Top Content Providers for Employee Onboarding

Best Employee Onboarding Content Providers For Corporate Training

First-day jitters are a force to be reckoned with. New hires must master new tasks, acclimate to their surroundings, and find their place in the team dynamic. All while dealing with emotions that range from excitement to anxiety. Fortunately, you can prep them for any challenge that comes their way with online training support. Just-In-Time tutorials, demos, and Performance Management guides help them navigate the obstacles and gain more self-confidence. But how do you launch a successful employee onboarding strategy if you lack the necessary tools or in-house experience? Or if you’re working on a tight timeline and need to deploy your new hire training program yesterday? Or even if you simply want to cut costs and improve resource allocation without compromising content quality?

The solution is employee onboarding content providers who can stretch your budget, reduce development time, and bring in their niche expertise. Trained new hire onboarding content providers that understand your industry’s unique requirements and employee preferences. We know that finding the best outsourcing partner for the job can be daunting. So, we’ve gathered all the leading employee onboarding eLearning companies in one spot to simplify the search.

Check out eLearning Industry's top employee onboarding eLearning companies list to:

  • Evaluate vendor backgrounds and specialization areas to get maximum value for money
  • Check out employee onboarding content providers’ standout selling points
  • Choose an onboarding content provider with a proven track record of industry achievements
  • Compile a shortlist of new hire onboarding content for your specific use case
  • Compare eLearning companies for employee onboarding
  • Find the right content provider for your business needs and budget
Discover The Ideal eLearning Company For Your Training Content Needs
Save time and money. Compare top content providers for employee onboarding by topic expertise, reviews, and rating!

Please keep in mind that this list is about employee onboarding content development experts. For all-around corporate training content, you can check out our vast content providers’ directory.

What Were The Criteria That Determined Which Companies Made The List?

It has never been easier to find the right employee onboarding content development firm for your business, thanks to our comprehensive list. Think of it as your virtual one-stop-guide that features all the top vendors for your employee onboarding plan. Companies that hone strategies for using content to onboard new employees and mitigate on-the-job risks, regardless of your niche or price range. Keep in mind that this list is exclusively for L&D pros looking for content providers that specialize in new hire training.

However, you can check out our online directory for other employee development initiatives, ranging from Performance Management support to team leadership outsourcing companies. If you want to boost employee engagement, lower the new hire learning curve, and reduce L&D spending, then you’ve come to the right place as it has all the info you need to find the perfect partner for every item on your onboarding checklist.

Globally recognized LMS experts, including C. Pappas, and our editorial team did a thorough review of each vendor's eligibility. By checking each eLearning company's website and relevant published content—articles, eBooks, webinars—we've reached a final conclusion. Our committee ranked the best content providers for employee onboarding based on the following 8 criteria:

  • Company's economic growth potential
  • Company's social responsibility
  • Customer retention
  • Customer reviews
  • Employee turnover
  • Learning industry innovation
  • Learning solution content development quality
  • Learning solution expertise

Before heading to the list, make sure to read our tips on what you need to consider when choosing to team up with a content provider to create your employee onboarding programs.

The Importance Of Employee Onboarding Content For Your Business

Companies with the best onboarding programs build a stronger training and company culture because they take care of their most valuable assets: the people. Implementing top employee onboarding best practices ensures that every member of the team receives personalized support, even the newest recruits. But not just any onboarding content will suffice. You must utilize the latest onboarding trends and technologies to resonate with staffers at an emotional level. The onboarding definition has evolved over the years. It’s no longer a one-off event that involves an hour-long lecture and manuals that make their head spin. Modern new hire training is holistic and ongoing. It centers on the individual to fine-tune their talents and help them bridge performance gaps at their own pace. Here are just a few perks the best employee onboarding experiences bring to your profit margin:

