5 Features Your Employee Onboarding Software Must Have To Warrant The Investment

5 Features Your Employee Onboarding Software Must Have To Warrant the Investment
Summary: You already know you want onboarding software, it’s just a matter of choosing the right one. Preferably, the first time around so that you avoid all that expensive trial and error. Which mandatory features are guaranteed to influence your buying decision?

What To Look For In Your Employee Onboarding Software

We take different approaches to shopping. But when you're purchasing your official capacity, you need to be extra careful. Especially with new hires, knowing their onboarding process will shape their entire perception of the company. In the corporate space, buyer's remorse can get really expensive. It might even cost your job or reputation! So, it helps to assemble a foolproof list before you even start exploring your software options. What should you look for when investing in your next employee onboarding software? Which features warrant the investment by improving employee retention and engagement?

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1. Advanced Reporting

Data is everything, and for a few years now, Big Data has been big business. In reality, we've all been collecting and providing data for years through Facebook, Google, etc., but we just hadn't quite figured out what to do with it. Or how to make sense of it. High-level automated reporting helps you do both. Find employee online training software with built-in report templates. For example, you could craft customer care online training reports. Tabulate how long each call is and how fast the issue gets resolved. Or you could get an overview of employee clock-in and clock-out times. You can also see how many employees have completed the relevant online training certification courses and how quickly. All this can be done in seconds, and the software is designed to let you mix and match. Meaning you can call up different metrics for a customized report and automatically view/print it in seconds.

2. Certification

Internal award systems may not seem that important. And you may be reluctant to offer the type of online training that cuts across organizations. After all, you don't want to equip your staff with the skills they'll use to get another job. In that sense, office-wide certificates are more for staff motivation and bragging rights. They're also a good data source because you can see how long it took your employees to earn each certificate. And how many people showed an interest in the course, vs. those who started and those who dropped out. Designing and printing these documents can be costly and time-consuming, so training software with in-built certification tools is a must. Preferably, those that allow employees to post them to social media or at least proudly display them on their LMS home page.

3. Social Learning Support

Studies suggest 20% of all our learning is informal and social. Think about it. You probably didn't set out to memorize your favorite song or movie monologue. You might not even be aware you know all the words until it plays, and you sing along verbatim. In the online learning space, this social component encompasses social media groups and chat threads. They've become the modern way of passing along information. They're also useful tools for collaborative online learning. So whichever employee onboarding software you buy, it needs to be social media integrated. Or have its own internal chat rooms and messaging apps built-in. This allows new hires to gather insights from more experienced peers. As well as discuss challenges with fellow fresh recruits are going through the same obstacles.

4. Mobile Optimization

These days, you're missing the mark if you buy any online product that doesn't have mobile functionality. Yes, there's an app for everything. But your chosen software doesn't have to be in the form of a mobile app. Depending on your needs, you could buy employee online training software that's adaptive or responsive. As long as they can be accessed via smartphone, tablet, or laptop, both with and without live Wi-Fi. Extra points if your L&D team can populate the course via mobile. If the employee training LMS you're exploring happens to be 'free' open-source, do your research to verify its true cost. Your 'free' software could end up being more expensive than paid employee onboarding software solutions.

5. System Compatibility

Beyond the ability to work on a smartphone, you want to be sure it cuts across all smartphones. Your eLearning vendor may give you a compatibility list, but you still want to test it out, just to be sure. It only takes a few seconds to send an office-wide memo requesting staffers to text you their phone model and OS. You can then build a comprehensive list and send out a safe download link to each phone / OS category. Have your team members test accessibility and user interface. Your training software also needs to be compatible with other office software. For example, employee training participants might have to log training hours. Their online training software has to fit seamlessly with your job planning apps, your clock-in system, and your time-sheets calendar.

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As you explore the market for employee onboarding software, the price has to be right. But there are other factors which are even more important than the budget. What are some of these crucial online training tools you should look for in your next employee training LMS? Advanced reporting, certification, social learning, mobile optimization, and compatibility. This congruence should extend to smartphone brands, mobile OS, and other software products in active use at your work-place. If it's going to interact with your online training course at any level, it has to do so seamlessly. Otherwise, the new online training system or the prior administration tools will have to be replaced by options that play well together.

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