Top Employee Onboarding Learning Management Systems (2024 Update)

Top Employee Onboarding Learning Management Systems (2024 Update)
Summary: Are you exploring the LMS market to solve your employee onboarding issues? Creating a successful onboarding program with an LMS is essential to help new hires embrace your business culture. It is the vital first step that will make your recruits understand their job role and all your processes. In this list, we simplify your LMS decision by highlighting the top features of its top-notch LMSs based on their employee onboarding expertise.

Picking Out The Best Employee Onboarding LMS Software For Corporate Training

What's the best employee onboarding LMS for your business needs? Always such a tough decision. One-time orientation simply won't suffice these days. Modern employees expect ongoing support to bridge emerging gaps and reinforce positive performance behaviors. And it all begins with a holistic onboarding process that covers everything from dress code to task walkthroughs.

How do you know which new hire training LMS is best for your budget? You could spend countless hours perusing landing pages online and reading user reviews. However, hoping to stumble on a platform that fits into your price range and offers max value for money is not the solution. I bet you are eager to learn in which ways employee onboarding software increases customer loyalty. Or maybe you want to explore the perks of specialized eLearning software for your training company. We'll analyze everything to help your LMS decision-making process by going above and beyond.

The right LMS can help you deploy best-in-class onboarding programs that boost new hire engagement, target personal pain points, and build a collaborative online training culture. Every member of the team has the opportunity to focus on individual goals and organizational objectives thanks to anytime, anywhere access.

So, what should your next steps be? You can get a head start with our comprehensive list of top onboarding LMS vendors. Coupled with our insights, this guide features all the info you need to make the best LMS decision for your onboarding projects.

Reasons To Check This Top List

So, you should check out the eLearning Industry's top employee onboarding LMS software list to:

  • Identify the leading LMS companies for your industry and use case
  • Check out the key selling points of leading employee onboarding LMS tools
  • Preview pricing plans for employee onboarding LMS software to maximize ROI
  • Determine which Learning Management Systems deliver your must-have features
  • Compile a shortlist of employee onboarding platforms to simplify the selection process
  • Compare LMS solutions for employee onboarding and find the right vendor for your needs

However, please note that in the following list, we've gathered the top Learning Management Systems with employee onboarding specialization. For all-around corporate training LMSs, you can check out our full LMS directory listings.

Are you ready? Finally, it's time to explore which LMS tool will engage your new hires from day one! Based on our selection criteria, take a careful look at the list, and determine which of the following platforms will help you improve the onboarding experience in your organization. Take the chance to test them out.

All you have to do is start your onboarding LMS free trial.

It will help clear out any doubts but it will also give you a glimpse at the UX. Enjoy reading the highlights for each vendor. Truly, all of them are top-notch. And they can surely help new recruits blend in your company culture right away.

Discover The Ideal LMS Solution For Your Employee Onboarding Needs
Save time and money. Compare top LMS tools by features, reviews, and rating!

Top Employee Onboarding LMS List Compiled By eLearning Industry

Top Employee Onboarding Learning Management Systems (2024 Update)

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4.7/5 (262 reviews)
New Hires Hit The Ground Running With An LMS Built For Max User Engagement

Go with a platform that helps great hires grow. Easy to use. Easy to like. Easy to onboard. Ready to see your new starters reach their full potential and start contributing sooner? 

Join the 70k+ teams that trust TalentLMS to deliver seamless onboarding.

I encourage you to read Talent LMS reviews in eLearning Industry's directory if you're interested in a hands-on experience.


  • Go Live By End Of Day
  • Automate The Process
  • Keep Onboarding Training Relevant


  • Go Live By End Of Day

Jump right in with the easy-to-use course builder. Start from scratch or repurpose existing content, drag and drop files, and create onboarding courses in a snap.

  • Automate The Process

Free yourself from the mundane. Automate repetitive tasks like course assignments, reminders, and grading to focus on giving the best onboarding experience possible.

  • Keep Onboarding Training Relevant

Tailor your onboarding programs according to role, team, or department. Get all your new starters up to speed from just one multi-tenancy platform.

Plans And Pricing

Save time, effort, and money with one of the easiest-to-use employee onboarding LMS tools. Start free, test the platform as long as you want (no strings attached!), and scale when you're ready.

