcoming event.

4. Monthly Wrap-Up Shows

There are a number of ways you can approach this YouTube marketing idea. Firstly, host a recap show that talks about what’s going on within your eLearning company. For instance, this month you completed the persuasion skills module. Discuss all the benefits this content will bring to online learners and talk about the ‘behind the scenes’ work that was involved. You could also cover broader subject matters. For example, industry news that online learners may find interesting or compelling, like the latest trends in the customer service or IT tech sectors.

5. Live eLearning Course Launch Events

It’s time to celebrate! All your hard work has paid off and you’re finally ready to launch your latest eLearning course. Why not host a live event on YouTube to mark the occasion and generate more interest? Send out invites to your mailing list and talk about it on social media. Let everyone know that the first 25 people to sign up for the eLearning course during or after the event get a special discount or freebie, like a downloadable eBook that relates to the topic. You can also host a live online meet-and-greet with the eLearning course creators so that online learners can ask questions and establish a rapport. Remember to record the event and publish it to your YouTube channel for future viewing. It can be an effective eLearning course marketing tool on its own, especially if you add eLearning course sign-up links in the description box.

6. Interactive FAQs

Instead of merely including the FAQs on the course home page and your website, produce an interactive video to market your eLearning course. Record a brief narration, then display a list of topics in the description or on-screen links to relevant videos. For example, the video that shows up on your main channel page is the intro that welcomes visitors to click on the links below. Every link directs them to another unlisted video on your channel that answers the respective question. This gives them the ability to skip right to the response they’re looking for instead of watching a 15-minute video that covers irrelevant queries.

7. Top 5 Promo Videos

People love countdown videos that sum up the main points quickly and offer entertainment value. Produce "top 5" promo videos that showcase various aspects of your eLearning course. For example, the "top 5 reasons why people should sign up for your negotiation skills course". The secret is to avoid making it seem like a sales gimmick and to add subtle touches of humor, without causing offense. You can even throw in some animated characters or background music to enhance engagement.

8. eLearning Freebies

What better way to market your eLearning course than launching a "lite" version that online learners can access for free? For example, 5-minute videos that serve as microlearning modules and delve into sub-topics. Create playlists so that online learners know where to start and which videos are part of the series. They always have the option to sign up for the comprehensive eLearning course if they like what they see. Don’t forget to include gentle reminders at the end of each video that direct them to your eLearning course landing page.


YouTube is a powerful marketing platform that can help you engage your audience and market your eLearning course. However, just like any other social media tool, you need to opt for quality over quantity. Don’t flood your subscribers’ feeds with short snippets that lack value just for the sake of staying fresh in their minds, as you may end up losing out on sales opportunities instead of building a loyal following.

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