9 Ways To Promote Your Learning Activities And Increase Visibility

Promote Team Learning Activities In 9 Simple Ways
Summary: We all strive to properly perform at our jobs and have our accomplishments recognized. But do we know how to make them visible to everyone in the company?

Promote Your Team's Learning Activities In Simple Ways

This article's goal is to provide you with nine methods for making your activities and efforts visible so that they can be seen by others, who may then use the information, and so that you can better keep track of them. I'll focus on the ones related to learning, although these concepts can be used in any area. Let's start!

Increase Visibility And Promote Your Team's Accomplishments

1. Monthly Newsletter

This initiative will help your team present all the updates and working activities in progress or finished across the company. Also, it will help the team to make visible all the initiatives of the entire department as well. You can also promote different events that will happen or have happened across the organization.

2. Meeting Updates

If the company has a team meeting you can use it to provide specific updates, activities, and projects and also encourage others to be part of them! Also, you can split your department updates into two:

  1. Present the usual tasks/activities allocating dedicated time for them.
  2. Allocate another time to promote newly launched training to show everyone where they can find it, the estimated time, how it will help them, etc.

It helps to promote you as a team, so your contribution will be recognized easier and associated with your role in the company.

3. Create Your Own "Branding" Within The Company

Branding is not just logos and names but also how people see your department. What's your department known for?

  • For your expertise.
  • For your standardized processes and procedures.
  • For your kind and helpful team members.
  • For your clearness on team role responsibilities.

All of these aspects may become visible and promoted through your work as a team if your efforts are recognized.

4. Team Site With All Processes And Procedures

Having a dedicated SharePoint/Drive/Intranet team site ensures the team, as well as the entire company, have access to any resources they need and also to all of your team's work!

5. Company Internal Events

The company events for sure provide the opportunity to talk about your team initiatives. Having the team in person at all these events will make networking and working with other departments or stakeholders easier in the future by getting to know each other better.

6. Your Department's Internal Events

You can organize an event once per year for your team to increase your level of knowledge by inviting other experts from the field to talk about different topics related to your area of interest. And at the same time, you can make these events visible within the company to highlight the activities and initiatives. Also, other departments can be encouraged to do the same when you're leading by example!

7. Annual Report

Here you have the chance to compile all your hard work for the entire year! Split this report into initiatives and usual activities, show some valuable data for upper management, and make it visual. This will be the best idea to show everything you've done in one single document. Set up objectives for the next year together with your team and add them to this report to use them in the upcoming one.

8. Dedicated Company Channels Or Forums

These present quick updates, and involve different discussions so that others can constantly see that your department is growing and that your impact on the company is visible and your value is needed.

9. MBRs Or QBRs (Monthly Business Reviews/Quarterly Business Reviews)

Either a monthly review or a quarterly review will be very helpful for the entire company to see through data how your department is progressing and what your future objectives are. These meetings can be organized by the upper management and provide the opportunity for any team to show their success!

Summary And Review

I believe is important for all of us to know how to promote/sell our team activities, not only to be seen by others but, also, for being considered as added value for the company. I am happy to share these ideas that I know may help others increase their level of visibility in the company and help their teams become recognized and awarded.