Take The Busywork Out Of Onboarding With The LMS For Collaborative Learning

Onboard employees effectively by enabling Subject Matter Experts to create courses that bring new hires up to speed quickly. Facilitate knowledge sharing at scale so that new hires feel at home from day one.

Customers say 360Learning has changed the way they onboard and retain employees. Request a demo to learn why.

Explore 360Learning reviews in eLearning Industry's directory.


  • Create Courses In Minutes, Not Months
  • Learn From Those Who Know Your Business Best
  • Scale Onboarding With Relevant, Personalized Learning


  • Create Courses In Minutes, Not Months
    Empower anyone in your organization to create engaging courses to train new hires with their native authoring tool. Best of all? No need for technical skills!
  • Learn From Those Who Know Your Business Best
    Watch employees go from new hires to team members when you connect them with Subject Matter Experts.
  • Scale Onboarding With Relevant, Personalized Learning
    Equip hiring managers with the tools and insights required to deliver relevant new hire training at scale.

Plans And Pricing

Teams as small as ten can get started with 360Learning's Team plan, a monthly, self-service plan. Organizations of 100 to 500,000 can eliminate the need to manage and integrate multiple solutions with their Enterprise plans, solutions, and integrations.

3. Docebo
4.5/5 (109 reviews)
Help New Hires Complete Their Onboarding Quickly And Effectively

Docebo can help your organization onboard new employees at the speed of growth, retain top talent, and reduce costs associated with employee churn by showcasing your company's commitment to their personal and professional development with continuous learning experiences that will keep them coming back for more.

See how Docebo can power your employee onboarding activities.

You can check user reviews on Docebo's LMS in our directory to get a better idea of the software experience.


  • Scale Quickly, Grow Rapidly
  • Automate Time-Consuming Manual Tasks
  • Deliver Engaging And inspiring Experiences
  • Enable Continuous Learning
  • Centralize All Learning Activities In A Single System

Too many companies are seeing too many new hires slip away because of a poor initial onboarding experience. In fact, 90% of employees know within 6 months of a new job whether they will leave or stay. Learning technology plays a crucial role in establishing an engaging and smooth onboarding process for newcomers.

Spark learning engagement from day one by integrating new employees into your organization more effectively and by providing them with the learning experience they need to be successful with the Docebo Learning Platform.


  • Scale Quickly, Grow Rapidly
    Leverage a scalable solution that supports hiring and onboarding needs, whether employees are local or abroad.
  • Automate Time-Consuming Manual Tasks
    Automate admin tasks using workflow rules and Artificial Intelligence to develop stronger administrator and learner experiences.
  • Deliver Engaging And Inspiring Experiences
    Engagement is strongly correlated with personalized social learning experiences. Inspire learners by showing them how their peers are succeeding on a daily basis. Don't forget to download Docebo's eBook Close The Learning Loop: Align L&D To Business Goals for extra insights.
  • Enable Continuous Learning
    Use onboarding to bring newcomers up-to-speed in your company’s learning culture by providing them with opportunities to consume relevant materials across multiple devices, contribute their own knowledge, and be recognized for it.
  • Centralize All Learning Activities In A Single System
    Gather immediate insight to understand the effectiveness of your onboarding activities, their impact on your overall L&D strategy, and review learner performance to identify if there are any gaps that need filling. You might also like to watch their webinar on How To Attract, Retain, And Engage Tomorrow's Workforce for more.

Plans And Pricing

The Docebo Enterprise plan is available for organizations, starting with 300 monthly active users and beyond. Compared to other learning technology vendors that use a monthly active user model and base usage on the number of logins, Docebo counts a monthly active user as a learner who accesses learning content within a 30-day cycle. This is particularly applicable to companies using the learning platform for onboarding and compliance training activities, as the number of learners accessing a course may fluctuate each and every month, therefore providing them with the flexibility of only paying for the users actually accessing the content in the platform.

Reimagine Your Induction And Onboarding Training

Skill is the new currency. Attract, acquire, onboard, upskill, and reskill your workforce to keep them relevant with Adobe Learning Manager. Keep your organization ahead of its competition by recruiting top talent and using automated employee onboarding processes powered by Adobe Learning Manager. Are you looking forward to delivering modern learning experiences with an award-winning LMS?

Start your Adobe Learning Manager free trial!

You may like to check the submitted reviews for Adobe Learning Manager.