  • Reduce employee turnover and retain top performers
  • Mitigate workplace risks and compliance breaches
  • Improve on-the-job productivity and task proficiency
  • Build a stronger team dynamic and help new hires acclimate more rapidly
  • Boost sales and customer service scores
  • Empower new hires to develop positive performance behaviors and broaden skills

Choosing The Best eLearning Company To Provide Content For Your New Employee Onboarding Project

Selecting the right new employee orientation content provider involves a fair amount of homework, from conducting a Training Needs Analysis to vetting vendor qualifications. But all the hard work pays off in the form of a virtual welcoming kit that makes new hires feel right at home. Here’s a brief checklist to perfect your new employee onboarding outsourcing plan:

  • Re-evaluate your budget, online training objectives, and desired outcomes
  • Identify new hire preferences, online training styles, and job responsibilities
  • Survey experienced staffers to disclose hidden gaps in your current onboarding plan
  • Create a list of targeted employee onboarding deliverables you need to maximize ROI
  • Use online resources to compile a shortlist of top employee onboarding content solutions

Also, don't forget to:

  • Compare your top contenders based on specializations and other evaluation criteria
  • Assess online portfolios and vendor websites
  • Evaluate online reviews and ratings

Making your final decision:

  • Submit RFPs to receive personalized onboarding content estimates
  • Review proposals and follow-ups
  • Analyze the final contract and clarify terms before signing on the dotted line
  • Optional: Hire top choices for test projects to gauge the quality of work, communication, etc.

Define Objectives And Goals Before Deciding On Your Employee Onboarding Content Strategy

Defining your online training objectives, outcomes, and goals is just one step in the employee onboarding process. But it also happens to be one of the most crucial if you want to stretch resources and avoid costly implementation delays. Clear objectives lay the groundwork for the entire employee onboarding content strategy. Outsourcing partners use them as a guideline to create deliverables that align with your needs and online training expectations. Follow these tips to identify your new employee onboarding objectives:

  • Conduct a TNA to disclose skill gaps
  • Evaluate LMS metrics and business reports to identify performance pain points
  • Survey your team to identify personal preferences and online training requirements
  • Clarify your online training use case and project scope
  • Differentiate in-house tasks versus outsourcing projects
  • Create a realistic budget to relate to employee onboarding objectives and outcomes
  • Continually re-evaluate goals to improve the future of employee onboarding

Which Businesses Can Benefit From An Employee Onboarding Process?

Virtually all businesses that wish to expand their talent pool can benefit from new employee orientation content, whether you onboard seasonal new hires or plan to expand into different markets. However, there are several industries that should consider immediate employee onboarding training to reduce risks and boost on-the-job performance from day one. Providing your new recruits with microlearning support, certification training, and collaborative learning opportunities prepares them for every eventuality, given that they have the basic building blocks they need (i.e., skills and practical know-how) to apply what they’ve learned in various contexts. If your organization falls into any of these categories, employee onboarding eLearning companies are a wise investment:

  • Hospitality
  • Customer service and sales
  • Healthcare
  • Food and beverage
  • Government
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Health and wellness
  • Education management
  • Banking
  • Telecommunications
  • eLearning
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail

What Makes New Hire Onboarding Content Effective?

First off, when choosing a content provider for employee onboarding, you must verify that they have all the necessary experience and niche expertise. That they’re aware of the compliance issues, performance behaviors, and industry protocols that new hires need to know before they clock in. Have they worked on projects similar to yours in the past? Are they willing to bring in external SMEs if they lack the necessary knowledge? Or can they work with your team to fill in the blanks and form a fruitful outsourcing partnership? The ideal employee onboarding company always knows which tools, resources, and onboarding process best practices will benefit your bottom line. They also incorporate all the essential elements into your employee onboarding plan to enrich the onboarding experience and bring new staffers into the fold.

