Never Run Out Of Ideas: A Guide For SaaS Marketers On What To Write About

Never Run Out Of Ideas: A Guide For SaaS Marketers On What To Write About
Summary: SaaS content writing has emerged as a frontrunner in spreading brand awareness and driving lead generation and conversion rates. But what should you write about? Find out which types of content attract audiences and improve your business's performance.

The Benefits Of Investing In SaaS Content Writing

Figuring out which topic to tackle can be tricky for many marketers, but there are plenty of SaaS content writing examples from which you can draw inspiration. While paid advertising may seem like an easy way to promote your SaaS company, it is not a cost-effective strategy that benefits you in the long run. On the other hand, implementing content writing in your strategic marketing plan can help you generate organic traffic and increase engagement and visibility.

How exactly does content increase sales? Your material isn't a direct sales pitch that tries to grab purchases aggressively. Its initial aim is to educate audiences on trending topics and common challenges in your industry. Through thought leadership, you must showcase expertise and propose ways to solve ordinary yet tricky pain points. Therefore, audiences can see how your product or service can actively assist them. But don't ask them to purchase something right away. Include a free trial or a demo in your content marketing campaign so they can have a taste before deciding on buying.

Hiring experienced B2B SaaS writers is crucial for creating high-quality and SEO-optimized content that utilizes relevant keywords and phrases. As a result, your content and your brand gain a higher ranking on Google, meaning that more leads visit your website and you improve audience engagement. The more well-written and informative your material is, the more trustworthy you look to your potential clients. This works for B2B and B2C.

For instance, when it comes to B2B customers, they must feel like you are the top expert in their niche to choose your product over the competition. So, when you manage to create a resourceful and powerful B2B marketing strategy, your content pushes more decision-makers down the sales funnel. Consequently, your ROI increases significantly as these decision-makers become convinced of your product's capabilities.

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What Does An Engaging SaaS Article Look Like?

Before you even decide what to write about, you should consult your content marketing experts on SaaS content writing examples. The first step is to craft a head-turning headline that sets the tone for the rest of the article. Similarly, your introduction should be powerful and grab people's attention immediately. You want your audience to stick with you until the end. Intrigue and engagement are how you get people to buy your product. After you've found a cool idea to write about, you should exercise your storytelling talents.

Surely your tone must be formal, but you should simplify complex matters and make them easily digestible. Even the biggest experts in your field want to consume easy-flowing content instead of data-heavy material. That's why you may want to add visual elements, like graphs and illustrations, to show your company's triumphant stats. Another great tool for small business content marketing is to include social proof like customer testimonials and case studies. Nothing proves your worth more than real-life success stories. You may even ask your clients to provide you with user-generated content such as photos and videos showcasing your product in action.

Let's dive into some more examples!

15 SaaS Content Types To Include In Your B2B Writing

1. How-To Guides

One of the best topics for writing on your SaaS blog is tutorials and comprehensive guides regarding your B2B solutions and product launches. Fill your content marketing campaigns with various burning matters your target audience is thirsty to read about, and explain how you would approach these common pain points. Your content writing strategy should first focus on addressing challenges that resonate with your potential clients. Then, you must discuss the severity of these challenges if they go unattended. Finally, you should showcase how your service or product can solve such issues. You may provide step-by-step guides and possibly visual tutorials with screenshots. The more detailed your descriptions are, the more informed your audience is, and the higher the chances you have to push them down the sales funnel.

2. Comparison Blog Posts

What should you write about when one of your main goals is to stand out from your competition? Comparison guides are a wonderful SaaS content writing example, as they allow you to shine a light on your solution and highlight its advantages over similar products. Mention how superior your features, aspects, prices, and case studies are compared to other brands. This approach helps industry professionals make informed decisions and accelerate growth. However, make sure you've researched competitive products extensively. You don't want to make unfounded claims that can easily prove to be lies.

3. Case Studies

No SaaS B2B marketing guide is complete without the addition of case studies and customer testimonials. Paying customers want to hear how your product is applied to real-life cases. There is nothing better to write about than the experience of past customers who found success using your solution. So, take the time to analyze your clients' cases and provide analytics. Of course, you need to get the customers' permission to release their data. You can ask them to provide you with pictures and videos, too. This practice is great for the bottom of the sales funnel, as it actively proves how your product works and the results it produces.

4. Checklists

Those visiting your website are not only industry experts looking to make a purchase. Your B2B audience is probably comprised of startups that want to get information regarding the first steps of building their business. Creating comprehensive checklists is one of the easiest ways for B2B marketing strategies to reach a diverse audience. Also, they are less competitive than long reads to rank in SERPs. So, what should you write about in your checklist article? Start from the very first steps, like identifying audiences, generating ideas, and creating a content calendar. You can proceed with steps like SEO, proofreading, determining metrics, and sharing the content.