  • Easy Setup Of Learning Structure
  • Automated Learning Plans
  • On-Demand Personalization

Identify the skills required for an employee's career and work toward continuously reducing employee skill gaps. Automate employee onboarding by auto-assigning learning plans to employee cohorts. Drive engagement through gamification via certifications, reward points, and badges for positive reinforcement. Managers can effectively intervene in the onboarding process using data from the skill and compliance report dashboards.


  • Easy Set-Up Of Learning Structure
    Reuse modules across online courses to create structured learning paths. Combine live or virtual classrooms and eLearning courses into learning programs and certifications.
  • Automated Learning Plans
    Auto-assign learning activities and orchestrate branched learning based on the outcome of the previous learning activity.
  • On-Demand Personalization
    Allow your learners to change their language or format any time while taking the course and also select a delivery type based on their learning preferences, be it eLearning, virtual classroom, or Instructor-Led Training.

Plans And Pricing

There is a registered user pricing model and a monthly active user pricing model. The pricing is $4 per registered learner per month (volume discounts apply).

Make sure to watch their webinar Re-Examining Your Organization’s Training Strategy In The Wake Of A Global Pandemic.

Revitalize Your Employee Onboarding Using An LXP

Learning Pool has enjoyed a landmark of 12 months. Highlights include growing their client base to more than 800 global organizations, the launch of their new LXP, Stream, acquiring the award-winning innovative learning solutions provider, HT2 Labs, and winning a vast array of awards, including Gold for Innovation at the 2019 Learning Technologies Awards and Gold at the International CSR awards. 

To enhance your employee onboarding journey, click here now!

You may also want to explore Stream LXP's features and customer reviews in our directory.


  • Front-Door To Learning, Development, And Performance Support
  • Onboarding And Active Work In Parallel
  • Social Learning And User-Generated Content

The Learning Pool ecosystem consists of ready-made eLearning catalogs, custom content production, and powerful LMSs, LXPs, and LRSs. Their authoring tools give clients the ability to quickly deliver personalized streams of expert content and curated experiences. As a result, by using this solution, you can drive performance rapidly during onboarding and beyond.


  • Front-Door To Learning, Development, And Performance Support
    Using a combination of assigned and recommended learning experiences that deliver a tailored self-guided journey where the new hire feels in control, deep search for performance support, and integrations with content providers and LMSs to enrich the new hire’s development and ensure compliance, Stream LXP acts as the single point of access for otherwise disconnected learning, development, and performance support ecosystems.
  • Onboarding And Active Work In Parallel
    Onboarding should not end once mandatory learning has been completed. Stream LXP surfaces new and relevant recommended learning experiences that are tailored to the new hire’s development over time. Using deep search functionality, Stream LXP is the single point of truth for learning and performance support in the moment of need within the flow of work. This results in reducing time to competence with onboarding, training, and work in parallel.
  • Social Learning And User-Generated Content
    New hires can connect with each other and also Subject Matter Experts within social discussion alongside the learning content, creating stronger bonds with colleagues and promoting the organization’s culture of learning. The semantic analysis of social contributions helps L&D professionals identify rising stars and those who require help.

Make sure to watch their webinar on How To Power Employee Onboarding Using A Learning Experience Platform (LXP). For more information on LXPs and onboarding, you can download the related eBook.

Plans And Pricing

Stream LXP overcomes many of the key challenges with onboarding by placing new employees at the center of the process. The above allows them to direct their own onboarding and training in a way that recognizes their individual needs. It maximizes new employee engagement through a self-guided, "bottom-up" approach to learning, development, and performance support compared to the top-down focus of Learning Management Systems. L&D professionals and administrators can assign mandatory learning to ensure compliance. They can also position this alongside enriching, varied, and personalized recommendations that suit the individual new hire.

Expert LMS And LXP Features For Engaging Virtual Onboarding

ELB Learning provides learning solutions, the Rockstar Learning Platform (RLP), and many other products and services that track and deliver interactive blended learning. They train, reskill, and upskill your employees.

Try this simple-to-use learning platform to deliver and track engaging onboarding.

Explore Rockstar Learning Platform reviews in our directory.


  • Virtual Event Manager
  • Curated Boards
  • Video Coaching


  • Virtual Event Manager

Arrange live and virtual events on a single calendar, add curriculums, and provide credit for attendance.

  • Curated Boards

Add and share content on collaborative boards and groups.

