6 Tips To Use Mobile Performance Support For Your Sales Team

6 Tips To Use Mobile Performance Support For Your Sales Team
Summary: Regardless of whether you're the CEO of a Fortune 500 or the proud owner of a small local business, giving your sales team the mobile performance support it needs, offers a variety of lucrative advantages. In this article, I'll offer insight into how you can use mobile performance support to boost your company's sales.

How To Use Mobile Performance Support For Your Sales Team

With an increasing number of employees now using their mobile devices on-the-job, it seems only natural to integrate mobile performance support into your corporate learning and development strategy. But how do you offer your sales department the information and skills they need to boost sales and improve customer satisfaction, without spending a lot of money or time in the process? Creating a mobile performance support plan for your organization that offers the best ROI doesn't have to be a headache. Here are a few tips that can help you to get the most out of your training and development budget by offering your sales force the tools they need to seal the deal and improve your company's bottom line.

  1. Determine your performance goals in advance.
    The first, and arguably most important step, in developing a successful mobile performance support strategy for your sales team is to figure out what you hope to achieve, by assessing your performance goals. What exactly do you want to accomplish with your mobile performance support training or tools? Be as specific as possible, and ask yourself what your sales team truly needs. Do you want them to boost their sales figures? Do they need to know about the specs of your new products? Once you identify a clear goal, figure out what steps you need to take in order to reach this goal, as this will allow you to develop your mobile performance support strategy.
  2. Opt for features and functions ideally suited for your own business needs.
    There are a lot of mobile performance support solutions available today, and each one offers its own unique set of benefits. However, if you truly want to get the most out of your mobile training strategy, then you'll want to find the one that offers the specific functions and features that your organization needs. You might have heard about a tool with myriads of features and capabilities, but are all these necessary to your sales team, or can you opt for a less expensive mobile tool to get the job done? To choose the perfect tools, assess the specific challenges facing your sales force today, and its current objectives.
  3. Do your research to address their moments of need.
    The thing that you need to keep in mind when developing your mobile performance support strategy is that it's all about the moment of need. Rather than focusing on creating a lifelong learning experience, simply concentrate on the issues that your team will need to be remedied during a typical work day. Figure out what they will need to learn during their moment of need, such as when they are meeting with a client or delivering a sales pitch to a customer. This will allow you to design activities, learning materials, and resources that cater to their specific needs and offer them the timely information they require at critical points in time. Develop quick and concise, but still highly informative,  bite sized learning modules, that would, for example, cater to busy adult learners, that give them a rapid understanding of key ideas or product data, or a 5 minute scenario that walks them through a job related task.
  4. Periodically assess your sales team.
    Your mobile performance support strategy is only going to be effective if you can see the results. To measure your results, why not periodically assess your sales force by developing regular knowledge checks or by tracking employees' stats. While a boost in sales can give you an indication that your mobile performance support strategy is working, being able to monitor the progress of each member of your sales force and to verify that they each have the knowledge and skills they need can further enhance your profit margins. Ask them to complete a quiz that gauges their understanding of a new product line, or check your stats to see which employees are actually using the program and how often they are using it.
  5. Continually update your mobile performance support system.
    This tip is particularly important for organizations who may have products, services, or even certain compliance regulations that are constantly changing. For instance, if your company offers a new line of products every season, you will want to ensure that your sales force stays up-to-date and has all of the information they need to keep your customers informed. For compliance training, making sure that your employees know about the latest rules or state-enforced regulations can help you to avoid penalties and fees.
  6. Choose eLearning tools that supports a wide range of platforms/devices.
    Chances are, the members of your sales team don't all own the same mobile device or tablet. As such, you'll want to choose a Learning Management System and an eLearning Authoring tool that supports a wide range of mobile devices, so that you can offer all employees the opportunity to improve their sales numbers. In fact, it may be wise to interview your sales team beforehand to see what devices they currently own and what types of mobile performance support activities or tools they think would be the most beneficial. Get their input so that you can select an HTML5 eLearning Authoring Tool and a Cloud-Based Learning Management System that helps them to achieve their professional goals and offers them the features they feel they need to boost their job performance.

With these mobile performance support tips you can help your sales team to stay well informed, so that they won't ever have to worry about coming empty handed to an important client meeting or heading out onto the sales floor without a firm grasp of product specs.

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