Bespoke eLearning: The Ultimate Corporate eLearning Trend

Bespoke eLearning: The Ultimate Corporate eLearning Trend
Summary: Is bespoke eLearning truly the best option? Will it help your organization achieve the desired outcome without putting you over your corporate eLearning budget? In this article, I'll highlight the benefits of this corporate eLearning trend and I'll offer tips for choosing the ideal bespoke eLearning solution.

Why Bespoke eLearning Is The Ultimate Corporate eLearning Trend

Bespoke eLearning gives you the ability to create fully customized online training content for your corporate eLearning program. There's no need to add graphic designers, Subject Matter Experts, and other eLearning professionals to the payroll. Third-party vendors handle every aspect of the development process from start to finish. This comes at a cost, but many organizations find that the high-quality finished product is worth every dollar. Here are the 4 top benefits of bespoke eLearning, as well as 6 tips to choose the right vendor.

4 Benefits Of Bespoke eLearning

1. Aligns With Brand Image

Bespoke eLearning can incorporate your logo, color palette, and brand message. The vendor may even be able to create a customized template for your organization. This allows you to develop additional online training materials that reflect your brand image.

2. Long-Term Cost Reduction

Many out-of-the-box corporate eLearning options require up-front fees, as well as ongoing maintenance costs. For example, licensing fees that you must renew on an annual basis. Bespoke eLearning gives you outright ownership of your corporate eLearning content. There are no subscriptions or upgrades to take a bite out of your corporate eLearning budget.

3. Improves Employee Engagement

Bespoke eLearning creates personalized online training experiences for your employees. Employees get the individualized online training they require, which increases engagement and motivation. They know that the online training they receive aligns with their goals. As such, they are more likely to actively participate and get the most benefit.

4. Empowers Organizations

There are typically three options to choose from. You can either purchase an off-the-shelf corporate eLearning program that takes a one-size-fits-all approach. You can develop your eLearning in house, which means hiring full-time staff and purchasing additional authoring tools, or you can opt for a bespoke eLearning outsourcing strategy. Better still, you don't have to expand your staff or pay out-of-pocket for eLearning authoring tools. With bespoke eLearning, your organization is able to take charge and provide direct input. You can also draw on the expertise of your bespoke vendor.

6 Tips To Choose The Right Bespoke eLearning Solution

1. Research ALL Your Options

There are a number of bespoke eLearning content providers. Therefore, you'll need to do a fair bit of research in order to find the best match for your organization. It's wise to identify your needs, expectations, and online training requirements beforehand. For example, how much customization do you really need? Do you plan on modifying an off-the-shelf solution or starting from scratch? Get input from your eLearning team and take stock of your current online resources. This can help you determine exactly what you're looking for and how much you're willing to spend.

2. Schedule Interviews With Your Top Candidates

Once you have your list of top candidates, it's time to schedule interviews and ask the right questions. If they are remote, you may have to arrange video conferences or send out questionnaires. Ask them about their past experience, such as eLearning projects they've worked on. Inform them of the scope of your eLearning project and then ask how they might tackle your training pain points. Above all else, request their eLearning portfolio beforehand and then formulate a series of questions based on their past works. For example, why did they use a particular online resource? Or how long did it take them to develop the branching scenario? This is also your opportunity to clarify your expectations, such as how often you want to communicate.

3. Consider The Online Resources And Tools Involved

Certain bespoke eLearning vendors provide all of the necessary online tools and resources you'll need for your online training, while others require you to purchase software that you'll use to host your online training content. In some cases, you may need to acquire a Learning Management System to manage, track, and monitor your corporate eLearning course. It's important to address this topic during your interview so that you can plan ahead. For example, purchase additional online tools you need or opt for a vendor who already supplies the software.

4. Specialist vs. Generalist: Which Is Right For You?

Some bespoke eLearning vendors specialize in certain niches, while others are generalists. Are you looking for a provider who already knows your industry? Do you need to create specific online training materials, such as compliance online training courses or online tutorials? Is there a bespoke eLearning provider who is known for their stellar copywriting abilities or graphic design expertise?

5. Request An Itemized Estimate

Bespoke eLearning is an investment. Which is why it's essential to ask for a detailed quote before you select the ideal vendor. The estimate should include the time it will take to develop your corporate eLearning course, the resources involved, and what the package includes. For example, will you be able to contact them if you encounter a glitch after the course launch?

6. Does The Bespoke eLearning Provider Offer Revisions?

There are times when things don't go according to plan. You deploy your brand new corporate eLearning program, only to discover that it doesn't live up to expectations. The problem is that you just put time and resources into the process. So, is the vendor willing to make the necessary changes, or does that come at a cost? In addition, are they able to deploy a testing phase to detect issues before the big launch? A test round also gives you the opportunity to obtain employee feedback and ensure that everything is in working order.

Bespoke eLearning seems to be a corporate eLearning trend that's here to stay. Organizations large and small are seeing the benefits of customization. As such, the industry is growing by leaps and bounds every year. Use this article as a guide in order to choose the best bespoke eLearning solution for your needs and your corporate eLearning budget.

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