Developing Custom eLearning: 7 Benefits For Your Organization

Developing Custom eLearning: 7 Benefits For Your Organization
Summary: A significant percentage of your organization’s budget goes into employee development. So, why not make the most of your resources by developing custom eLearning and provide your corporate learners with an online training experience that truly benefits them and offers the best ROI. In this article, I’ll discuss why and how custom eLearning development benefits your organization and improves employees’ performance.

Custom eLearning Development Benefits For Your Organization

No matter how many employees you have on the payroll or what your specific training needs may be, custom eLearning development offers a wide range of benefits. One of the most notable advantages of opting for custom training over pre-made eLearning courses is a measurable boost in employee performance. This is the primary reason why so many businesses are now building their online training courses from the ground-up. In this article, I’ll highlight 7 benefits of developing custom eLearning for your organization in order to maximize the effectiveness of your online training.

  1. Focuses on key skill sets and subject matter.
    Rather than using a pre-built online course that covers a wide range of skills and topics, you can develop custom eLearning that caters to the specific needs of your corporate learners. For example, if your customer service associates need to learn how to carry out basic POS transactions, you can create scenarios that feature your particular check-out system, and integrate company-specific procedures and processes. This gives your employees the chance to gather the information they need and master the tools they will be using on a daily basis.
  2. Gives employees access to information when and where they need it.
    With custom eLearning development, training no longer has to take place during set hours or in a specific location. Performance development can happen whenever and wherever the employees need it, even on-the-go. You can customize your online training resources to provide employees with reference guides, scenarios, tutorials and other multimedia elements that allow them to access information quickly and conveniently. For instance, if you need to give your mobile sales team a way to brush up on company policies or interactive manuals they can use to complete purchase orders, this is all possible if you develop custom eLearning.
  3. Ties into real world benefits and applications.
    To offer your corporate learners real value your online training course must definitely tie into real world situations. Create customized eLearning courses to teach them how to apply the knowledge they have learned when they leave the virtual classroom. Also emphasize the benefits they can expect to receive by actively participating. Custom eLearning courses give you the ability to check all of these boxes, so that your employees can immediately see why they should take the online course and how the knowledge will be useful to them on-the-job. They can also participate in custom tailored activities that pertain to work related tasks and processes, which enables them to fine tune their skills and expand their knowledge base.
  4. Personalization creates an all-important emotional connection.
    Developing custom eLearning courses allows organizations to integrate stories, real world examples and other elements that create an emotional connection with their corporate learners. Rather than reading through generic eLearning content or participating in scenarios that are not relevant for their specific learning needs, employees can feel immersed in the training process. They can feel connected to the subject matter and understand why it is important for them to absorb the information, which helps them to more effectively develop their skills and broaden their professional knowledge.
  5. Improves knowledge retention and information recall.
    Developing custom eLearning courses also leads to improved knowledge retention, thanks to the fact that corporate learners are more likely to remember emotionally-centered training experiences which they find relevant and relatable. Thus, they will be able to recall information while at work, and perform their job responsibilities to the best of their ability, given that they have committed the subject matter to their long term memory. In fact, organizations can make custom online training experiences even more memorable by creating eLearning courses for specific job skills or departments. Instead of asking every employee to participate in a “one size fits all” course, you can develop personalized eLearning courses that offer them key pieces of information they will need while performing their work duties.
  6. Brand integration sets expectations.
    Custom eLearning development can also be customized to include branding, which creates an even deeper connection with your corporate learners and makes them aware of the company’s expectations. In most cases, your employees are the “face” of the organization. They are the individuals who help your customers and clients on a daily basis and serve as representatives for your brand. Participating in online training courses that clearly convey your message and image gives your employees the ability to align their work behaviors with company expectations. For example, if you stress the importance of customer service throughout your custom eLearning course, your employees will know that excellent customer care is one of their top priorities.
  7. Cuts down on training time.
    Custom eLearning development provides you with the opportunity to create online training courses that can be completed in a fraction of the time, while still improving employee performance. This is due to the fact that employees no longer have to sit through eLearning courses that contain an abundance of unnecessary information, as it is often the case with pre-built online courses. Your eLearning content can be customized to include only what they need to know, based upon their particular learning needs and the desired results, as defined by the learning objectives of the eLearning course. This means they can get back to their other job responsibilities more quickly, without having to worry about lengthy online training courses setting them back.

Custom eLearning development can offer your employees the information and specific skill sets they need to boost their performance and ensure that your organization is making the most of its online training.

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