COVID-19 - Survival Guide for L&D Teams

COVID-19: A Survival Guide For L&D Teams Featuring Tips, Strategies, And An Action Plan To Handle The Challenge

Date May 07 2020
Duration 60 Minutes
COVID-19 is the cause of a lot of uncertainty. So, how will the L&D world be tomorrow? Difficult to say. However, if you want to learn how L&D teams can handle the challenge, just join this session! Asha Pandey of EI Design is a recognized eLearning professional and she will share her knowledge. The event is sponsored by eLearning Industry.
COVID-19 - Survival Guide for L&D Teams
Speaker Asha Pandey
Asha Pandey is the Founder and Chief Learning Strategist at EI Design. She heads the organization’s solution architecting and innovation team and brings her rich 18 years of experience into play to help EI Design customers transform their learning and keep pace with the changing dynamics in the learning industry. As a regular writer for various global learning forums, Asha is one of the most recognized thought leaders in the industry. She also regularly shares her insights into a range of topics on her blog at
by COVID-19 - Survival Guide for L&D Teams Presented by COVID-19 - Survival Guide for L&D Teams

COVID-19: A Survival Guide For L&D Teams Featuring Tips, Strategies, And An Action Plan To Handle The Challenge

All of us are reeling under the impact of COVID-19. What is adding to our woes is the fact that we still do not know when this will end. So what would be its eventual impact on the people, businesses, and global economy?

Even though the overall impact of the crisis is still unfolding, there are several aspects L&D teams need to process immediately, notably:

  • Engaging and training the workforce working remotely, as many of them are new to this mode.
  • Equipping managers and leaders to manage the crisis and remote teams—again, many of them may be handling this for the first time.
  • Quick responses to move facilitated (Instructor-Led) training online.
  • Training that was under development has been impacted as vendors are grappling with a similar crisis. While they may have moved their teams to a fully work-from-home mode, there are challenges in meeting planned deliverables.
  • Upcoming L&D training budgets are frozen or cut.
  • With a cloud of global recession over our heads, there is also an increased expectation from businesses to optimize the dollars spent on training and achieve the required results faster.

That is, this webinar touches upon these crucial aspects. The session will provide practical insights into how L&D teams can successfully respond to this challenge. More precisely, this webinar focuses on practical tips, strategies, and a simple 3-step action plan that L&D teams can implement in their organization.

This is a webinar that L&D professionals shouldn’t miss!

In this session, you will learn:

• COVID-19: The impact of disruption. How L&D teams should handle the changing workplace dynamics.
• Leading in disruption: How L&D teams can help employees and leaders effectively react and respond to the crisis.
• Dealing with disruption: Tips and strategies that L&D teams can use.
• Mitigating the challenges: Through an effective 3-step action plan.

The current crisis (COVID-19) is unprecedented, and we don’t have any standard guidelines to handle it. In the midst of all this, L&D teams can play a significant role in helping the employees and businesses deal with the disruption, and ensure that they are well-equipped to handle the changing dynamics. This eBook is designed as a COVID-19 survival guide for L&D teams. Packed with practical tips and strategies, it also features a 3-step action plan they can use!
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  • Operating system: Windows 10, 8.1 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit) or Mac OS X 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, and 10.12
  • Web browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or later, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome
  • Internet connection: Broadband (1 Mbps+) recommended
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