Key elements of a top employee onboarding content strategy:

  • Provides ongoing support throughout the entire employment cycle
  • Incorporates your branding to improve online training cohesion and credibility
  • Caters to different online training needs, preferences, and schedules
  • Puts new hires in control of their own professional development
  • Allows employees to access onboarding content anytime, anywhere
  • Includes a good mix of social learning, self-paced, and structured online training activities
  • Facilitates rapid knowledge transfer without compromising long-term retention

Summing up, the employee onboarding content provider you’ll choose to work with needs to know your niche and should deliver maximum results with minimal investment. They must be able to tackle tasks more cost-effectively than your internal team and ease the burden on your L&D staffers, instead of adding yet another stressor to their workday (e.g., personality clashes or constant queries from inexperienced vendors).

Evaluate And Compare eLearning Companies Before Kickstarting Your New Employee Onboarding Program

You certainly aren’t starved for choice when it comes to employee onboarding content development companies. However, finding an outsourcing partner that meets all your criteria, including budget and industry background, can be time-consuming and stressful. To simplify the vendor vetting process, we’ve compiled an outsourcing employee onboarding checklist that covers all the requirements:

  • Positive ratings and reviews from satisfied clients
  • Use cases aligned with your project scope and online training objectives
  • Industry specializations
  • Online training solutions that address current and future onboarding goals
  • Social proof and an established online presence
  • Online portfolios that showcase a broad range of employee onboarding examples

Employee onboarding content providers must also possess unique talents to accommodate clients’ needs and surpass expectations, including communication, creativity, and adaptability. They should be able to manage their time effectively, troubleshoot common problems, and put their lateral thinking caps on to create innovative onboarding content.

Last, but not least, your top choice must understand how to tie online training content to real-world outcomes so that new hires can apply what they’ve learned on the job instead of letting it slip from their memory banks. Your vendor needs to facilitate practical application and encourage employees to assign meaning in order to reinforce positive performance behaviors. Even if that means transforming bland compliance regulations into engaging scenarios and simulations for your new recruits.

Find The Ideal Content Provider To Implement Your New Employee Onboarding Program
Save time and money. Compare top employee onboarding content providers by topic expertise, reviews, and rating!

Top 10 Content Providers To Help You Build An Onboarding Plan For New Hires

As you must have realized by now, quality onboarding content is crucial for your workforce. Partnering up with an expert in onboarding new hires will increase productivity and online training ROI. A successful employee onboarding process helps new hires understand your company culture. Having an effective onboarding process will increase your employee retention average.

It is essential to make your new employees understand what it means to be part of your organization but also teach them key company policies right from the start. From compliance and safety training to quick-start job skills training content you can ensure performance and productivity from day one. Video-based content and gamification elements will take your online training to another level. Either you want to opt for custom content development or a blending learning approach, all the vendors that won a place in our list are top-notch!

Here's which eLearning companies can offer a well-executed onboarding process to your HR and Learning and Development teams.

Top Content Providers for Employee Onboarding

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1. EI Design

For over 18 years, EI Design has been working with customers in their mandate of transforming face-to-face induction and onboarding training programs into a blended or fully online mode. Their solutions are high-impact, dynamic, and scalable. Servicing over 26 distinct industry verticals, the solutions feature their unique value proposition: low time-to-productivity through effectively designed induction and onboarding training programs. As a result, the speed with which the new inductees become productive creates a high ROI on this training spend—another hallmark of EI Design solutions. Learn what our community members have to say about EI Design's expertise in eLearning content development by reading user reviews in our directory.

Make sure to download EI Design's eBook 7 Learning Strategies To Transform Your Corporate Induction And Onboarding Training For Success


  • Transition to blended learning
    EI Design has deep experience of over 18 years in helping their customers effectively transition from their existing face-to-face program to the optimal blended mode or fully online, self-paced training. They strongly focus on blended delivery to leverage the human interaction factor while giving learners significant learning on the go and at the pace they are comfortable with.
  • Mobile learning, gamification, AR/VR, video-based training
    They use highly immersive and engaging learning strategies that create a sticky learning experience and align new hires with the organizational goals quickly and effectively. The solutions use mobile learning and leverage microlearning-based learning journeys that are personalized (based on region/role). Other immersive approaches include AR/VR, gamification, videos, and interactive videos.
  • Expedited time-to-productivity
    Their solutions are unique in demonstrating expedited time-to-productivity, confirming that the new hire strategy and supporting employee induction and onboarding training is working. To compress time-to-productivity even further, their solutions also include a pre-boarding process to new employee training. This phase could cover basic orientation topics.


