Can Imagination Enhance eLearning Efforts?

Can Imagination Enhance eLearning Efforts?
Summary: What is the solution for employers who want their employees to learn in a structured environment and grow in their creative capacities? The answer is eLearning.

eLearning And The Struggle Of Balancing Structure And Freedom

Have you ever thought about how structure has helped you grow and develop throughout every stage of your life? As a young child, your parents set mealtimes, naptimes and bedtimes that you adhered to. When you started school, structure became an even more important aspect of your life. Because of the way most adults experienced childhood, they tend to respond well to structure.

Structure is a vital aspect of everyday life. Without it, nothing would get done. However, structure doesn’t typically stimulate creativity. True, governments, businesses, schools, and workplaces can’t operate smoothly without structure. But, neither can they flourish without imaginations that are alive and well.

Life shouldn’t be all about structure and rigidity; there must also be room for the imagination to soar. Nothing will free the imagination quicker than a break from one’s day-to-day schedule.

Today, there is a constant struggle to balance structure and freedom – especially in the realm of organizational learning. Some find that learning is fostered more effectively in an organized environment. Organized learning is great, but it’s not the only form of learning, and it doesn’t always inspire creativity.

The solution is eLearning: eLearning is ideal for companies that desire to train up disciplined employees with wild imaginations.

eLearning Draws The Line Between Structure And Freedom

In the 21st Century, we’ve observed many examples of imaginative thinking in the business realm paying off in huge dividends. For example, social media websites and marketplaces like Etsy are producers of structured freedom, as they let people share fresh ideas in productive settings. More than likely, it was not masterminds that dreamed these companies up; it was regular people with extraordinary imaginations.

Wouldn’t you love to have a workplace full of employees who are free to come up with creative ideas that could turn into new products and services? eLearning can help your workforce get to where you want it to be. eLearning platforms benefit a company’s employees by combining a structured environment where training and information sharing can occur, and a communications center where reflective conversation is welcomed and encouraged.

eLearning Platforms Guarantee Structure

Not all eLearning systems are the same. Some require on-site hardware installation. Because the implementation of these types of eLearning systems is somewhat inconvenient, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms are much more popular. A SaaS eLearning system can be accessed by any device with a connection to the Internet, from any location, at any time. Because they save time and money and reduce stress, SaaS eLearning systems are the most popular type of online learning platform.

While there are significant differences between Learning Management Systems (LMSs), there are also similarities. Here are a few features that most eLearning systems share:

  • Calendars.
    Calendars allow users and administrators to schedule meetings, events, and trainings.
  • Enrollment forms.
    This handy feature enables administrators to see who is signed up for certain programs.
  • Grading/attendance systems.
    With grading and attendance systems, administrators/trainers can ensure learners attend mandatory courses and turn in assignments on time.
  • Import/export options.
    This feature gives users and administrators the ability to easily import and export curriculum.

An eLearning platform with these features offers a structurally sound environment that is conducive to comprehensive education. At the same time, a Learning Management System can create a learning environment that frees the imagination and gives users a sense of independence.

eLearning Systems Free Τhe Imagination 

Business owners whose companies are growing like wildfire often build strong workforces by use of eLearning systems. What these leaders are discovering is that online learning forces employees to engage with others, which gets their creative juices flowing. Online learners must access communication networks that invite discussions through social learning options like forums, blogs, real time chat, and personal profiles. This type of social interaction within a structured setting facilitates imaginative thinking.

An eLearning system is a remarkable way to loosen up the often-rigid structure of learning. Because eLearning platforms allow users to think freely and share their ideas with others in creative ways, learners are positioned to become innovators that make lasting contributions to their workplaces. With a flexible, easy to use, ever-changing Learning Management System, companies are able to give their employees the structure and freedom they need.

Structure and freedom is a combination that advances education. eLearning systems ensure it.

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