  • Video Coaching

Help learners practice skills on webcam and submit videos for manager feedback or AI scoring on their renowned video practice and coaching tool.

Plans And Pricing

Discover ELB's industry-leading resources to see an increase in employee engagement on a comprehensive and flexible platform.

Purchase in a bundle or buy individually:

    • Authoring suites
    • Video coaching tools
    • Built-in courseware (including BizLibrary Collection)
7. Schoox
4.6/5 (12 reviews)
Create Masterful End-To-End Onboarding Experiences For Both Learners And Admins

Schoox's onboarding capabilities make it easy to assign training, manage workflows, and monitor the progress of onboarding. You can do so for all new employees as well as employees that change jobs within the company.

Onboarding is too important to leave to chance. See how to build the best onboarding experience for your employees using Schoox's onboarding capabilities.

To learn more about this learning platform, feel free to read Schoox reviews in our directory.


  • Set An Onboarding Cadence
  • Layer In Department And Role-Specific Training
  • Admin And Learner Dashboards


  • Set An Onboarding Cadence

Choose between a time- or activity-based onboarding plan that includes any combination of courses, curriculum, messages, and assessments needed to get employees up to speed.

  • Layer In Department And Role-Specific Training

Customize the onboarding experience by layering tailored training into the broader onboarding program. Or build out a separate program entirely.

  • Admin And Learner Dashboards

Provide admins with visibility into onboarding progress and areas of opportunity while also giving learners a line of sight into their journey via onboarding dashboards.

Plans And Pricing

Onboarding capabilities are included in the Schoox learning platform. Easily automate training assignments, streamline communications, and develop and schedule assessments to create an ideal onboarding experience as part of a holistic learning program.

Cornerstone Learning Delivers Flexible Onboarding

Cornerstone is a leader in corporate learning, and this of course extends to one of the most important times in an employee's tenure, onboarding. HR Leaders can plan and execute thoughtful plans that drive results.

For more about getting your employees off on the right foot, visit their website.

Take a look at Cornerstone Learning reviews in our niche directory.


  • Curation
  • Social
  • The Core


  • Curation
    Ability to intermingle content from the web, documents, users, and of course, the catalog to direct individuals to the most important content they need in onboarding.
  • Social
    Community functionalities allow for onboarding groups to stay connected to each other and to spread their social roots throughout the organization quickly.
  • The Core
    Compliance is delivered quickly and automatically at scale to remove the administrative headache with targeted ability according to need.

Plans And Pricing

Cornerstone provides flexibility in pricing and implementation regardless of the size of an organization. There are also end-to-end options to get everything you need from tech, content, and more from one place.

4.5/5 (13 reviews)
An LMS That Helps Automate Onboarding Seamlessly With A Rich Learning Experience

Tesseract Learning is an award-winning organization that offers eLearning development solutions and an LMS that makes the creation of digital learning solutions easy, drives productivity and growth, and helps build a strong talent pool.

Talk to them.

Read Kredo reviews.


  • Ease Of Use
  • Flawless Onboarding
  • Intuitive Analytics


  • Ease Of Use

Reduced onboarding time from an administrator setup point of view and learner adaptability, achieved through easy creation/upload of courses, quizzes, and varied learning assets to diverse learners.

  • Flawless Onboarding

Helps create the right engagement through simple learning journeys and relevant courses, thereby maximizing learning outcomes.

  • Intuitive Analytics

Smart reporting on learner performance data, accelerating digital adoption, and helping management make informed decisions in developing future programs.

Plans And Pricing

Includes onboarding-based content creation, onboarding learning journey definition, and onboarding management in the range of US $2.00–3.50 per month based on the user base.

Find The Ideal LMS To Implement Your Employee Onboarding Program
Save time and money. Compare top LMS software for employee onboarding by features, reviews, and rating!

What Were The Criteria That Determined Which LMS Vendors Made The List?

Global recognized LMS experts, including C. Pappas, and our editorial team did a thorough review of each vendor's eligibility and relevant published content (articles, eBooks, webinars). Our committee ranked the best onboarding Learning Management Systems based on the following 9 criteria:

  • Customer support
  • Customer Experience
  • Software features
  • Software innovation
  • Customer reviews
  • Economic growth potential
  • Company's customer retention
  • Employee turnover
  • Company's social responsibility

After checking the list, make sure to read our budgeting and training tips to create effective onboarding for your new hires. All you need to consider when opting for an employee onboarding LMS tool is gathered in one place.