EI Design’s induction and onboarding solutions are being used in 26 diverse industry verticals, notably:

  • Airlines, aviation, and aerospace
  • Automotive sector
  • Banking, financial services, and insurance
  • Healthcare, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals
  • Information technology and computer software
  • Manufacturing and logistics
  • Management consulting and advisory services
  • Media and entertainment
  • Retail and consumer goods
  • Beverage and tobacco

Across the industry verticals, the common thread is: a) high-impact training that translates into a sticky learning experience, b) immersive approaches that enable new hires to align quickly with organizational goals.

If you're eager to start a new employee onboarding program, all you have to do is contact EI Design.

2. AllenComm

AllenComm is a custom learning solutions firm that partners with clients to design, develop, and deploy transformative learning experiences. Through their expertise in Instructional Design, needs analysis, and learning strategies, they meet the unique business goals and performance challenges of their clients. AllenComm's extensive experience, creative approaches, and cutting-edge technologies make them the right partner for global brands. Moreover, their 35+ years of experience in technology, graphic design, and Project Management enable them to provide impactful training solutions and Customer Experience. You may like to look through customer reviews about working with AllenComm in our directory.

Make sure to download their eBook Developing An Effective Employee Onboarding Process In The Modern Workplace.


  • Business impact
    Employee onboarding initiatives with AllenComm begin with an analysis to understand the underlying business goals and organizational challenges. By starting with business goals in mind, the learning solution can transform organizations, driving individual learners toward excellence.
  • Learning strategy
    They provide the best learning experience built upon rich learning ecosystems, with custom eLearning activities and training assets mapped to specific motivating factors, knowledge base, and behaviors. AllenComm aligns learning strategy with organizational goals to create training with impact.
  • Training technology
    For an interactive and engaging learning experience, AllenComm onboarding solutions are supported by innovative training technology (e.g., simulations, complex decision-making models, Augmented/Virtual Reality). And a variety of learning portal solutions ensure training can scale to large, international audiences.


  • Silver Brandon Hall Technology in "best advance in onboarding technology"
  • Silver Telly in Education for "non-broadcast, altar’d state onboarding and performance training"
  • Gold Horizon Award in "brand onboarding training for video instruction"
  • Gold Omni Award in "education for onboarding"

Are you ready to transform your organization with impactful training? Reach out to AllenComm.

3. Inno-Versity

Inno-Versity is a full-service, in-house team of talented and experienced learning experts. Their in-house team of instructional and creative designers has worked with some of the largest companies, agencies, and educational institutions in the world. As a global leader in digital learning, they provide custom learning solutions in the areas of eLearning, Instructor-Led Training, animations, and AR/VR. They specialize in custom-developed learning programs, often focused on the area of employee onboarding. Make sure to read the 5 Factors To Determine The Appropriate Level Of Interactivity to get more insights for your new project.

You're more than welcome to look through the reviews for Inno-Versity in our directory.


  • Instructional Design process
    First impressions with a new employee are essential. Their design team works hard to ensure that onboarding programs fit the culture and identity of their clients.
  • Use of gamification
    To ensure full engagement and retention during employee onboarding, their team utilizes fundamental game theory principles in all of their projects.
  • Translation and globalization of content
    Many of their clients have a global presence for their employee onboarding programs. Inno-Versity has designed effective eLearning solutions in over 30 languages.


