10 Best Business Presentation Software For eLearning Professionals

10 Best Business Presentation Software For eLearning Professionals
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Summary: Choosing the right business presentation software tool is essential for eLearning professionals who need to show off their prototypes, host interactive webinars, or create detailed tutorials for eLearning courses. In this article, I’ll highlight the best business presentation software that you may want to add to your Learning & Development toolbox.

Best Business Presentation Software eLearning Professionals Should Know

The problem with finding the best business presentation software for your eLearning team is not the lack of choices, but the abundance of amazing business presentation software tools that are available today. Each has its own set of standout features and unique selling points, which makes it even more difficult to select the right one for your eLearning team. To make the process a bit easier, I’ve compiled a list of the best software that you may want to add to your list of potential business presentation software tools.

  1. Prezi.
    Prezi is a cloud-based business presentation software tool that is ideal for eLearning professionals looking for a highly interactive platform. The software features an intuitive interface that allows you to see the big picture within the workspace, as well as zoom in on the smaller details of the presentation. This is opposed to the slide design tools that many other business presentation tools employ. By doing so, you have the opportunity to see how each element fits together, so that you can create a cohesive finished product.
  2. Instant Demo.
    As its name suggests, Instant Demo is a quick and easy business presentation software tool that features a wide range of useful tools, from annotations and interactive hotspots to screen recordings. Each screen recording can be published to the web, or exported to YouTube, smartphones, and tablets. The Flash videos you create can also stream on the web, complete with mp3 audio.
  3. CustomShow.
    CustomShow boasts a wide range of features, including: a slide library, analytics, web meeting support, sales force compatibility, and on/offline viewing. Users are also able to brand all of their presentations, as well as offer them on mobile devices. As an added bonus, CustomShow is on the Cloud, which means that you can access it anywhere, anytime. If you have PowerPoint slides that you would like to integrate into your online presentation, you can do that as well with this versatile software.
  4. Keynote.
    What PowerPoint is Microsoft, Keynote is to Apple. The only downside is that it is only supported on Apple computers and devices, which takes it out of the running for PC users. Keynote relies on the Apple iCloud, making it ideal for eLearning teams. The iCloud also allows on-the-go users to create a single online presentation on multiple devices. One of the standout features of Keynote is the editing suite, where you can control every aspect of your presentation design. Add picture frames, drop in new images, and throw in some cinematic transitions to take it to the next level.
  5. Haiku Deck.
    If you are looking for a quick and convenient business presentation software tool that does some of the work for you, then Haiku Deck may be the perfect solution. It features 35 different templates that you can customize to create an engaging and memorable online presentation, even if you’re pressed for time. It also boasts over 35 million stock photos, saving you the time and trouble of having to sift through royalty free sites to find the right image.
  6. Camtasia Studio.
    Camtasia Studio is a flexible business presentation software tool that features a screen recorder, HD video importer, and a wide range of editing tools. It’s intended for both Mac and Windows devices, meaning that virtually anyone can use this tool to create professional presentations that show off their eLearning courses, virtual products, or complex processes screen-by-screen.
  7. Articulate Presenter.
    This is actually a PowerPoint add-on that makes the business presentation software tool even more effective and versatile. It adds a variety of different useful features, including: audio narration support, quiz integration, and interactive multimediα integration. You can even sync your audio narrations to line up with what appears on the screen with ease, thanks to its user friendly interface.
  8. Preseria.
    If you’re looking for a great online conferencing tool that doubles as business presentation software, look no further than Preseria. You can design professional virtual presentations for your eLearning course, organize conferences, invite keynote speakers to upload their own videos, and publish your finished conference onto the web so that absent learners can benefit from the eLearning experience.
  9. GoAnimate.
    GoAnimate boasts an impressive range of themes, characters, props, and other pre-made elements that make presentation production stress-free. It offers a simple and straightforward  drag and drop interface. Just move content from the library or shift the existing elements around to create the perfect professional online presentation. You don’t even need to edit or record with a third-party tool. When you’re finished, simply publish your video to your site or export it to YouTube.
  10. Powtoon.
    Powtoon is one of the leading animation presentation tools, featuring a user friendly interface and a wide selection of tools to create tutorials, eLearning prototypes, and engaging  webinars. When you’ve finished the design process, simply click on the export button to publish it on YouTube or save it on your hard drive. Powtoon offers a variety of different subscription packages, even a free version with limited features, making it ideally suited for eLearning teams of all sizes and budgets.

There certainly is no shortage of top notch business presentation software tools. Hopefully this article has made the decision making process a bit less stressful and time consuming, so that you can get back to the rest of your to-do list. Please feel free to share your favorite business presentation software tool in the comments section below.

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