What Is Google Hiding From Educators?
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What Is Google Hiding From Educators? 7 Free Educational Tools To Consider

You may think you know everything there is to know about Google. After all, the media giant has been around for years. Sort of like a trusted friend who helps you through tech troubles and keeps you in the loop. Digital natives cannot remember a time when Google wasn’t around. However, there are some things that it may be still hiding from eLearning professionals. This article explores 7 ways that online educators can use Google to provide powerful eLearning experiences, as well as develop eLearning content more rapidly and with fewer resources. Here are 7 things that Google has been hiding from online educators.

1. Free Course Builder Backed By Google’s Solid Infrastructure

Google has a free online course builder that’s open source and feature-rich. It supports an unlimited number of online learners and you’re able to maintain full control and propriety rights to your data. You don’t need any programming knowledge or experience, and it features Google Analytics and Tag Manager. The only fees you have to work about are Google App Engine expenses, but even that has a free-of-charge bottom tier. As such, you can develop and track your own eLearning course that’s backed by Google’s solid infrastructure. Which is ideal for organizations that are just starting to test the eLearning waters or are working with limited resources.

2. Resource-Rich Teacher Center

Another valuable Google tool that is relatively unknown is the Teacher Center. Google offers a broad range of support resources you can use to master their apps, as well as customize your own learning path or work toward a Google certification. For example, you can become a certified online instructor or innovator. Their training topics cover everything from curriculum plans and Google Earth to digital skills and coding. Which gives you the power to develop more effective eLearning experiences and broaden your professional skill set.

3. Free eLearning Productivity Tools

Google also offers the G Suite, which is a set of productivity tools you and your online learners can use to collaborate and interact. It’s a cloud-based platform that’s free for schools and features advanced security protocols. So, you don’t have to worry about your eLearning data falling into the wrong hands. However, if you aren’t a learning institution, you can still use the apps for a low monthly fee. G Suite is multiplatform-friendly, as well. You’re able to engage with your online learners on any device, from anywhere in the world. Google Hangouts, Drive, Sheets, and Slides are just a few of the apps included in this Cloud collection.

4. Google Expeditions That Bring Immersion To The Next Level

One of the emerging tech trends that seems to be taking the eLearning world by storm is VR and AR. Google offers an Expeditions Kit that can take immersion to a whole new level. The app features hundreds of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality tours, from underwater landscapes to space stations. Though this has a variety of applications for K-12 educators, even corporate trainers can benefit. For example, you can customize your own tour using the Tour Creator to give employees firsthand experience in the field.

5. Google Classroom Makes Blended Learning A Breeze

Google Classroom is yet another free tool that’s available for online educators. It allows you to assign tasks/projects, provide feedback, and monitor online learners’ progress. You’re also able to post announcements to keep online learners in the loop, courtesy of the Class Stream. Online learners can leave their comments, as well, to interact with peers and their online instructors directly. Google Classroom is accessible on any device thanks to the native app. Best of all, anyone can launch their own Google class. All you need is an account and knowledge of the subject matter. As well as some experience with the Google apps so that you can create eLearning content. Lastly, there’s an entire resource library to help you get started and troubleshoot the most common issues. For instance, how to set up email guardians or what to do when online learners have a problem accessing online training content because of the class code.

6. Google Educator Groups That Tap Into The eLearning Network

The Teacher Center isn’t the only resource that Google has up its virtual sleeve. It also offers Educator Groups, which allow you to network with other eLearning professionals. There are GEG events that cover different educational topics wherein members share their insights and ideas. Some are hosted online, while others involve face-to-face workshops or presentations. If there isn’t a GEG leader in your area, you can also take on the role yourself and build your own online community to tap into the eLearning network.

7. Google Cloud Platform For Seamless Collaboration

Google’s Cloud platform streamlines online collaboration, and enables you to work with fellow team members and engage with online learners without geographical limitations. It’s a suite of tools that includes data storage and Machine Learning. You do have to sign up for this one and provide a payment method. However, it is a robust online collaboration tool that can help you securely communicate with your team and build/test your own apps. You have access to Google’s established infrastructure and work with their engineers/experts to fine-tune your eLearning strategy.

There’s more to Google than public pages and a robust search engine. As this article points out, it has a lot to offer to online educators. Especially those who are on a limited budget, but still want to provide their online learners with a tech-forward eLearning experience. Google can even help you streamline the eLearning development process and collaborate with your team more effectively.

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