eBook Release: New Hire Solutions For SMBs

5 Convincing Reasons To Invest In New Employee Onboarding Software For Your Cash-Strapped Business
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Summary: Investing in new employee onboarding software might seem counterintuitive when you’re trying to pinch those corporate pennies. However, it may be the best way to improve the health of your bottom line.

Choosing The Best Employee Onboarding Software For Your Business Goals And Budget

Employee onboarding software is often seen as a luxury. Especially for SMBs who are already strapped for cash and are looking for ways to further cut costs. But there is an argument to be made for implementing a new employee training LMS. In fact, there are numerous reasons why onboarding software is worth the investment in terms of employee retention and resource allocation. Our new eBook offers tips on how to select that offers maximum ROI. First, let’s explore some of the benefits it can bring to your profit margin.

eBook Release: New Hire Solutions For SMBs
eBook Release
New Hire Solutions For SMBs
Discover the essential steps to implement a successful employee onboarding program for your diverse workforce.

Convincing Reasons To Invest In An Employee Training LMS For New Hires

1. Mitigates Costly Compliance Risks

An employee training LMS facilitates real-world application. Instead of merely reading about compliance issues, employees can explore them firsthand. Simulations, branching scenarios, and other interactive content immerse them in workplace challenges. Thereby allowing them to learn from mistakes and mitigate risks. Which translates into fewer violations and penalties for your organization. Not to mention, it reduces injuries and ensures that your new hires, and their co-workers, are safe on the job. For example, an online training simulation helps them see how one missed step can lead to an accident.

2. Retains Your New Top Performers

Your new recruits are more likely to stay put when they receive the online training resources they need. Resources that travel with them and focus on their areas for improvement that is. Employee onboarding software gives them the opportunity to upskill and hone their talents whenever it’s most convenient. As such, you retain your top talent instead of losing them to organizations that will provide top-notch L&D. Which saves you the time and expense of having to find replacements and train them all over again.

3. Provides Employees With JIT Support

A new job is usually stressful. Employees don’t know what to expect or what’s expected of them. Uploading a JIT library to your new employee onboarding software can change all that and reduce the anxiety. New team members can simply log in to the repository when they encounter a problem. Or even to prepare for their first day. Resources like online training tutorials, demos, and infographics help them acclimate and stay one step ahead of the curve. As a result, they are more confident in the job and better equipped to handle common obstacles. Which improves productivity and your company’s profit margin.

4. Keeps Customers Coming Back For More

One of the most common complaints that customers have is that their sales/customer service rep was underprepared. They didn’t have the answers to the consumers’ questions or seemed to differ all the issues to a supervisor. Thus, employee onboarding software can retain your top customers and keep them coming back. As it prepares your new team members so that they’re ready for any eventuality. For example, they can watch a product demo to see how to use the device and then pass the info along to the customer. Or participate in an online training simulation that involves different personas so that they can handle any complaint that comes up. As well as identify hidden skill gaps that may put a damper on the customer’s experience.

5. Better Big Data

Big Data is a valuable asset. It enables you to identify which new employees are performing at their best and which need more guidance. An employee training LMS with built-in reports allows you to monitor performance and progress through charts and graphs. You can even customize the delivery method and frequency so that relevant leaders can provide follow-up. For instance, the sales supervisor receives email reports every week so that they’re able to intervene and offer recommendations to under-performers.

Choosing The Right Employee Onboarding Software For Your Business

The only way to reap these rewards is to select an employee training LMS that aligns with your needs and team’s talents. Our new eBook shares tips and tricks to help you invest wisely and avoid buyer’s regret, the first time around, such as:

  • Essential steps to implement a successful employee onboarding program for your diverse workforce.
  • Onboarding best practices to bear in mind when using a new employee training LMS and top features to look for.
  • Common onboarding errors that may cost you your top talent, and tips to avoid it.
  • Tips to stretch your online training resources when implementing a new onboarding program and budgeting mistakes to steer clear of when training your new sales team.
  • Pros and cons of investing in custom-tailored employee onboarding solutions.
  • Ways that employee onboarding software boosts customer loyalty and sales.
  • Tips for using an exclusive online directory to choose the ideal employee onboarding system for your business.
  • Interactive and collaborative resources to add to your employee onboarding program to improve engagement and retention.
  • New hire online training myths that may be holding your L&D team back and the truths behind them.

New Hire Solutions For SMBs: Your Guide To Choosing The Best Employee Onboarding Software For Your Business Goals And Budget is available to download. But the information is invaluable. Especially if you’re a cash-strapped SMB who needs to train their new staff members so that they are prepared for every obstacle. It covers everything from how to avoid the most common budgeting mistakes to support online training tools that will stretch your online training resources and improve employee engagement. Get your copy today to start implementing an onboarding strategy that’s worth the investment.

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