Docebo’s Free Google Apps Courses Enable Companies To Easily Adopt This Cloud-Based Productivity Suite

Docebo’s Free Google Apps Courses Enable Companies To Easily Adopt This Cloud-Based Productivity Suite
Summary: A library of free courses about how to use Google Documents, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Drive, plus Gmail and Calendar, is now available for Docebo’s Learning Management System customers.

Docebo’s Free Google Apps Courses

Nowadays, a great number of companies is migrating from the old on-premises productivity tools to the new generation of cloud-based applications. One of the most popular solution is the Google Apps suite, that comes with a comprehensive set of tools designed for both SMBs (Small and Medium businesses) and Enterprises.

Are You People Ready for Google Apps?

When companies choose to adopt any kind of new productivity tools, one of the most important thing is about the actual implementation of these tools among the end-users. Basically, a company must assure that its employees do know how to use (and possibly take the most out of) them.

Docebo has just made available on its marketplace some free courses, specifically focused on this crucial “change management” process. This library covers a really extensive area of topics, and can be used by companies to let their team work collaboratively, from any location, at anytime, and from any device.

The Docebo’s Online Marketplace offers these new free courses:

  • Google Apps: Introduction to the tools
  • Google Documents: An easy tool to create text file
  • Google Spreadsheet: To create intuitive spreadsheets
  • Gmail and Calendar: Your complete and flexible mailbox
  • Google Presentation: A rapid tool to create and share effective presentations
  • Google Drive: How to organize and share your documents everywhere

Docebo, the “Google Ready” E-Learning platform 

It is not just a matter of training and courses, since Docebo has been working hard on Google Apps integration.

The Docebo’s Learning Management System, for example, is seamlessly integrated with the Google Marketplace, and companies who are using the Google Apps for Business are able to activate their Docebo’s LMS via the Google’s Marketplace, and let their productivity environment work as one with their online training system.

Integration features like the Single Sign On, or the users-database synchronization, are designed to let companies work effectively and in a more efficient way, with no loss of time on technical issues: just productivity and business results.

How to use the Docebo’s free courses for Google Apps

Companies and Organizations of any kind can access these courses by activating their own Docebo’s E-Learning platform, also available in a 14-day free trial edition.

In a few seconds, they will be able to set-up their Learning Management System, customize the layout, create and enroll users and - of course - get these free courses from the Docebo’s Marketplace, that is already integrated in the LMS.

Are you a company? Are you using Google Apps? Don’t miss this opportunity to bring your business effectiveness to the next level.

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