eBook Release: Virtual Instructor-Led Training

eBook release virtual instructor-led training
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Summary: The virtual classroom offers a unique training experience. There are many benefits inherent to it, but also many challenges.

The Virtual Classroom Is Now A Reality

The eBook Virtual Instructor-Led Training is a great way to understand the virtual classroom. The virtual classroom has existed in the dreams of many since the dawn of science fiction. It was often imagined as “the classroom of the future,” where future generations would be educated by the bleeding edge of technology. But the future is now, and the interest in the virtual classroom is ever-growing. A valuable practice under any circumstances, its worth has been highlighted due to the recent pandemic.

eBook Release: Virtual Instructor-Led Training: A Beginner's Guide
eBook Release
Virtual Instructor-Led Training: A Beginner's Guide
Download the eBook eXperience and explore the secrets behind successful Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) and virtual classroom sessions.

As popular as it is, there are many misconceptions about what a virtual classroom actually is, what strengths and weaknesses it possesses, and what are the best ways to make the most of it. The confusion is understandable. It is important, however, to clear these misconceptions as soon as possible and understand the true potential of the virtual classroom. This is where Virtual Instructor-Led Training comes in.

Outline Of The eBook Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Virtual Instructor-Led Training focuses on virtual classrooms. It explains what they are, what challenges they face, and how they can surpass them and become better. The eBook Virtual Instructor-Led Training is divided into 6 chapters.

Virtual Vs. Traditional Classrooms

The first chapter of the eBook analyzes the difference between virtual and traditional classrooms. It highlights the challenges a virtual classroom faces when compared with a traditional one. Trust and rapport are definitely a lot harder to build in a virtual environment. It also isn’t as easy to follow the reactions of the learner and adjust training accordingly. There is also the issue of learners who stay silent during the majority of training or are straight-up inattentive. Distractions can also be a major issue, as well as the use of unfamiliar technology. Thankfully, the eBook does a fantastic job of explaining how to deal with these challenges.

The 2 Pillars Of The Virtual Classroom

Any quality Virtual Instructor-Led Training relies on two major factors: content and technology. Content is the most important of the two, and the eBook explains various methods that will help you configure your content for VILT. The matter of technology is also very important, and with so many options out there it is vital to know what features you should be looking for. The eBook helps you a lot with that.

The Art Of VILT: Instructional Strategies

One of the ways you need to prepare for your virtual classroom is by modifying your delivery formats. The nature of the virtual classroom is such that a more active approach than that of a traditional classroom is vital to its success.

The Science Of VILT: Technology Platforms

The next chapter discusses the available platforms and how to choose which one is best for you. Understanding the “for you” part is of great importance because many professionals tend to ignore how their own training requirements dictate which platform should be used. The eBook also presents 3 of the most popular VILT systems currently on the market, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.

Tips To Train Trainers

Who watches the watchmen? Or rather, who trains the trainers? You do. At least as far as using your virtual classroom is concerned. Prepare to meet some challenges, but keep in mind that as long as you follow the advice described in this chapter, the process will run smoothly and your trainers will be accustomed to this new technology before you know it.

Tips To Engage And Motivate Learners

Learner engagement and motivation. This is what it’s all about, isn’t it? This is the main goal of every classroom, traditional or virtual. In this chapter, you will discover 5 tips for VILT that are definitely going to pique the interest of your learners and make your virtual classroom an exciting experience.

In Conclusion

The current pandemic has redefined many aspects of our lives, and classrooms are just one of many. We have entered a new normality. Virtual classrooms are used more and more. It is important to be prepared for this new status quo. Download Virtual Instructor-Led Training: A Beginner's Guide by CommLab India and make your virtual classroom the most productive aspect of your program.

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