5. Evergreen Articles

Another SaaS content writing example you should ask your B2B writers to develop is long-form evergreen content, one of the highest-converting types. That is because Google favors longer reads since they provide detailed information and have a higher value compared to listicles and short-form blog posts. They are a great addition to your small business marketing strategy and may also serve as ideas for writing an eBook if the topics prove popular with your audience. Moreover, they stay relevant for a long time and, therefore, produce a steady stream of traffic and revenue.

6. Data-Driven Content

There are two SaaS topic ideas you can write about: reports and statistics. With reports, your marketing leader performs detailed research and analysis of your B2B product's performance in your niche. This process may be time-consuming and expensive, but it increases credibility and authority. On the other hand, statistic-based blog posts gather various data from third-party sources. You don't have to do any research. You utilize high-authority websites and researchers to back your claims. Therefore, you build a strong foundation for your thought leadership.

7. Educational Content

You have abundant opportunities to do sales pitches for your product, but educational content is not the place to do that. It's the perfect SaaS content writing example to help you delve into the industry's challenges and common pain points while explaining how your B2B solution can help. Content marketing for B2B is not about making extreme claims and promising the stars. You should answer some of the most frequent questions in your niche and explain how your product can improve other businesses' daily lives. This way, you highlight your expertise while underscoring your solution's usefulness.

8. SEO-Optimized Blog Posts

Search Engine Optimization is pivotal for crafting SaaS content that ranks highly on Google and reaches vast audiences. The best marketing teams conduct in-depth research regarding your niche's most relevant and used keywords and phrases so you can incorporate them into your blog posts. It's not only about finding interesting topics to write about but also about increasing visibility. SEO can also be utilized in landing page optimization, which helps you to rank as high as possible and clients to locate your unique offerings. Make sure you craft engaging title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags. Meta descriptions should be well under 160 characters, while your headers must promote readability.

9. Current News

You may not be a reporter or journalist, but strategic marketing leadership can invest time and effort in researching local and global news stories and trending events. For instance, you may attend an industry event or conference and interview speakers regarding pressing matters. You may also write opinion pieces about international events on social or political issues that affect your industry. Take articles by the best content marketing agencies for example. They are well-researched and not overly critical of people and their decisions. You may disagree with others, but avoid creating controversy just for the sake of it.

10. Personal Experiences

Most SaaS companies make how-to guides and educational blog posts the sole focus of their B2B lead generation strategies. They are afraid to get vulnerable and discuss the troubles and obstacles they faced while starting their entrepreneurial journeys. Creating a mix of informational content and personal experiences brings much-needed authenticity and honesty. For instance, you may share how you started your business, what your budget and revenue were at first compared to now, and how you overcame various struggles. Find crafty ways to insert personal events in your educational content and briefly explain your feelings. This is not only how you become an influencer but also how you get your audience emotionally invested.

11. Solution Briefs

A wonderful content writing idea for IT companies is solution briefs, which are comprehensive summaries of your product and its capabilities. This SaaS content writing example is a mixture of case studies, comparison blog posts, and data-driven content. But let us explain further. There are thousands of solutions similar to your offering, meaning that decision-makers have difficulty choosing their provider. You can make things easier for them by explaining how your product works and providing customer testimonials along with insightful data. Don't worry about sounding salesy, as this content type aims to increase purchases anyway. If you measure your content marketing performance, you'll notice that briefs attract more leads than other forms of content.

12. Audience Brainstorms

Looking for creative ideas to write about can be tricky, and iterative testing may be needed to identify what works best for you. However, you can ask your audience directly about the topics they want to read about or the questions they have. Why don't you go on Twitter and Instagram to ask for people's burning questions? Then, you may create a blog post where you answer them. This way, you increase engagement on your social media and boost website visibility, as well as make your audience feel valued and respected.

The Role Of AI In Generating SaaS Content Ideas

A B2B company requires a continuous flow of content marketing ideas, which can prove challenging for employees' imagination. So, if you have trouble finding topics to write about, you can utilize some of the best AI marketing tools and leave it to the algorithm to come up with fresh ideas. GenAI can analyze your existing content and provide interesting writing prompts along with relevant keywords to improve your SEO.

Additionally, the algorithm can analyze your competitors' content and identify subjects they have not touched yet. Therefore, you get ahead of them and recognize trending topics. Creating timely and popular material increases viewership and solidifies you as a thought leader.

AI for business can also generate engaging headlines that capture your audience's attention. The amount of ideas GenAI can come up with should be able to fill your publication calendar for weeks—if not months—in advance, so you know what topics you have available for writing.

Key Takeaway

Before diving into SaaS content creation, all B2B content marketing strategies should carefully research their audience and identify their goals, challenges, and interests. Does your client base prefer blog posts, infographics, or case studies? Maybe you need to interview existing customers and send out surveys to everyone on your newsletter list. Depending on the readership stats of different SaaS content writing examples, you'll understand which appeals to your audience the most. Your efforts might need constant adjustments along the way, but keep pushing until you find what works best for you.

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