Inno-Versity worked closely with a global consumer goods brand to develop and refine their employee onboarding program. They worked closely with the client to understand their unique culture and the technology used in their call center. Previous programs included significant investments of time and capital for Instructor-Led Training. The client was looking to convert this program to online and blended programs. Using various forms of animations and eLearning authoring tools, Inno-Versity was able to help the client significantly improve their training effectiveness and efficiency, all while helping to considerably reduce the training budget—over $500K in the first year.

Are you looking to remove complexity from your employee onboarding programs? Contact Inno-Versity to learn how they can create a custom experience for your new hires.

4. SweetRush

SweetRush has captured a singular space in the industry. Clients trust SweetRush and love their culture of caring and commitment and their uniquely effective custom learning solutions that connect with and motivate learners. Onboarding is a key area of expertise for SweetRush; their solutions reach and embrace a broad audience of new employees and speak authentically to them, which shows that they care. SweetRush gets immersed in your culture, values, and brand, and, by working collaboratively, raises the bar on engagement with learner-centric onboarding programs that make a lasting, positive impression on your new hires.

To learn more about collaborating with them, you can read customer reviews for SweetRush in eLearning Industry's directory.


  • Culture, values, brand
    The first days on the job create deep impressions on new employees. Onboarding is a critical education and communications tool to embrace employees in your culture, values, and brand. SweetRush works with you to create onboarding that provides context and skill-building activities on mission-critical topics that set employees up for success—such as your service philosophy—and promotes your focus on social responsibility and sustainability.
  • Learner-centric design
    Through onboarding, you can communicate to employees that you care about them, their experience at their new company, and their growth and development. Through SweetRush’s design thinking experience, CoDesign, stakeholders, SMEs, and learners collaborate with the project team to build empathy and understand what learners want and need from onboarding. Fully custom learning solutions are then designed to speak authentically to learners and fit seamlessly into their work environment. Make sure to download their eBook Staff Augmentation For Learning And Development: The Agile Talent Solution For Modern Business.
  • Multi-generational, multi-modality engagement
    Onboarding reaches the broadest audience of any type of training. This means a wide range of ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, locations… and even bandwidth and tech-savvy. SweetRush creates custom solutions that blend eLearning, mobile, instructor-led, and self-study learning experiences, to reach and teach employees in the way that works best for them and provides flexibility for managers.


SweetRush has been fortunate to receive multiple honors, including 66 Brandon Hall awards (45 Gold awards) in the past 3 years. The team won "best new hire onboarding" 3 times and has won several awards for employee onboarding programs for innovation and custom content.

SweetRush has created onboarding programs for Fortune 100 clients in hospitality, financial services, consumer products, and more. For a top hotel chain launching a new brand, the team created a cultural blueprint defining the behaviors that express the brand values. Through blended learning (eLearning and ILT), employees learn and practice the brand’s unique customer service skills.

Do you want to make a difference, hit the mark, and achieve great organizational success through training? Start a custom learning project with SweetRush!

5. Obsidian Learning

Onboarding is a crucial element of employee integration. When not done right, the investment in new talent can be at risk. The development and creation of onboarding programs have been a cornerstone of Obsidian Learning’s business for over 20 years. They collaborate with their clients to deliver custom, targeted programs that provide employees with the information they need to thrive in new environments. As organizations make the shift toward e-onboarding, the need for effective, concise, yet still fun and engaging training has never been more acute, and Obsidian Learning has the talent, experience, and creativity to make it happen.

If you want to learn more about working with them, take a look at clients' reviews for Obsidian Learning in eLearning Industry's directory.


