3 Ways To Get Inspired With eLearning

3 Ways To Get Inspired With eLearning
Summary: Read our favorite 3 ways to get inspired with eLearning and you’ll be adding new ideas to your eLearning courses in no time.

Is your eLearning a giant snooze fest? There’s a way to fix that. Your learners shouldn’t be taking their afternoon nap during your online training course. If you’re looking for some new ways to get inspired before you start designing, then I have a few ideas. Get ready to change the way you think about eLearning development.

Here are 3 ways to get inspired with eLearning:

  1. Chat with your colleagues and other eLearning professionals.
    Just talk to them? Yes. It’s easy to start a conversation in an online discussion forum or on social media. Or, you could just poke your head into your coworker’s office and ask how his weekend was and what he’s using in his courses to improve learner feedback and assessment scores. Before you know it, you’ll have a bunch of cool, fresh ideas and maybe even a new lunch buddy. But what if your coworkers don’t have any good ideas? (Don’t worry; I won’t tell anyone you said that.) Or, more likely, what if you’re the only one in your training department and you just want to see how other companies are creating energized courses? Then you’d want to join an online eLearning community like the new Trivantis Community. It’s an awesome place to connect with other developers in the discussion forum, share your content and browse the Knowledge Base for inspiration and how-to tutorials.
  2. Tune in to an eLearning podcast.
    Keep learning—even if you think you’re a pro eLearning developer. You might actually be a pro, but you can always keep growing. I like Rick Zanotti’s eLearnChat, which is a video podcast. Rick and his cohost, Dawn J. Mahoney, chat with top eLearning and training influencers about eLearning, multimedia development, project management, and what’s new in the industry. Joe Ganci, John Blackmon, and gamification expert Karl Kapp have all been interviewed on eLearnChat, plus other eLearning experts and thought leaders.
  3. Use templates to kick start your creativity.
    You can be creative without building everything yourself. Pre-made templates provide a great starting point; from there, you can tweak the template to customize your course. They’re an easy way to start your course with a new look and save valuable development time too. The eLearning Brothers have an awesome template library—and it’s now included with Lectora® Inspire. If you’re creating scenarios, they also have thousands of character images. And the eLearning Brothers clip the images out for you so that they look professional and are ready to add to your course.

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