Are Live Online Training Sessions A Dying Art?

Are Live Online Training Sessions A Dying Art?
Summary: Online education is now the social norm and so are online training sessions. Are live training sessions a dying art or are they booming now more than ever?

Live Online Training Sessions: Is The End Near?

The whole world has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but life needs to go on and so does work. There are two types of people, those who will see only despair and tragedy during these tough times and those who are always optimistic and believe that the future will be bright after the pandemic. But both of them will get absorbed by the current scenarios and made to believe things which are not true. However, these tough times will shape humanity and set the stage for future growth. Similarly, live training classes might be a dying art, but all hope is not lost as online training videos can save the day. They do not need to be live and can be stored online for viewers to watch and learn at their convenience. Thus, we shall look at some of the drawbacks of live training sessions and how you can overcome them with online courses.

Time-Bound Activities

Live training classes are generally time-bound events and thus, this restriction puts pressure on everyone to be available at a given time. This can be managed by most people, however, during this pandemic, some might not be emotionally or physically present due to various reasons like internet connectivity or other such genuine causes and therefore they will miss out on such training. The solution to this is online video courses that are not restricted by time so that the learner can learn at their own convenience and there is no hard-and-fast time factor or pressure to be online at any specific moment.

Can Be Watched Only Once

Live training can be viewed only once and that can be a major issue for people who like to go back to specific points in a video for revision or to double-check their notes. It is not possible in a live training session, as it will be demonstrated only once and this can be problematic for some. One solution is online recorded video courses, another is to record the live training and make it available to be viewed again later. This gives the learner flexibility and makes them feel less pressured to retain everything that they have learned in one go, and they can come back and revise accordingly. This makes them feel calm and increases their retentivity as well as the effectiveness of a course.

Physical Connectivity Or Hardware Failure

Maintaining connectivity throughout the live training session is very important but it might not be possible for all. Learners might be forced to get dropped off or lose the connectivity, which will make them have to log back into the live training, which will hamper the smooth flow of learning and be nothing but a hassle for them. The solution exists in the form of course videos, where the video can be downloaded to watch it later or the user can pause it to do their work or attend to an urgent matter. They do not need to stay glued to their screens all the time and can be more relaxed in this manner, which will help their learning curve and help them perform better on assessments.

Keeping Learners Engaged Is Difficult

If a live training goes on for too long, then the learner tends to stop paying attention. Also, watching it online can cause some other notifications to pop up and that can divert their attention, as the live training cannot be paused. This can lead to loss of knowledge via the course and hence, they might miss out on some key parts of the course. If there was some urgent work during an online course video, they can pause it and tend to it. In this way, they can easily manage everything they need to. Staring at a screen for a long period of time can be stressful for many people, and this can lead to fatigue and they will not focus on their screen anymore which can hamper their learning curve.

Now you know some of the top reasons as to why live training classes are slowly becoming a dying art and how online video courses are taking the lead.

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