Benefits Of An Employee Onboarding LMS For Corporate Training

First thing to remember is that employee onboarding prepares new hires for the challenges that lie ahead. But it also builds self-confidence, identifies underlying skill gaps, and improves task proficiency. Using an LMS for onboarding streamlines the process and allows your L&D team to track individual progress and KPIs. They can quickly update online training materials to reflect new compliance regulations or company policies, as well as assess new hires and experienced staffers, alike, to disclose hidden pain points in your online training strategy. However, the benefits don't end there.

Who Needs An LMS For Employee Onboarding And Why

Investing in LMS software for employee onboarding also provides the following perks:

  • Retain top talent and reduce new hire turnover
  • Mitigate compliance risks
  • Ensure new employees meet company standards and boost individual accountability

An employee onboarding LMS can help your L&D teams identify several online training issues depending on the learners' needs. It is also an excellent tool that can help keep track of the whole process. More precisely, with the ideal LMS for onboarding new hires, you can monitor personal performance gaps. It is a key tool that can assist you in improving team collaboration and facilitating peer-based support. Plus, such an LMS has the flexibility to provide remote access to basic online training materials. You can leverage the benefits of an employee onboarding LMS to track user groups with built-in reports and data visualizations.

What's more, L&D professionals can use an LMS for their onboarding training strategy if they need to:

  • Launch personalized online training plans to focus on areas for improvement
  • Provide job-specific resources to improve workplace productivity
  • Globalize onboarding initiatives to standardize new hire training

An LMS can help L&D teams create an onboarding benchmark that allows the monitoring of employee development. At the same time, such an eLearning solution gives training managers the means to offer essential online training tools at every stage of the employment cycle.

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Choosing Your Ideal Employee Onboarding Platform: What To Consider

Finding a new hire training LMS that has every item on your onboarding checklist requires some in-house assessment. Before you vet vendors and evaluate price points, a high-level TNA is in order. You must determine your budget, desired outcomes, and existing assets to create an LMS list that addresses all your requirements. So, here are a few things every organization must consider to get maximum ROI and avoid buyer's regret:

  • New hire background, experience level, and online training preferences
  • L&D team talents and tech know-how
  • Existing software and multimedia materials

Also, don't forget to pay extra attention to these:

  • Implementation timeline and in-house learning curve
  • Must-have LMS software features to bridge current onboarding gaps
  • Onboarding training budget (including content upkeep)

Finally, a shout-out to all HR departments out there who are struggling with their online training budgets; we've got some extra tips! Make sure to read the 7 Ways That Employee Onboarding Software Cuts Costs And Improves Employee Retention In Your HR Department.

Define Objectives And Goals Before Making Your Employee Onboarding LMS Decision

A solid LMS implementation strategy begins with clear online training objectives and outcomes. You must determine how the new employee onboarding LMS fits into your current online training plan, as well as how it targets specific onboarding pain points. Here are some insider secrets to define goals and objectives before investing in your new LMS:

  • Analyze LMS metrics and business reports to identify strengths/weaknesses
  • Gather eLearning feedback from staffers regarding their onboarding experience
  • Develop measurable employee evaluation criteria
  • Link real-world outcomes to performance behaviors and talents

Do you want to know the best thing about implementing an LMS? By initiating an effective online training process for your new hires you get to:

  • Prioritize online training objectives to accommodate your budget
  • Develop separate goals based on roles and responsibilities
  • Create user personas or groups to personalize onboarding initiatives
  • Break long-term goals and objectives into manageable milestones

Which Businesses Can Benefit From An Employee Onboarding LMS?

Every organization that wishes to expand its workforce or venture into new markets can benefit from an employee onboarding LMS. And that's true regardless of your industry, staff size, or level of tech experience. There's a system that's custom-tailored to suit your needs and price point. Hence, companies with the best onboarding programs rely on their top-notch platforms to develop and deploy engaging content. Not to mention that they also use them to track new hire performance and offer continual JIT support.