The rapid, successful onboarding of new hires depends on these critical components:

  • Design
    They analyze the information, resources, skills, and attitudes new employees need to excel. The proportion of online vs. in-person interaction is determined, and they create a blueprint for the employee integration process. They examine the content, and they also profile the target audience—their demographic, education, and job environment—so they can craft a program that will resonate with that specific group.
  • Structure
    User-friendly curation of specific onboarding deliverables in a predetermined sequence or an intuitive, free-flowing set of modules/microlearning (or a combination of both) is a hallmark of Obsidian Learning’s onboarding programs.
  • Engagement
    Microlearning, mobile-friendly courses, gamification, sustained interactivity, and social learning elements are the tools they employ to ensure your employees absorb the information they need—and have fun doing it. Make sure to download their eBook Blended Learning: A Proven Approach To Learning Development.
  • Technology
    They create custom learning dashboards, hubs, light LMSs, and apps specifically designed to facilitate the seamless execution of onboarding programs.
  • Experience
    You only have one chance to make a first impression. The synergistic effect of careful design, intuitive structure, simple platforms, and engaging design ensures that first impression packs a punch, and boosts both motivation and retention.


Over the past 20 years, Obsidian Learning has honed the craft of creating robust onboarding programs and/or specific onboarding deliverables for their clients in industries as wide-ranging as oil and gas, supply chain, healthcare, IT, compliance, sales, and the list goes on. Whether your organization is a small-to-medium-sized company or a Fortune 500 powerhouse, they’ve been there, done that. They’ve designed and supported the implementation of all types of onboarding initiatives, even taking on the task of translating worldwide rollouts for their multinational clients.

All set? Contact Obsidian Learning for your next onboarding challenge!

6. CommLab India

CommLab India offers rapid eLearning solutions that help Fortune 500 companies roll out high-quality onboarding programs to enhance employee retention and speed-to-competence. They couple their expertise in Instructional Design, authoring tools, and remote Project Management with 20 years of experience to offer consultative services on structuring onboarding programs and the design and development of onboarding training materials. They have a proven record in designing and delivering onboarding programs for various industries such as automobiles, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, manufacturing, and packaging. They are a pioneer in developing blended onboarding solutions, migrating classroom to virtual training, and offering LMS support for a hassle-free onboarding experience. Their onboarding programs have been taken by more than 100,00 employees on multiple devices. Make sure to download their eBook Redefining Corporate Training With Rapid eLearning.

By all means, check out the reviews submitted to our directory to learn more about creating unique custom eLearning projects with CommLab India.


  • Consultation services to chart the onboarding program
    They offer dual benefits in employee onboarding. They work with customers to understand the learner profile and training duration to offer them a unique roadmap for their onboarding requirements—the optimal blend of what should be covered in the classroom and online. They also design and develop onboarding assets including online courses, classroom material, and ready reckoners.
  • Modern strategies to engage employees
    They use modern learning strategies to engage new hires and get them onboard quickly and effectively. Their large pool of IDs and authoring tools experts designs and develops onboarding programs that are rooted in strong Instructional Design principles. Some methods they use to create immersive learning experiences for new hires include:

    • LEAD strategy and/or virtual walkthroughs to virtually explore the organization’s campus and departments
    • Welcome video by CEO/top management
    • Gamification to raise the engagement bar
    • Microlearning to enable learning in the flow of work
    • Social learning to foster a continuous learning culture

The USP of CommLab India’s onboarding programs is making them utilitarian, organized, effective, and efficient.

  • Translation and LMS services to complete the onboarding package
    To ensure consistent and effective onboarding for every employee, CommLab India offers translation and localization services in 35 different languages. They've also created a plug-and-play LMS, Effectus, that can be used exclusively for onboarding programs. It offers new hires a learner-friendly platform with easy navigation, visual dashboards, leaderboards, mobile compatibility, and social learning opportunities.

Ready to start your own onboarding success story? Team up with CommLab India.

7. Infopro Learning

Infopro Learning has over 25 years of custom content development expertise. They provide services to create content in all kinds of modalities and for a range of different devices. They also help companies deliver more personalized learning experiences for a variety of training requirements, including onboarding training. They work on delivering and providing superior learning experiences, measurable performance outcomes and sustainable operational efficiency to create training that is impactful, measurable, and effective. Make sure to download The Definitive Guide To Onboarding Programs by Infopro.

