Why Your eLearning Company Needs Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing Is A Marketing Strategy Your eLearning Company Needs

Lead nurturing is crucial to any B2B marketing strategy. This means that you can create an effective strategy for your eLearning business as well. Even though much of our marketing training would have us believe that eLearning buyers simply encounter a business, that’s usually not the case. There’s a lot more happening before prospects decide to make a purchasing leap. Most potential buyers need a lot of guidance, reassurance, and reminders to finally feel sure enough about an eLearning product. The above, if done strategically, can lead eLearning prospects to pull out their debit cards and make a purchase.

What’s more, this period of lead nurturing is when consumers are swayed in more ways than one. This is when your eLearning brand can romance buyers, get to know them, and prime them for future interactions. In short, it’s a process of building loyalty, not just for a single eLearning product but for your company as a whole.

That’s why, according to Forrester, companies that focus on a solid lead nurturing strategy generate 50% more sales leads [1]. It’s also why, conversely, 79% of marketing leads never convert if they’re not nurtured well enough.

eBook Release: Why Lead Nurturing Is A Must-Try Strategy To Turn Prospects Into eLearning Buyers
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Why Lead Nurturing Is A Must-Try Strategy To Turn Prospects Into eLearning Buyers
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7 Steps Of An Effective Process To Turn Leads Into eLearning Buyers

With every individual lead needing a different courtship ritual, how can you develop a lead nurturing strategy that is tailored to each lead? But most importantly, how can you make it deliver a good return on your investment? Implement these 7 steps for your eLearning business:

1. Set Up A Clear Strategy

Even though it sounds like a very soft skill, lead nurturing has to be treated like any other part of your strategic plan. Setting goals, tracking success metrics, and adjusting actions to garner better responses will be instrumental to investing wisely in it. This means finding out what’s valuable to consumers during each interaction with your eLearning brand. By using that insight you can give them valuable eLearning content at the right time.

2. Understand Lead Nurturing Platforms

One of the biggest hurdles in adopting a lead nurturing strategy is the need to include new tools and platforms into your workday. Automation can be hugely beneficial for eLearning brands that are wanting to methodize their strategy. According to HubSpot, companies that use marketing automation software for nurturing discover 400% more qualified leads. When you come to grips with lead nurturing platforms, you can free up your team to think creatively and form real relationships. The above is vital for creating a strategy that brings results for your eLearning business.

3. Use eLearning Content To Win Over Leads

Leads are exposed to endless stimuli as they browse and buy online. The same goes for leads who might be understandably suspicious of eLearning brands that appear too pushy. But if your brand can use eLearning content skillfully, you can make your lead nurturing strategy a success. Crafting eLearning material that speaks directly to leads and engaging them with genuinely helpful advice is crucial. This can be a significant differentiator when it comes to increasing the revenue of your eLearning business.

4. Segment Leads For Tailored Nurturing

Every lead you approach is different, with a different set of needs, desires, biases, and challenges. Although you can’t create a brand-new campaign for every individual, you can use the technology at your disposal to segment your audience into meaningful groupings [2]. Doing so can help deliver targeted messages that are more likely to break through the noise and bring your eLearning business in front.

5. A/B Test Your Campaign

An effective lead nurturing strategy depends on your ability to track interactions with your ideal eLearning buyers. You need to perform tests regarding your content marketing efforts and move the needle on your ROI. That means creating different versions of parts of your campaign is vital. To accomplish this you need to test them on groups of leads. Adjusting your strategy based on the results of those experiments is key [3]. Your eLearning brand can benefit a lot from this. Mostly because you’ll be able to optimize your eLearning content and your campaigns.

6. Calculate ROI

Without an awareness of ROI, you’ll only garner a portion of lead nurturing’s value. ROI helps you see when your lead nurturing campaign is working and when it’s not. This strategy can be instrumental to overall ROI, too, because they spend more. You can also take advantage of those who spread the word more. The above will help you develop ongoing loyalty regarding your eLearning brand. Making your leads your biggest fans should be your main goal. However, to accomplish this you need to offer them valuable eLearning content that solves their pain-points.

7. Use Past Performance To Improve Future Lead Nurturing Strategies

Although lead nurturing is, in part, about romancing your future eLearning buyer, it’s a strategy that depends on methodology rather than intuition. eLearning marketers must be able to pin their nurturing down to key actions. They should gather data from those actions, and then track the data points that are meaningful to each lead [4].

With these seven steps, you'll be well on your way to using lead nurturing in a structured, testable way. Thus, creating a strategy that can increase your eLearning brands revenue.


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