6 Tips To Find The Right eLearning Professionals For Your eLearning Firm

6 Tips To Find The Right eLearning Professionals For Your eLearning Firm
Summary: You need an eLearning team that works well under pressure, collaborates with ease, and can produce a high quality finished eLearning deliverable on time. So, how do you find the right eLearning professionals for your eLearning firm? In this article, I'll share 6 helpful tips for choosing the best candidates for the job.

How To Find The Right eLearning Professionals For Your eLearning Firm

As Steve Jobs once said: "Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people". To achieve success and make your eLearning firm thrive, you need a group of eLearning professionals who share your vision. They must be able to communicate clearly, collaborate effortlessly, and commit to the process, even if it means working tirelessly to achieve the desired outcome. Here are 6 tips for finding the right eLearning professionals for your organization.

1. eLearning Portfolios Should Be A Top Priority

A candidate's eLearning portfolio is going to give a good idea of what they have to offer, such as the eLearning skills they possess and their specialties. Request all applicants to submit their eLearning portfolios up front and carefully review their past eLearning projects, references, and work samples. Take some notes as you look them over, focusing on their skill sets and talents. Those who make the grade earn a spot on the eLearning interview list. If there have any questions after viewing the eLearning portfolio send them an email to clear things up, which also gives you the chance to gauge their communication skills.

2. Clearly Define The eLearning Job Description

If you want the right person for the eLearning job you need to be clear about what that job is. Otherwise, you may end up with a multitude of candidates that don't meet your organization's needs. Before you start the vetting process you must create a succinct description of eLearning skills, qualities, and experience that you are looking for. This should also include the job responsibilities and expectations. Ideally, everyone who applies for the position must know what they are vying for and if the eLearning job is a good match for them. If some of the candidates request more information about the position, this is a sign that your eLearning description isn't clear enough. So, use this as a valuable feedback tool and revise the wording or add more to clarify.

3. Put Their Skills To The Test

Some of your prospects may have amazing eLearning portfolios and wow you during the eLearning interview, but do they really have what it takes to be your new hire? When in doubt, evaluate their eLearning skills by asking them to complete a basic eLearning project, such as designing an eLearning activity or eLearning course module. After they deliver, ask them some questions about their work process, any problems they encountered along the way, and how they overcame them, and what eLearning authoring tools they used. This gives you a good indication of how they use the skills, knowledge, and resources that are available to them. You should also create a list of must-have eLearning skills that your ideal employee should possess and use this as a rubric throughout the vetting process.

4. Look For Individuals With A Passionate Purpose

Unfortunately, there are certain candidates who may not have their heart in the game, so to speak. They don't give too much thought to instructional design models and theories or learning behaviors, and the job is just a job. You need passionate eLearning professionals on your eLearning team who are going to bring enthusiasm, optimism, and excitement to your eLearning firm. During the eLearning interview, ask questions that center on why they are in the eLearning profession and what motivates them. Why are they interviewing for the eLearning job to begin with, and what do they hope to get out of it? Are they just doing it for the money, or do they actually care about creating amazing eLearning experiences?

5. Bring Your eLearning Team Into The Fold

Your eLearning dream team key players are the ones who will be working with the candidate, if they are chosen. Get them onboard by inviting them to sit in during the eLearning interview or conducting an interview of their own. Allow them to submit questions for the job application. Ask for their honest opinions before you make the final decision. You must also ensure that the new hire is going to mesh well with your current eLearning team. Do they have a personality that aligns with your corporate learning culture? Do they know how to communicate and collaborate effectively? Are they eLearning team players who can both lead and follow?

6. Develop A Multi-Step eLearning Interview Process

One eLearning job interview may not be sufficient, especially if you are hiring for a long-term position or there are multiple qualified applicants. If this is the case, then it may be time to develop a multi-step interview process that includes three or four eLearning interviews with different supervisors or managers. Each person has the opportunity to ask their own set of questions and get their own impression of the candidate. When all of the interviews are wrapped up, sit down with all of the interviewers and compare notes. Another option is interviewing the candidate and then inviting them back for another interview if you're still unsure. Once you narrow it down to a handful of applicants you can conduct a third round of eLearning interviews to make your final pick.

These 6 tips can help you choose the best eLearning professional for the task. Just remember that building the perfect eLearning team may take time, so plan on conducting a number of eLearning interviews and perusing a variety of eLearning portfolios to find a perfect fit for your eLearning team. All the effort will be worth it when you have a winning workforce by your side.

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