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9 Free Human Resources Software Programs To Try

9 Free Human Resources Software Programs To Try
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Summary: If you are interested in seeing if Human Resources software programs could work for your company, you may find that experimenting with some of the free software available a useful exercise. In the process, you may even find a system that works well for you. This is more likely to happen if your company is small and your needs are fairly straightforward.

Human Resources Software: 9 Free Programs To Try

Before we get started, let's be clear as to what a Human Resources software program actually is. A Human Resources management software is anything that combines Human Resources functions including payroll, employee recruitment, performance analysis, training etc. The purpose is to organize and simply the way human resource individuals get their work done. It allows for more efficiency and effectiveness. The problem for many Human Resources individuals is that they do not have the budget for a expensive software, so here's a list of 9 free software systems you can easily access:

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1. HRtrack

If your company has no more than 10 employees, HRtrack is offered to you free by the Candian Frim First Reference. It will run easily on your desktop computer and looks a lot like Outlook. The advantages are that it tracks a lot of useful things like employee training, vacations, performance, and benefits. Its calendar integrates with Microsoft Outlook, and that can be very useful as well. For Canadian firms it is a plus, because it has province compliance information. The downside is that this software is older than a lot of systems on the market today. Because it is installed, it is workable just from that one computer, and that may be inconvenient for many Human Resources workers on the go. A huge trend is also mobile accessibility, and this obviously will not support that.

2. CollaBrill 

CollaBrill is a cloud-based human resources system out of India and is free for up to 19 users (it's $1 a month per user for more than 19). It has modules for payroll, leave and attendance, and employee management. Because it is cloud-based, it has little setup and installation issues. The fact that it will allow 19 users is great for new startups, since a lot of the free systems cut off at 10. But there is always a catch. The payroll module is currently just set up for India, so it may not work for you now. It also has no extras like task management or recruitment.

3. Sleek

Sleek is a good system for a very small company, since it is only free for up to five employees. It is cloud-based and includes features like mobile access, payroll, performance management, vacation and time-off tracking, and onboarding.

4. Apptivo

Apptivo, free for small firms (up to three users), is a collection of cloud-based apps as opposed to just one product. That's not a bad thing if you want to cherry-pick the services you need. It has the standard programs like recruitment, vacation tracking, and employee information. But a lot of the apps are not HR oriented, so don't expect the same amount of specialization that you might get with some other systems.

5. HR.my

HR.my is one of the best free systems offering essentials like payroll processing, leave management, and employee self-service. It is run by a company called Chrusanth Software out of Malaysia and is a web-based system. Because it is used to garner interest and traffic to the company's paid tools, it is likely that it will remain free for quite some time.

6. Zenefits 

A totally free Human Resources software program, Zenefits has both onboarding and off boarding, payroll, and vacation tracking among other services. It too is likely to remain free for some time since the firm makes its money if you decide to use their software to manage your benefits. They then get paid by the benefits companies. This software is also one of the better free systems available.

7. FreeHR 

FreeHR is interesting because it does not limit the number of users or the length of time you use it. It is web-based and run by Isys, a company based in the United Kingdom. It has a lot of premium features that you can add to it for a fee. It is cloud-based and can easily be accessed from mobile. Its employee self-service component is particularly effective. However, the free part does not include programs for payroll or recruiting.

8. SimpleHRM

If you decide to check SimpleHRM out, note that there is a free version for small and medium sized businesses as well as a professional edition that requires payment. It is a good program for small businesses, since it looks good and has lots of bonuses like travel and expense claims, leave management, and general employee information. It is an open source program.

9. BoostHQ

BoostHQ is a little different from all the rest, since this Human Resources software is a web and phone app that helps you share links and files on topics that matter. If a Human Resources individual wants to collaborate and get feedback from everyone at work, they can use Boost. Boost essentially enhances productivity and allows for real-time discussions on content. Since the discussions are not a top-down approach, everyone on your team can add content and share things they think are important.