If you suffer from any of these onboarding inefficiencies, you should consider a new hire training LMS for your team:

  • Employees are unable to execute what they learn in theory.
  • Customer service stats and/or sales figures are on the decline.
  • Managers don't have enough support to prep their recruits.
  • Your employee turnover is high due to a lack of training.
  • There is a rise in compliance breaches.
  • New staffers are unsure of their roles or task protocols.
  • Your current onboarding program is too costly and time-consuming.
eBook Release: Find The Ideal LMS For Your Remote Teams
eBook Release
Find The Ideal LMS For Your Remote Teams
Maybe your organization is on virtual mode. Or you might be looking for a more effective development strategy for your external partners. In this eBook, you can explore the benefits a new LMS can bring to your business.

What Are The Must-Have Features Of The Ideal Employee Onboarding LMS

First off, when choosing an LMS for employee onboarding, you must determine how online training objectives and gaps translate into system selling points. In other words, which features you need in order to warrant the investment and achieve the best outcomes. The LMS list is different for each organization based on their technical expertise and online training aims. However, there are a few essential functions every company should consider in order to enrich the onboarding experience and ease the burden on your L&D department.

Critical elements of a top employee onboarding LMS:

  • Customizable reporting and certificate management
  • Live video support and virtual classrooms
  • Gamification support (friendly competition fuels new hire motivation)
  • Assessment engine and personal learning paths
  • Learner uploads (facilitate in-house knowledge sharing) but also reusable content

Content-wise, if you don't want to leverage a content provider's expertise in employee onboarding, then you'll have to create the online courses yourself. In this case, your LMS should offer built-in authoring as all-in-one platforms alleviate compatibility issues. One more essential element to consider is offline accessibility since we cannot always rely on our internet connection.

Summing up, the employee onboarding LMS solution that you'll purchase needs to have robust reporting features. It should allow you to identify areas for improvement and reinforce positive performance behaviors quickly. It must also prioritize learner-centered training so that every new hire gets the VIP treatment. They can go at their own pace and focus on individual goals without sacrificing the employee training participants' accountability. Lastly, look for a vendor that offers advanced support services. You may not foresee any issues now, but it's essential to have that safety net in place, for example, online tutorials, demos, and user communities.

Evaluate And Compare LMS Vendors Before Starting Your New Onboarding Project

While many organizations concentrate on the product's features and functionality, vendor qualifications are often an afterthought. However, thorough vetting can help you narrow down your employee onboarding LMS software options. Therefore, it will also help you determine how they stack up against the competition. Let's take a deeper look at some of the factors that distinguish top-notch employee onboarding LMS vendors from the rest.

  • Niche expertise
    Vendors know your industry's online training requirements and challenges.
  • Targeted use case
    The LMS aligns with your online training topics and themes.
  • Positive ratings and reviews
    Users have high praise for the UX, CX, and service.
  • Flexible price point
    The company offers different packages for different budgets.
  • Established online presence
    They are active on social media with a stand-out landing page.
  • Free trials or demos
    Test drives allow you to try before you buy.

One of the most effective ways to qualify vendors beforehand is to attend live events or set up a meeting with their sales rep. Plus, you can also submit RFPs to see if they suit your employee onboarding needs and budget. Also, make sure to outline the project scope, implementation timeline, and objectives. By doing so, vendors can custom-tailor their responses—and cost estimates. Use our top LMS list guide as a springboard to find solutions that incorporate onboarding best practices and boost new hire participation.

Next Steps After Checking Out eLearning Industry's Top Employee Onboarding LMS Software List

Selecting the right LMS software for employee onboarding is not a decision to be taken lightly. Above all, even though your choice may suit your needs today, you should consider your future plans. Does it have all the features and functions you need to expand your organization on a global scale? Can it handle the next wave of new hires and allow you to adapt based on industry innovations or emerging compliance challenges? Will it be efficient in helping you train an existing employee on a new job role? Fortunately, this top employee onboarding LMS tools list can help streamline the selection process and avoid some of the vendor vetting headaches.

For more solutions, check out our Learning Management Systems directory. It is ideal to find the best online training platforms. It covers a broad range of use cases, from extended enterprise to workforce development. Or you can contact our experts for an LMS consultation. Simply provide some necessary information about your company's online training requirements to receive a personalized list of recommendations.

If you're looking for more insider secrets to calculate your budget and find the perfect platform in your price range, New Hire Solutions For SMBs is a must-read. Another free resource at your fingertips is our content providers for onboarding training top list.

Finally, we'd like to invite all LMS vendors to create a free listing on eLearning Industry. Add your LMS product to showcase your key selling points and broaden your market reach.