To get a better idea about collaborating with them, you may want to look through the reviews for Infopro in our directory.


  • Assess and align
    They start not only by assessing the learner but also by aligning the organization’s ability in order to support that learner across their onboarding journey.
  • Onboarding journey
    They believe onboarding is a journey that starts before an employee’s first day and continues throughout their employment in the organization. After the initial analysis, they identify onboarding activities that would help new hires connect with the company, culture, craft, and enhance performance. They also create learning content that fits well into this structure. By implementing these, they create a learner journey that strategically places learning interventions throughout the onboarding process.
  • Assessment of ROI
    Finally, they help organizations measure the ROI of onboarding training with the appropriate metrics, including increased time-to-proficiency and increased performance as a direct result of an impactful learning experience.


They have created onboarding solutions with games and simulations which are very effective for Millennials, who form a large part of an organizations’ new hires. With leaderboards, badges, and real-life scenarios, these help employees learn better and retain them for long. They have also created an AI-based onboarding platform for their own organization which helps newly recruited employees get real-time support on organization policies, structures, and more. The platform is hugely successful in making sure that new employees are always well-supported without any additional human intervention.

Leverage Infopro Learning's expertise to create a strategic onboarding program!

8. CoreAxis

CoreAxis Consulting has been a leader in management consulting and eLearning for nearly two decades, empowering companies like Thermo Fisher Scientific and Amazon to instill core competencies through dynamic onboarding programs. Their award-winning team delivers immersive, customized onboarding programs and learning solutions, and works with clients to optimize content and delivery mediums. The CoreAxis onboarding capabilities toolkit includes digital learning, live and virtual Instructor-Led Training, and collaborative team spaces. They work with clients to assess their onboarding training process, choose the right features to convey their objectives, and build a comprehensive program tailored to their needs.

You can visit eLearning Industry's directory to check client reviews for CoreAxis.


  • Close collaboration
    The CoreAxis team schedules kick-offs, working sessions, and standing status updates in order to fully understand an organization’s onboarding needs, and create a program iteratively and collaboratively with their team. Their agile process aligns the onboarding design process with a client’s standards and goals, ensuring they are part of the process each step of the way so that expectations are met and they’re satisfied with the final product.
  • Program delivery
    Some companies suggest program development tools based on client onboarding content, but CoreAxis goes the extra mile. Once their team has aligned with the client on the key onboarding objectives, they build out the program using rapid content development technology to get them up and running as quickly as possible. This agile approach makes their onboarding process dynamic and adaptable.
  • Ongoing support
    After clients adopt their new onboarding program and have had the opportunity to put it into action, their studio team is available to make ongoing changes and updates, as necessary. This gives them a chance to gather employee feedback and measure new hire performance to ensure the onboarding program is up to their standards delivering on objectives and that it provides a trusted advisor whenever needed.


As COVID-19 began spreading, Amazon needed a learning solution to educate on the identification, management, and prevention of communicable diseases in warehouses. Since they didn’t have the bandwidth or resources to execute it, they enlisted CoreAxis. CoreAxis worked promptly to understand Amazon’s needs, then provided strong Instructional Design, development, and Project Management resources that were informed each step of the way by Amazon’s leaders and Subject Matter Experts. CoreAxis’s agile approach and swift identification of the best resources for the project allowed the solution to be launched quickly, giving Amazon a critical resource in the midst of the pandemic.

Transform your onboarding experience with CoreAxis!

9. Aims Digital LLC

Aims Digital has been providing customized learning solutions to companies, including Fortune 100 organizations, across the world for almost two decades, and is proficient in creating employee onboarding solutions that meet the unique requirements of every organization. Their solutions are thoughtful, well-designed, and implemented keeping the target audience in mind. Their approach provides a mix of gamification and knowledge-based learning, deployed in a blend of learning forms like mobile-based nuggets, microlearning, interactive videos, whiteboard animations, and engaging and interactive learning modules. Their onboarding and other learning solutions are designed to achieve the desired learning outcomes.

