B2B Lead Generation: 4 Must-Have Elements Of A Good eBook For eLearning Marketers

4 Must-Have Elements Of A Good eBook
Summary: One of the most essential elements of an eBook is to be useful to its readers, and engaging enough to keep them reading. However, the definition of "good" is rather broad. In this article, I'll share 4 top-notch elements your eBook must have to be worth the download.

Which Are The Most Important Elements Of A Good eBook For B2B Lead Generation

The secret to success for any eBook can be summed up in two words. Be good. Defining exactly what “good” means is a little bit more complicated, though [1]. Your eBook has to be useful to its readers and engaging enough to keep them reading, but creating an eLearning eBook that meets the "be good" standard isn’t as straightforward as you might expect.

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A good eBook speaks with the authority of an expert but the tone of a friend. It influences readers by providing clarity on a subject. It doesn't just try to persuade them to agree with an opinion. Write an eBook that does these things and does them well. Forget about constraints like the length or the number of chapters. And make sure you aren't just trying to use your eBook to make a sales pitch.

Instead, focus on what your eBook absolutely must have. Each chapter should offer helpful information that’s easy to digest and understand. Work to convey this information in a lively way that guides readers and makes it easy for them to transition from one chapter to the next.

The big picture is to make readers feel like your eBook was worth the read and worth the download!

Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

Taking on a project as big as an eBook, even a relatively short one requires time. It’s best to approach it as several individual projects, like writing each chapter as a separate blog post. However, keep in mind that when you bring them all together in the end, they have to remain consistent in both message and style. Use our tips for structuring your eBook to ensure each chapter includes these essential elements.

1. High-Quality, Informative Conversations

The quality of writing is the most important component of a good eBook, and one of the most challenging. Every sentence and infographic you add should be insightful, meaningful, and educational. There’s little room for error when it comes to writing your eBook well, so make sure readers feel like it was worth giving their email address or contact information.

Remember, also, to deliver your content in such a way that makes readers feel like you're having a conversation with them. Even the most relevant information can come off as dry and uninteresting if you don’t deliver it to your audience in a relatable, human tone [2].

2. Backlinks To Relevant Resources

When good, high-quality writing draws your readers in, you can make the most of the other key elements in your eBook, like backlinks. If you’ve structured your content properly, you should also already have enough SEO research to pinpoint the right keywords to use, and you can then incorporate them into chapter titles and subheadings throughout.

Also, link relevant words and phrases back to appropriate resources on your website, such as landing pages and blog posts. If it feels natural and appropriate include links to your product pages, too, so readers can learn more about the solutions you offer. Then, monitor engagement with these links after your eBook goes live to see which ones readers interact with most.

3. References And Links To Other Gated Content

Studies show that about 80% of the most valuable assets in B2B inbound marketing are gated [3]. So while blog posts and product pages are great links to include in your eBook, their value isn't as high as the value of content that readers can't immediately access. Because readers have to provide you with information to download your eBook, giving them access to other gated content in the eBook itself will boost its value exponentially.

Include references and links to your own gated content like webinars, whitepapers, mini-courses, other eBooks you've published, and more. These generally have high conversion rates because the audience that accesses them is already interested in what you have to say. Readers don’t want to hear another sales' pitch, but they do want the substantial value that comes from gaining access to exclusive information.

4. Clear, Strong Calls To Action

While no part of your eBook should sound like you're trying to make a sale, readers want to know what they should do with the information they’ve digested. In spite of this, a surprising majority of websites lack a Call-To-Action, which studies show has a notably negative impact on conversion rates and relationships with customers [4]. Avoid that mistake by crafting thoughtful, appropriate CTAs at the end of each chapter.

Like the rest of the content in your eBook, your CTAs shouldn’t be chock-full of jargon, condescending, or boring. They should relate to what the reader just read, explain the value in taking action based on that, and then be clear as to what that action entails. Choose your words carefully, and stick to a similar formula for each CTA you write for the sake of consistency.

How good, or great, your eBook is will be determined by how many people download. Also, by how much engagement and interaction the content generates. Work to make it good from the start. As you compose each chapter and bring all of the completed pieces together, be sure they include all of the elements that help an eBook "be good."

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