December 3, 2014

5 Psychology Principles That eLearning Professionals Should Know

In this article, I'll highlight 5 psychology principles that you should use before you develop your next eLearning courses. Knowing how learners acquire information and why they need such information, is the key to becoming a successful eLearning professional. Using psychology principles in eLearning courses, offers eLearning professionals the chance to take full advantage of learning behaviors when creating their next eLearning deliverable.
by Christopher Pappas
November 30, 2014

How To Choose Online Training Courses That Work

An eLearning experience within an organization is made up of several components that in collusion make or break the learning experience. An important component of this experience is the online training course itself. For an organization that depends on customized online training courses or off-the-shelf/catalog online courses for training, successful training depends on the popularity of the online training courses. Here’s how to go about choosing online training courses that work for your employees.
by Heera Edwin
November 29, 2014

7 Tools to Build Up Your School’s Online Potential - Revisited

There are so many great ways to promote your school online these days, yet parents and prospective students alike have limited resources for making informed decisions on this matter. Since the success of a school largely depends on their behavior, learning to tell your story online in order to engage becomes a sine qua non direction. Here are some revisited tools to make the most out of it.
by Alexandra Recasan