7 Ways To Enhance eLearning Personalization With ILT Training And An LMS

7 Ways To Enhance eLearning Personalization With ILT Training And An LMS
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Summary: Corporate training needs to speak to your employees and give them a purpose behind their professional pursuits. How can you use ILT training and LMS to personalize eLearning and foster an emotional connection?

How ILT Training And LMS Can Boost eLearning Personalization

Nobody benefits from training that forces everybody to fit into the same mold. Employees can’t target personal challenges or rise in the ranks, which leaves them unfulfilled. While organizations see a surge in violations and shrinking profits. This can all be avoided with a custom-tailored corporate training strategy that honors individual needs and employee diversity; a strategy that combines face-to-face instruction with learning technology to meet the needs of the many and pave a learner-centered path. Here are 7 ways to enhance eLearning personalization with ILT training and LMS.

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7 Top Ways To Improve eLearning Personalization By Using ILT Training And LMS

1. Host Niche Training Events

You can’t expect employees to sit through a half-hour training event that only touches on their job duties/tasks at the 25-minute mark. Niche live training events value their time and enhance personalization because every tip and trick pertains to them. The instructor can host a department or job-specific event every week to maximize ILT benefits. For example, next week the customer service team has their turn. The week after, your sales staff will be able to ask questions in real-time and learn about the upcoming product line. Just make sure your new LMS has video conferencing tools that support webinars and remote group meetings.

2. Launch Troubleshooting Social Media Groups

Start social media for every stage of the employment cycle. From new hires to seasoned sales staff who just hit their ten-year anniversary. These groups should focus on troubleshooting tips and resources. Employees can post questions or share helpful links. But they also have the chance to brainstorm potential solutions with the instructor. The instructor doesn’t have to closely monitor every group, just check in weekly to help resolve issues, such as offering a service employee pointers on how to handle a difficult repeat customer.

3. Provide A Microlearning Library For JIT Support

Launch a JIT library on your ILT training LMS to provide moment-of-need support. Employees can use it to supplement their knowledge and build skills once they detect new gaps even if there isn’t another ILT session coming up. The instructor’s role is to provide input when it’s time to develop new resources, as well as recommend support tools to employees who are struggling or keep making the same on-the-job mistakes. For instance, pull a new hire aside to tell them about the task tutorial or company policy infographic.

4. Let Employees Create Their Own Professional Paths

One of the perks of blending ILT and LMS is giving employees the individual attention they need without disempowering them. They still have complete control of their growth thanks to personalized paths. Let them decide which activities they want to participate in and set short-term goals. The instructor is there to follow up and provide supplemental support such as offering personalized praise and telling them which gaps they should focus on next to improve productivity.

5. Gamify Your ILT Training And LMS

Gamification personalizes and motivates. Employees can choose which rewards they’d like to pursue based on their goals and preferences. For example, they want to earn their customer service skills badge or earn enough points to steal the top spot on the leaderboard. The key is to fuel competition without starting an all-out war in the workplace. Survey your team to choose the best mechanics, making sure they still support your desired outcomes and behaviors. Lastly, bear in mind that some employees aren’t keen on competing against peers. Give them alternatives so that they don’t feel singled out, like levels they can complete at their own pace or badges they can discreetly store in their virtual display case.

6. Offer Optional Certifications

Many organizations have mandatory certifications. Employees need to annually recertify their OSHA certs or refresh company policy. However, you can also launch optional certifications to personalize your ILT training. Employees can sign up for whichever certs pique their interest or align with their five-year plan. As an example, a new hire might be on the fast track to management. They’re able to create an a-la-carte certification path that features all the crucial pitstops from leadership skills to conflict resolution certs. Instructors can also take the liberty of suggesting certification courses based on employees’ interests and host tie-in live events.

7. Use Reports To Point The Way

How do you know which resources appeal to your corporate learners? Are there strengths and weaknesses still left undiscovered? LMS reports can point you in the right direction and continually enhance personalization. Engagement metrics help you gauge an activity’s popularity and whether employees are availing themselves of resources, while assessment scores offer a detailed look at how they’re faring and if there are any hidden knowledge gaps to focus on. You’re even able to evaluate survey data to gauge employee satisfaction in terms of the course design and instructor performance. Set up automatic reports so that relevant managers and instructors/facilitators get the metrics they need to enact change. Encourage them to reach out to employees who underperform and offer immediate support.


ILT training and LMS help you create an all-inclusive training program that caters to everyone’s needs, regardless of their learning preferences, everyday challenges, or job titles. Even your external partners can attend the occasional live event to benefit from the instructor’s expertise. The addition of learning technologies delivers timely support to your team and fosters social learning opportunities so that every member of your organization feels like the training program was crafted just for them.

It takes a special LMS to blend the best of both L&D options and facilitate ILT training. Fortunately, you can rely on our online directory to help you find the ideal system for your organization. Filter results by pricing model, deployment type, and use case to expedite the search and omit unworthy contenders.

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