8 Budgeting Factors For Choosing The Best Mobile LMS For Your External Partner Training

Choosing The Best Mobile LMS For Your External Partner Training: 8 Budgeting Factors To Consider

Your external partners may not always be visible. But they’re still valuable members of the team who contribute to your bottom line and uphold your brand image. As such, they require the same, if not more, online training support to uphold their end of the bargain. A mobile Learning Management System gives them round-the-clock access to online training tutorials, demos and other online training resources to bridge the gaps. The first step is creating an accurate tab of how much you’ll spend and which costs you will be able to cut. These budgeting factors can help you avoid hidden fees and keep your expenses in check when choosing and implementing the best mobile LMS.

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1. Pricing Model

First things first, you need to determine which pricing models are available so that you can develop a realistic expense sheet. While some eLearning content providers offer a one-off licensing fee, others require a monthly subscription. There are pros and cons to each option. A license-based mobile LMS is often more customizable. You wouldn't have to worry about rising monthly costs. However, a subscription-based system is cheaper to get off the ground because you pay as you go.

2. Active Users

Certain providers charge by the number of active users who log into the system within a given timeframe. It can be a bit tricky to determine the exact number of users who will be using your system. However, you can guesstimate in order to find the best mobile LMS for your extended partner training. For example, you currently have 50 people in your extended sales channel but plan to expand to 100 in the near future. The ideal approach is to account for the growth so that you don’t accumulate additional charges.

3. Required Support Services

Another expense to factor into your mobile LMS budget is support services. Some LMS companies include this in their package, while others charge extra for more advanced options such as toll-free phone assistance with an experienced tech. This is something you should clarify with your provider in order to get an accurate estimate. If they do charge extra, determine whether it’s worth the expense or if your team can handle things on their own. As an example, they’re already familiar with the LMS and there are plenty of vendor support tools online for them to rely on.

4. Initial Costs

As I mentioned earlier, one of the most popular pricing models is up-front licensing. However, even SaaS platforms have initial costs. For example, you have to account for the time and resources it takes to set up the system and customize it to your needs as well as to develop the resources you’ll be uploading to the mobile LMS.

5. Learning Curve

How long will it take your L&D team and admin to master the best mobile LMS you just purchased? How about your employees? After all, they need to be able to access content on their mobile devices. So, they need to know how to log in, get to their dashboards and utilize all the end-user features. The learning curve isn’t just something to fit into your LMS implementation timeline. It plays a crucial role in LMS budgeting as you need to set aside resources (in the form of payroll hours) so that employees can adapt to the new tool.

6. Upgrades

This is yet another fee that depends on the content provider and your organization’s requirements. Many providers offer upgrades or updates, especially SaaS options. However, licensed platforms usually require you to foot the bill to improve functionality. For example, you need to account for a yearly software update that incorporates the latest mobile learning trends and tech. Otherwise, your external partners will be stuck with outdated technologies that aren’t as immersive or engaging as they could be.

7. Development Expenses

How much will it cost to develop external partner training resources for your new mobile LMS? Development expenses can be a significant portion of your budget. Especially if you need to outsource the task. That said, even developing content in-house requires authoring tools and payroll hours. You may also have to hire a dedicated Instructional Designer, Graphic Designer, and IT tech.

8. Mobile Maintenance

A major hidden fee that many organizations overlook when implementing a mobile LMS for external partner training is ongoing maintenance. This doesn’t concern the software upgrades I already addressed but it does concern new content, revisions and plug-ins/add-ons you require to purchase based on your evolving needs. If you don’t already have one, an LMS admin is essential to help you upkeep the tool.

Optional Expense: Devices vs BYO

If your external partners don’t or aren’t willing to use devices of their own, you also have to budget for hardware purchases. A great example is buying them new smartphones so that they can access the LMS before a client meeting or sales call. This also ensures that they have the latest and greatest tech which allows them to get the most from your online training content. Like being able to participate in simulations or serious games without outdated devices becoming an obstacle.

External partners are valued members of your team even if they aren’t around all the time. As such, they need ongoing support that’s accessible on the go and custom-tailored to their job responsibilities. A mobile LMS makes them feel like they’re part of the corporate community while addressing their individual areas for improvement. This article can help you create an accurate implementation budget so that they get what they need to contribute to your bottom line.

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