6 Best Practices For Formatting eLearning Event Announcements

How To Format eLearning Event Announcements

An eLearning event acts as a virtual invite for your target audience. eLearning professionals from all over the globe can read about your upcoming eLearning seminar, workshop, webinar, or conference. But how do you ensure that your eLearning event announcement is seen by the masses and passes the review process? Here are the 5 best practices that can help you formatting eLearning event announcements, even if this is your first time promoting a function.

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1. Include The Essentials

All eLearning event announcements should contain the following formatting basics:

  • Attention-Grabbing Title
    A concise title that pulls readers in and highlights your "main attraction". For example, the primary benefit of attending your eLearning event and how it can improve the reader’s life. This should be a maximum of 15 words. Keep it clear, succinct, and intriguing.
  • Brief Introduction
    A 100 words or less description of the topics you’ll discuss during the eLearning event. You should also mention the name of the host, notable guest speakers, and other pertinent details. This is a concise summary to get readers hooked so that they want to learn more.
  • eLearning Event Highlights
    Now is the time to provide a detailed explanation of your eLearning event. Highlight the benefits attendees can expect to receive and elaborate on your discussion topics. Cap it off with a compelling question or call to action that prompts readers to click on your site link. The goal is to get them to your sign up page while the excitement is still fresh. This should be a maximum of 400 words.
  • Location And Date
    The date, time, and physical location of your eLearning event. If it’s being held online, include the site URL and further instructions. For example, specify that attendees will receive a link to the webinar a week before the eLearning event.
  • Relevant Image
    Make it visual by adding an image, such as your company logo or a picture that showcases a past eLearning event.
  • Contact Info
    Include all of the essential contact details, including the website URL where they can sign up and toll free numbers. You should also mention the name of the coordinator or host. This gives attendees a direct contact if they have any questions or concerns. If you are hosting an eLearning event at a physical location, include the address and contact info for the venue.

2. Keep It Clear And Concise

People only have a limited amount of time to gather the information and determine if the eLearning event is right for them. As such, you need to keep your eLearning event clear, concise, and specific. Ideally, your target word count should be between 300 and 800 words. This leaves little room for exaggerations, sales gimmicks, and technical jargon. Once you've completed the rough draft of your eLearning event announcement, read it aloud and search for sticking points. These are the areas of your eLearning event that seem out of place or irrelevant. For example, you don't need to disclose the complete backstory of your guest speaker. Just give readers the need-to-know information and direct them to the website where they can learn more. This also helps drive traffic to your site and highlight additional benefits that you left out of the eLearning event announcement.

3. Avoid Special Characters

eLearning events should be free of HTML tags, line breaks, tables, and other special characters. You should also avoid capitalizing complete words or phrases and excessive use of exclamation points. Remember, it's not a sales gimmick. It's an open invitation. Another faux pas is using email addresses in the body of the eLearning event announcement. If you do need to include an email contact, follow this formatting example: name (at) service (dot) com.

4. Double Check Your Links

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to sign up for an eLearning event, only to realize that the link is no longer active. Before submitting your eLearning event, ensure that all your links are active and relevant. They should also contain suitable extensions, which are: jpeg, png, gif, tiff, bmp, pdf, doc*,xl*, ps, rtf, ppt, mpeg, mp3, or mov. There's one more word of warning regarding links: use them in moderation. An eLearning event should only include 2 links maximum.

5. Categorize It

Along with the key details of your eLearning event, you must also specify its category. These are the types of eLearning event announcements that you can post through eLearning Industry:

Choosing the best category makes it easy for readers to find your eLearning event. If your eLearning event doesn't fall into any of these categories, feel free to contact the eLearning events team for more information.

6. Proofread it

Reviewing and editing your eLearning event is the final, and most important, formatting step. The eLearning events editorial team doesn't proofread or revise any submission. Thus, you must ensure that your eLearning event announcement is free of grammar and spelling errors, and adheres to the formatting guidelines. In fact, consider enlisting the aid of a friend or colleague to review your eLearning event. They can look at with fresh eyes and a non-bias perspective. This helps to ensure that your post is published without a hitch so that you can start spreading the word. Finally, plan on submitting your eLearning event at least a few weeks before the function. This gives readers an opportunity to rearrange their schedules and get prepared.

eLearning event announcements sets the stage for your entire function. It tells attendees exactly what they need to know to make their final decision and highlights all of the key benefits. So, follow these 6 best practices to create an effective eLearning event that improves your exposure.

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