6 Ways To Use Your Employee Training LMS As A Hiring Perk (And Secure Top Talent)

Employee Training LMS For Recruitment 6 Tips
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Summary: The employee training LMS isn’t just for preventing compliance violations and retaining your top performers. It can also be a notable hiring perk for new talent who understand the importance of lifelong learning.

6 Ways To Use An Employee Training LMS For Recruitment

Most organizations invest in a new LMS for the sake of their current staff members (and their bottom line). But that’s selling the system short since it also doubles as a recruitment tool and employment perk. It can help you find the right person for the job then keep them on the payroll for years to come. So that they keep contributing to the team and ensure your future success. Cultivating employees’ skills is always a sound investment. Below are 6 ways to use your employee training LMS to secure top talent and take their skills to the next level.

1. Host "Talent Roundup" Live Events

A cost-effective way to fill the job opening is to host live events. The corporate equivalent of an open casting call. These talent roundups should be publicized in-house and on social media to generate more interest. During the event, ask questions to see who has the most experience and expertise. This also helps you differentiate passive candidates from go-getters who really want the position. People who are hungry for the opportunity will engage with the host and show off their expertise. As opposed to those who sit back and watch everything unfold. That said, you should still follow up with assessments and surveys to see if anyone flew under the radar. For instance, a qualified candidate who remained silent the entire session simply because they’re an introvert.

2. Launch A New Hire Training Library

Launch a new hire library on your employee training LMS to attract top talent and keep them well-informed. They can use microlearning resources for support instead of relying on managers to solve common problems. Meaning that they still retain their dignity and gradually build self-confidence. The library should include the basics that cover everything from company policy to task protocols. Give job candidates a sneak preview of the repository to win them over and secure top talent. You can also use your library to vet prospective new hires to ensure they make the grade. For instance, include quizzes or branching scenarios to see where their talents lie and if they’re a good fit for your organization.

3. Incorporate Game Mechanics

Badges, points, levels, and leaderboards motivate new hires to achieve their potential, but they’re also a cost-effective hiring perk. Incorporate game mechanics into your new hire employee online training to note their accomplishments. As well as help them monitor progress and identify areas for improvement. It beats expensive vacations or gift cards for your top performers. Plus, staff members are fueled by intrinsic motivation rather than external incentives. They want to earn the badge because of what it signifies, not for monetary gain or public recognition.

4. Provide Optional Certification Courses

Mandatory training isn’t attractive in hiring packages. However, employees do appreciate optional training opportunities that give them greater autonomy. Certification courses give them a chance to upskill and cross-train on their own. They can print their certificates of completion or post them on social media to share their expertise. But the real reward is to prepare for upcoming promotions and be more productive in the workplace. Include a good mix of topics and specializations to appeal to different interests. In fact, you may want to poll your team for inspiration. For example, which skills are under-represented in your current program?

5. Offer Apprenticeship Programs

Learning by doing is the most effective new hire training approach. Employees don’t want to read about the task or how to apply skills on the job. They need hands-on experience to teach them favorable behaviors and set an example. Thus, online apprenticeships are a great hiring perk to add to your employee training LMS. Look for a system with built-in collaboration tools and video conferencing. Develop guidelines for each paring/team to follow. Then find the best in-house expert for the job. For example, your top salesperson can coach a team of new hires and offer one-on-one support. They’re on-hand to answer questions and help them build vital skills. Top talent is more likely to join your organization if there’s room for growth and they receive personalized guidance. Apprenticeship programs allow them to continually hone their abilities under the watchful eye of a trained specialist.

6. Give Employees A Way To Self-Assess

Top performers aren’t afraid to admit their faults and take a proactive approach. They know that ignorance is not bliss when it comes to their career trajectory. Give them a way to self-diagnose gaps so they can improve performance behaviors without supervisor intervention. But self-assessments aren’t just for weaknesses. They can also help employees spot hidden talents that benefit the organization. For example, they didn’t realize that they were expert negotiators or adept at problem-solving. Simulations, scenarios, and serious games give them a qualitative overview of their abilities and how they translate in real-world settings.

Qualified job candidates are looking for organizations that prioritize employee development and don’t shirk their L&D responsibilities. New hire libraries, gamification, and online certifications are just a few hiring perks you can offer top talent. Not only can you bring them on board, but ensure they aren’t poached by other companies that do value individual growth. You can even use your employee training LMS to host live meet-and-greets to find the right people for the job. As well as catch up with new recruits to verify they have all the support they need. Lastly, give them a way to self-diagnose problem areas discreetly and take charge of their professional development.


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