eBook Release: Aligning L&D With The Business To Drive Performance

Aligning L&D With The Business To Drive Performance
Summary: Don't you think it's time to shift your L&D strategy to design better learning experiences that actually bring results? Your learning strategy approach will define how your training programs affect employee performance and productivity. By reading this eBook, you can explore how successful L&D teams manage to bring results. Plus, you'll gain a better understanding of why choosing your learning solutions wisely is key to making an impact as a business.

Explore How You Can Drive Performance By Aligning Your Business Goals With Your L&D Strategy

Aligning L&D with business goals is a big challenge in modern corporations. If you are an L&D professional who wants to succeed, you need to step up your learning strategies. By following the same things over and over again, you can't start a revolution. Frankly, you can't even keep your learners engaged if you use clunky learning platforms and dusty playbooks.

eBook Release: The Definitive Guide To Aligning L&D With Your Business Goals For Higher Performance
eBook Release
The Definitive Guide To Aligning L&D With Your Business Goals For Higher Performance
Learn how to drive performance and increase productivity by aligning your business needs with your L&D.

eLearning solutions that are not a good fit for your corporation will end up distracting your learners rather than enhancing their experience. To truly justify your investment, you have to overcome L&D challenges. You have to find ways to align L&D with business goals. However, to reach this final destination you need to use the right eLearning tools.

Explore The Key Aspects Of Aligning L&D With Your Business Strategy

There is no denying that your learning strategies need to focus on creating meaningful learning experiences. By spending a fair amount of your budget on L&D, you are one step closer to achieving your dream. Of course, to justify the value of your company's training strategy, you needn't sacrifice your SMART goals.

What I mean by that is that your learning strategy has to have a purpose. Ok, you've decided to start training your employees. What are you trying to accomplish? How will your eLearning courses help employees develop skills? How can they apply what they've learned on the job? Several steps will lead you to win the end game. Here's the most important of all: You have to set your goals straight for your employee training to be successful.

When L&D and business are in alignment, success is on the way. One thing is sure: You need to offer inspiring and engaging employee training. However, you can't expect your learners to have high engagement by using a clunky platform. Plus, there are several L&D challenges you need to overcome actually to create top-performing eLearning courses. The above is precisely why you need to align L&D with business goals.

Understanding L&D Challenges And The Need To Measure What Matters

Today, organizations have clear expectations when it comes to L&D and how it affects employee performance. The way you structure training is a surefire factor that has an impact on the productivity of your workforce.

L&D is facing significant challenges today. But what can a learning professional do about it? First off, paying attention to completion and attendance is vital. Secondly, engagement always plays an important role in employee training.

Attending classroom training is not the way to go in the fast-paced, modern corporate environment. The same goes for delivering generic eLearning—it is an outdated learning approach. Shifting your focus to finding new ways to increase engagement is crucial. Such a learning strategy can lead to improving your corporate training success. Yet, we can find plenty of room for improvement in L&D.

The way people rely on devices proves that there is a need for L&D to focus on personalized and mobile learning. Though, is this enough? What any successful L&D team needs to do is to offer valuable eLearning content. But, you also have to align L&D with business goals if you want to drive performance.

Training managers have to offer guidance and support to their learners. They have to give incentives that will enhance skill development. They’ll need to create training courses that add to the User Experience. While at the same time, managing to present content that speaks to employees in the right way.

Utilizing a user-centric learning solution will give you the chance to offer content that conveys your organization’s aspirations. However, this content must also boost your learners’ ambitions. Effective L&D goes hand in hand with offering value to your learners.

About This eBook

Remember that your eLearning tools and strategies will make or break the case for your success. These are the factors that will define your employee training performance. Although the internet offers vast amounts of information, it doesn't help with specific topics. What's the use if you can find all the info you need, but you can't find something that applies to your organization?

Your employees might be searching online to unpack the secret recipe on "how to be successful in" a specific field. Why not offer them the chance to develop their skills? Why not open an opportunity for them to give back to your business by exploiting their skills development?

In this eBook, Looop explains in a clear way which steps your L&D needs to take to overcome obstacles. You will also gain insight into what you might be doing wrong with your learning strategy. Thus, it can help you build better learning experiences by focusing on the key factors that drive performance.

By reading the eBook Aligning L&D With The Business To Drive Performance, you'll learn:

  • How to explore the role of technology and its benefits for employee training
  • How the right eLearning tools can help drive performance
  • What your L&D team needs to reevaluate
  • Why L&D should show interest in personalized learning
  • Which factors you should track when it comes to analytics and reporting
  • The importance of “learning in the flow of work”
  • How L&D can measure business results
  • Which outcomes your L&D should expect regarding all stakeholders

Why Aligning L&D To A Business Strategy Can Justify Your Investment

What L&D experts need to do is to create better learning experiences that will affect productivity and performance. To make that happen for your organization, you have to learn how to create a successful L&D team. Then you have to set your business goals and use employee training to achieve results.

The eBook Aligning L&D With The Business To Drive Performance can help you build a solid learning strategy. It will guide you in the correct direction and help you avoid making wrong decisions and help you select the best eLearning solution for your needs. But also, you’ll learn which best practices to follow to overcome L&D challenges and bring results.