Free eBook: The Complete User Guide To Moodle Chapter 1

The Complete User Guide To Moodle: Chapter 1

It is fair to say that Moodle has been on the lips of most people involved with eLearning. Call it CMS or LMS, Moodle has shaped modern education, and the last years we are witnessing it rise to become a favorite tool for corporate training. The story of this all is not just fascinating, but also extremely useful and deservedly included in this great eBook by Lambda Solutions. Either way you choose to use Moodle, in the eBook The Complete User Guide To Moodle Chapter 1 you will be comprehensively informed on how it functions for Business, Healthcare, Nonprofits, and Education. Plus you’ll get a thorough introduction to Totara LMS, the corporate version of Moodle.

eBook Release: The Complete User Guide To Moodle Chapter 1
eBook Release
The Complete User Guide To Moodle Chapter 1
Discover how Moodle transitioned from the education to the business world, where it is now an integral business tool for many organizations.

About The eBook

Let’s take a look at the key chapters of The Complete User Guide To Moodle Chapter 1:

  • What Is Moodle LMS?
    Moodle is the world’s most popular and most used Learning Management System (LMS). Why?
  • Why Is Moodle The World's Best LMS?
    With 68 million users worldwide, Moodle is hands down the most widely used Learning Management System by organizations of all shapes and sizes.
  • 10 Ways Moodle Is Used In Business
    When Moodle launched in 2002 for K12 and Higher Education institutions, many did not foresee the popularity it would gain in the corporate world.
  • Ways Moodle Is Used In Healthcare
    Just as Moodle has seen adoption in the corporate world, the open source Learning Management System has quickly gained popularity in the Healthcare sector.
  • Ways Moodle Is Used In Education
    Moodle was originally designed with higher education environments in mind, but it has quickly expanded to encompass the entire range of educational institutes.
  • Ways Moodle Is Used In Nonprofits
    We all know that Moodle is used by the education, healthcare, government, and corporate sectors, but not everyone is aware that Moodle is a great tool for nonprofit organizations as well.
  • Totara LMS: A Learning Management System Designed For Business
    Totara is an open source distribution of Moodle built specifically for the modern needs of businesses today.

If you want to learn more about why Moodle is the world’s best Learning Management System, download the eBook The Complete User Guide To Moodle Chapter 1.

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