6 Benefits Of Outsourcing Leadership Development Online Training Vs. Creating In-House

6 Benefits Of Outsourcing Leadership Development Online Training Vs. Creating In-House
Summary: It may be difficult to hand over control and hire an outsourcing partner for your leadership development online training. However, there are numerous benefits it can bring to your emerging leaders, L&D staff, and the company’s bottom line.

Leadership Development Online Training: Outsourced Or In-House?

Your online training team is already pressed for time, and their to-do lists get longer by the day. Or it might be that they simply don’t have the skills or experience you need to create certain leadership support tools. There is a multitude of reasons why your organization may need to hire an eLearning content provider to fill in the gaps and stretch your budget. But what are the advantages of outsourcing leadership development online training versus creating in-house? Should you even consider an external eLearning content provider if you’re working with limited resources?

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1. External Expertise

Outsourcing allows you to temporarily bring in external expertise without putting them on your payroll. The eLearning content provider has a team of trained professionals who understand your industry and online training requirements. They’ve worked on similar projects in the past and are well-versed on the key takeaways and desired outcomes. Outsourcing partners are also aware of potential roadblocks and performance issues at play. As such, your team doesn’t have to spend a week researching the topic or try to mold themselves into design/coding gurus. They can do what they do best and leave the leadership development online training to the third-party pros.

2. Reduce Costs

You might assume that hiring an eLearning content provider would push your budget over the edge. However, it can actually help you reduce costs when you tally up all the in-house expenses. For example, you no longer have to hire an internal team for content creation, purchase eLearning authoring tools, or even enlist the aid of an SME. The outsourcing company handles all these expenses as part of the package. You must also consider the time it takes to develop resources. The payroll hours you save by outsourcing the project to a trained specialist. The secret is to create an accurate budget so that you aren’t caught off guard by unexpected fees. Such as maintenance and additional software, the vendor needs to get the job done.

3. Expedite The Development Timelines

Think of all the tasks involved in creating a leadership development online training course. From storyboarding to final revisions. The eLearning content provider knows what they’re doing. They have the necessary experience, which usually means faster turnaround times. The company may already have templates and other assets to speed up the process so that you can deploy online training content as quickly as possible. Plus, service providers tend to have a streamlined workflow. Every member of their team understands their role and expectations. So, you’re less likely to experience lengthy delays.

4. Improve Resource Allocation

You may already have resources the eLearning content provider can use in their design. Such as recorded events, demo videos, or outdated courses. They know how to rework these assets to enrich the experience and stretch your budget. However, you need to meet with them beforehand to address resource repurposing. Give them an all-access pass to your library, so they have something to work with. You should also disclose the tools you currently use, as these might come in handy. Lastly, make them aware of the LMS in your arsenal. They don’t want to create content, only to discover that it’s not a suitable format for the system. If they’re using their own LMS to host the content, ask for more details about accessibility, responsiveness, and user-friendliness.

5. Reduce L&D Department Stress Levels

Your L&D department probably has a heavy workload already. The last thing they need is another leadership development online training course to worry about. Your in-house team can cross all related tasks off their to-do list when outsourcing leadership online training. They can concentrate on their usual work duties instead of taking on yet another project. Which reduces their stress levels and makes them happier in the workplace. As a result, you retain your top L&D talent, and they stay productive. Rather than harboring hidden resentment for the higher-ups who pile too much on their plate. That said, you must ensure that the eLearning content provider works with your team. There may be times when they need to collaborate, communicate, or share resources. You don’t want personality clashes standing in the way of progress.

6. Improve Online Training ROI

All these benefits translate into one significant perk: improved online training ROI. Your organization has the opportunity to maximize resource allocation, bring in third-party experts, and make your L&D team happy to be on board. Employees get more from the experience because the content is accurate and engaging. eLearning content providers also know the best way to deliver information. Which means better knowledge retention and real-world application. The domino effect continues as employee training participants are now equipped to handle work-related challenges and lead their team to success. Since they’ve received all the online training materials, they need to build self-confidence and support their departments. As you can see, your choice of outsourcing leadership online training is a gift that keeps giving in every aspect of business operations.

Sure, there are some downsides to outsourcing leadership development online training. However, the rewards outweigh the risks. You can tap into external expertise, speed up the timeline, and even reduce expenses. Not to mention, lighten the load for your L&D team, who already has enough to worry about. Improve your ROI and stretch those resources by hiring an eLearning content provider to streamline the process and achieve your online training objectives without all the in-house roadblocks. Last, but not least, crunch the numbers and weigh all your options to ensure that outsourcing is your best bet. You may already have the internal expertise and tools you need to develop wow-worthy content.

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