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5 Best Tips For Hosting BYOD Fair In Your School

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Fair is a must and should event that needs to be hosted every year by schools. The event not only allows the students to bring their own devices to classroom but also encourages collaboration significantly with other students in the same cohort. In addition the fair involves the local community vendors to offer discounts on new devices to students and faculty, it also offer hands-on workshops to teachers on latest advancements in instructional technology


A recent successful BYOD fair by Napa Valley Unified School District has created a new trend to help students keep up with the demands of 21st century. The BYOD fairs will become an important step in fostering the future of digitized education in schools around the world. Hosting BYOD Fair in your school not only gives you a competitive edge from other schools in the community but also makes your school a model for innovative education. With help of not-for-profits, local vendors and staff you can successfully host your own BYOD fair in school with the following tips:

5 Best Tips To Host Your Own BYOD fair in Your School

  1. First and foremost the date and location for the fair is quite important from students and teachers perspective. Hosting the BYOD fair on Weekends and with a non-uniform day will create a sense of euphoria for learning something new. Using the social media and creating cool banners and flyers can get the word around the community.
  2. Event sponsorship can easily happen by involving local vendors. The vendors may also promote their discounted notebooks and tablets to the students. Also offering loan advice to parents if accompanied by the students. Hosting workshops or training named after the vendor can improve the partnership even further and can grow long term.
  3. Create a BYOD program and coordinate with staff on its implementation. Have a wide range of Interactive activities, games, group activities and quizzes that can be accessed by students. Having accessing polices can help in using the IT infrastructure carefully, you definitely don’t want to disappoint the students with poor Wi-Fi.
  4. Hosting workshops on more interesting stuff like ethical hacking, social media, digital arts and blogging will enthrall the students to a new level of education with fun. Also allow the students to practice at the same time to feel they are all on the same page with the presenter. Be prepared to handle ton of questions. A small tip for teachers, leave the question open, so the students come with their own creative out of the box answers.
  5. End the fair with a prize for BYOD program winners, award individuals as well as groups. Having many winners will make the students feel more enthusiastic and will look forward for the next big BOYD fair. The local vendors should also be acknowledged for strategic partnership for future events. A post event survey or evaluation will help in improving the next year BYOD.
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