How Utility Warehouse Rolled Out Responsive eLearning To 46,000 BYOD Learners

How Utility Warehouse Rolled Out Responsive eLearning To 46,000 BYOD Learners
Summary: Utility Warehouse, part of Telecom Plus PLC is a multi-award winning provider to 550,000 homes and small businesses throughout the UK. They have a team of 46,000 distributors. Paul Goundry, Head of Learning had a grand vision: To put the experience of high performing distributors ‘in the pocket’ of new distributors with fully responsive elearning. This is the story of how he achieved it with Elucidat.

Utility Warehouse Rolled Out Responsive eLearning To 46,000 BYOD Learners

Utility Warehouse strives to provide interactive work aids and learning materials that are accessible to their workforce who work remotely throughout the UK. However, after trying several elearning development tools, they still found difficulty producing immersive responsive elearning that worked on the web and any mobile device. After choosing Elucidat, they found they were able to create content without compromising their vision and also discovered several major advantages over the competition.

Let’s look at the figures:

  • 46,000 total Learners
  • 13,000 new starters per year
  • 15% of learners on mobile phones, 16% on tablets

The Challenge

Utility Warehouse found that their content wasn't responsive elearning and wouldn’t display reliably on all devices and that the tools they were using to develop responsive content for multiple devices actually produced materials with very limited interactivity.

‘We’ve tried other tools, but found that in order to get them to work across different platforms meant our content had to be incredibly limited. For example we ended up having to lock things in landscape formats; the tools didn’t actually allow us to present our content how we wanted or how our learners expected.’

Furthermore, Paul and the team at Utility Warehouse found that the tools they tried did not cater for all e-learning scenarios and page types (even standard hotspot screens!) ‘This meant that as soon as we got the tool, we ended up paying for the providers to create the page types we needed. That cost us a few thousand pounds just to have that piece of work done!’

Another area of frustration for the team was that support was often restricted to forums:

‘We had to rely on other users giving us support rather than the suppliers themselves. Even with tools where support is included in the package, we’d make a request and it would go into a black hole!’

All Change

Finally, Utility Warehouse made a switch to Elucidat in an attempt to confidently create engaging experiences that created fully responsive elearning on any device:

‘The reason we chose Elucidat is because it is capable of delivering a great experience across platforms: we’re not limited. Elucidat can produce cross-platform learning whilst still allowing a lot of interactivity out of the box. We can be far more creative than we had been able to be with any other tool.’

'With Elucidat we don’t compromise user experience on any device.'

Paul and the team at Utility Warehouse needed a tool that could do everything in one: ‘We would previously have ended up having to use different tools for different jobs. We’re able now to invest in one tool and master one tool that can do it all.’

The Result

65% increase in new starter confidence

Utility Warehouse needed:

  • A tool that can create great interactive content and responsive elearning
  • No need to create separate desktop and mobile versions
  • Wider library of editable page types
  • Support as part of the package

Elucidat provided:

  • Reliable, interactive multi-device content
  • An all in one incredibly simple authoring environment that allows easy creation of responsive courses
  • An expansive library of page types and the option to create custom page types
  • A Customer Success team to ensure success of the project

Final word goes to Paul; ‘We’re able to wholeheartedly encourage people to access content through their mobile phone. We simply wouldn’t have been able to do that before.

‘The fact that support is built in to the system makes it incredibly painless, being able to communicate directly with the support team using a feature in the platform is very powerful.

‘We feel like we are only just scratching at the surface of what’s possible, and we have just started working on gaming and scenario-driven designs for their content.

‘It’s really about the future for us and the opportunities that we will be able to seize because of the flexibility Elucidat offers. I realize that what we’ve bought isn’t just a typical e-learning platform where you are stuck with certain templates, what we’ve actually bought is literally endless possibilities.’