7 Employee Online Training Support Resources To Add To Your Leadership Development Strategy

7 Employee Online Training Support Resources To Add To Your Leadership Development Strategy
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Summary: Your leaders support their team and offer guidance throughout the course of the workday. Don’t they deserve online training tools of their own to build skills and fill gaps autonomously?

Employee Online Training Resources For Your Leadership Development Strategy

Online training is not a one-time thing that stops when employees enter the workplace. You can’t expect employees to get all the information they need during the onboarding process. Nor does a rudimentary annual refresher suffice for experienced staff members. Particularly for emerging managers who are there to uphold company policy and help subordinates tackle complex tasks. As such, your leadership development strategy should have a few key support resources that address JIT challenges and allow for self-paced upskilling. So, what are the secret ingredients to add to your support library to reinforce knowledge and broaden real-world experience?

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1. Task Tutorials

Everyone needs help completing a task from time to time. Maybe they’re distracted by other work matters, or the next step simply slipped their mind. Thus, task tutorials are an essential leadership development tool for your team. Show them the process from start to finish, allowing them to pause and rewind to reinforce their knowledge. You should also mention any tie-in skills or secondary tasks involved. For example, they might want to check out the communication skills demo to improve their customer service performance. Invite employees to develop their own tutorials and upload them to the library to cut costs. For instance, they can reenact a sales transaction and explain every step.

2. Skill Simulations

Those communication skills don’t come easy. So, give your employees the power to hone their abilities with interactive simulations. They’re exposed to challenging customers or co-worker conflicts. Then must figure out how to apply their skills to overcome the obstacle and achieve the best outcome. It’s not necessarily about the task, but the talents that come along with it. Whether their innate abilities or those they must cultivate throughout the course of their leadership career.

3. Team Building Podcasts

Podcasts are quick and easily digestible employee online training support resources for your leadership development strategy. Produce bite-size episodes that cover various aspects of team building. From keeping open communication to collaborating with co-workers who don’t see eye to eye. Offer points to help team leaders foster a stronger sense of community and tap into group talents. As an example, this 5-minute podcast explores a handful of ways to avoid arguments and in-fighting through regular team meetings. In fact, encourage experienced leaders to guest host their own podcasts to spread the knowledge around your organization. Just make sure to give them some guidelines so that everyone knows what’s acceptable and which resources are available to them. For instance, they’re able to use the recording and editing software to produce their tip-filled episode.

4. Company Policy Infographics

Create infographics that highlight key company policies leaders need to know and/or pass on to their employees. For example, a graphic covers 5 dress code rules that every staffer must follow. It also details the negative repercussions if employees continually violate those rules. Such as a verbal warning on the first violation and so on. You should also specify why the dress code is so important to your organization. These are all depicted with images and text blocks that are quick to consume. Infographics are great for task walkthroughs and new hire orientation recaps.

5. Compliance Demos

Video demos are the ideal vehicle for compliance online training in your leadership development because they provide a visual example. Leaders can see how the rule, or regulation, plays out in the real world. How they can encourage employees to adhere to policies without singling them out. As well as play by the same rules as others to stay safe on the job and avoid penalties. Because team leaders aren’t just accountable for themselves. They must also ensure that their subordinates understand compliance issues and know they fit into regular work duties. So, produce brief demos that show them the ropes and help them avoid common mistakes. Include links to supplemental resources they can use to broaden their knowledge.

6. Experiential Learning Games

Serious games are a favorite among employees because they lighten the tone and give employee training participants the power to apply what they’ve learned. It’s entertaining, engaging, and motivational. This is a perfect combination of leadership development. The key is to focus on experiential learning so that employees know the context of their online training. They’re able to advance through levels as they deal with customer complaints, identify hidden talent, and settle a co-worker conflict. It’s all about experiencing the emotions and challenges that come with the leadership title. They interact with various personas to bolster their confidence and prepare for everyday problems that managers face. You can even incorporate other game mechanics, such as badges and points. Which rewards employee training participants for their efforts and provides discreet feedback.

7. Pop Quizzes

Offer team leaders the chance to test their knowledge and disclose personal areas for improvement. Pop quizzes as employee online training support resources should be quick and topic-centered. For example, a quiz features 10 questions that test their new hire onboarding know-how. Are they aware of the onboarding process? Do they know which courses or activities new employees must complete to prove their proficiency? You can also use pop quizzes to assess their task mastery, skill application, and teamwork abilities.

Support is the crux of successful leadership development programs because top talent needs reinforcement and knowledge refreshers to stay at the top. Tutorials, simulations, and quizzes allow them to spot areas for improvement and address them discreetly. The more they know and the more they hone their skills, the more they can contribute to the team. Thus, leadership online training support benefits every member of your organization, from new hires to higher-ups.

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