You may check what customers have to say about collaborating with Aims Digital in our directory.


Their employee onboarding learning solutions address the challenges faced by an organization. The salient features of their learning design methodology are:

  • Engaging and interactive
    Their learning solutions are engaging and interactive, ensuring learner participation in the process of learning. They convert your policy documents and compliance notifications to an immersive form of learning. This enables better retention of knowledge and information, creating a workforce that is better connected with the company and its values. Depending on the communication strategy of the organization, they create learning nuggets that are game-based, story-based, or even a quiz style, which appeal to a wide learning audience. Are you looking for custom eLearning trends to enhance your L&D strategy? Ask them for insights.
  • Blended approach
    Their onboarding solution takes a blended approach for optimal impact on the learner. They create learning nuggets that impart knowledge and allow the learners to explore the various facets of your organization. They develop Instructor-Led Training material for an effective interaction with your new hires, and they develop animated videos to illustrate compliance information with scenarios and case studies to ensure effective knowledge transfer.
  • Quality assurance
    Their QA team checks the output at every stage, ensuring that their learning solutions are free of errors and function as desired across platforms and browsers. Do you want to learn more about Aims Digital's eLearning solutions? Don't miss their webinar on Developing Custom eLearning That Results In Efficient Corporate Training Delivery.


Aims Digital has created employee onboarding solutions for some of the largest organizations across the world. Their solutions are specific to organizations, and their clients are spread across industries and domains. They determine the specific challenges faced by an organization and address these challenges with solutions that are innovative and unique. Their solutions are designed to reduce the time required for employee onboarding, while at the same time increase the efficiency of the onboarding process.

Go ahead and visit Aims Digital's website if you want to know more about their services.

10. Cinecraft Productions

Cinecraft is a leading producer of custom learning solutions. They specialize in creating onboarding experiences for new employees that are performance-focused and learner-centric. Curious to learn more about working with them? Read customer reviews for Cinecraft in eLearning Industry's directory.


  • Day One Readiness
    They analyze organizations' onboarding needs by engaging with existing employees using focus groups, empathy interviews, and on-the-job observations. They do this in order to be able to identify the skills and behaviors necessary for all new hires so as to enable them to do the job on day one as well as any performance gaps. Cinecraft calls this approach "Day One Readiness."
  • Onboarding content development based on effective learning principles
    They design and develop onboarding curricula that are focused on using their 7 better learning principles of content development: authentic, engaging, efficient, fun, timely, accessible, and relevant.
  • Turnkey onboarding curricula
    Cinecraft delivers turnkey onboarding curricula for their customers. They provide all of the necessary Instructor-Led, Virtual Instructor-Led, eLearning, simulations, games, videos, and performance support to prepare learners for "Day One Readiness."


In 2019, Cinecraft won a Brandon Hall, International eLearning Association and DemoFest award for an onboarding curriculum of Carrier Corporation’s distributors. They defined "Day One Readiness" as the ability to create relationships inside The Home Depot stores with customers and store associates. The onboarding solution engaged distributors in an instructor-led course. Also, it provided distributors with the opportunity to view behavioral modeling videos and simulations that allowed distributors to practice what they just saw demonstrated. Finally, job aids were provided for reference on the job. These learned behaviors and skills helped them achieve measurable results related to "Day One Readiness."

Do you need to change employee behavior and upskill your workforce? Reach out to Cinecraft.

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This top list features all the tips and tricks you need to select the right new hire onboarding content provider for your organization. If you’re still undecided about employee onboarding outsourcing or want to learn more about the benefits, we’ve got you covered. Feel free to peruse the eLearning Industry’s Top Content Providers lists for other types of training.

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