Transforming Your Organization's Online Training Strategy With A Mobile LMS: 4 Best Practices

Transforming Your Organization's Online Training Strategy With A Mobile LMS: 4 Best Practices
Summary: Find out how a mobile Learning Management System can transform your organisation's online training strategy.

How To Transform Your Organization's Online Training Strategy Using A Mobile LMS

If you’re looking to bring eLearning into your organisation, a mobile Learning Management System (LMS) could help transform your online training strategy by offering your staff a more flexible training method.

Here are just some of the ways a mobile LMS can positively improve your learning approach:

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1. Offer eLearning To Your Staff

The best thing about bringing a mobile LMS into your business is the fact you will now be able to expand your learning offering and give your staff the chance to utilise eLearning in their internal training.

Instead of always relying on classroom-based sessions, eLearning will give your staff the chance to learn at their own pace, which may suit a lot of your staff’s learning style much better. Instead of having to complete training at the same time as everyone else, it will give them the chance to work through the training however they want.

It also makes your training easier to schedule from your internal training team’s point of view. Rather than having to try and schedule classroom-based sessions for large numbers of staff at once, as well as booking an instructor and an actual classroom, eLearning will give you the chance to simply set up the training courses for your staff and then let them work through it as they see fit.

2. Allow Them To Train On The Go

Another huge benefit of a mobile LMS is the fact that your staff will be able to learn on the go, using whatever device works best for them, rather than being stuck at their desk all the time.

A mobile LMS will mean that all your eLearning content will be mobile optimised, so your staff can learn on their smartphone or tablet. It also means they don’t have to learn in the office if they don’t want to and could instead spend a little time out of the office or learn while travelling.

It also means that they will be able to continue their learning across a number of different devices simply by logging in, rather than being stuck on the same device all the time.

3. Make Your Training More Flexible

eLearning is a great addition to your learning offering because it makes your learning much more flexible and gives your staff the chance to learn exactly how they want to.

  • They don’t have to be stuck in a classroom for a set period and instead can learn in smaller, bite-sized chunks.
  • They can learn at their own pace, as classroom-based sessions may go at too quick or too slow a pace for a particular student.
  • Learners can go back over material if they get stuck without worrying about falling behind.
  • The training content is all stored and easily accessible, so students can go back over the material before a final assessment or whenever they need a top up.
  • You don’t have to get everyone into training sessions at the same time, which makes it easier to organise. Instead, you can set a deadline for when everyone needs to complete the training and give your staff a little more time to fit the training in whenever they can.

4. Streamline Your Training Costs

As well as making your training offering better for your learners, making the move to a mobile LMS will also help streamline your training costs.

First of all, you won’t have to worry about booking classrooms for the length of the training course, as your students can learn when and where they want. This also gets rid of additional in-person costs such as catering and travel.

Secondly, you won’t need to hire an instructor to teach the training session, which will save you quite a lot of costs, especially if you would need to run the session multiple times in order to cover all the staff in your organisation.

Finally, because all the training materials are all online, you won’t need to do things like buy books or print off additional training resources, which will save you even more costs.

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