Free eBook: A Guide To Competency Training For Organizational Excellence – Part 1
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A Guide To Competency-Based Training For Organizational Excellence – Part 1: Understanding CBT

Effective training and the ability to make use of the human talent available, to the advantage of those deploying it, are the main reasons that competency-based training slowly but steadily gains mainstream attention. Lambda Solutions take the slow and steady approach too, publishing this eBook in two parts.

eBook Release: A Guide To Competency Based Training For Organizational Excellence – Part 1
eBook Release
A Guide To Competency Based Training For Organizational Excellence – Part 1
Discover how creating competency models for specific functional roles contribute to company-wide strategic goals.

In this first part of A Guide ToCompetency Based Training For Organizational Excellence, you'll set the basis for fully understanding the concept of CBT. Along with that, all the reasons for the rising trend on competency-based training among organizations and especially L&D managers will be presented to you.

About The eBook

It wouldn't be of any use for you to browse through an edition advocating CBT by laying all sorts of metrics and percentages in front of you. Read what competencies can do for your organization, and allow me to feel certain that you’ll immediately start searching for the second part, following A Guide To Competency Based Training For Organizational Excellence - Part 1. Here are the key chapters of the eBook:

  • Introduction
  • What Is Competency-Based Training?
  • Why More Organizations Are Focusing On Competency-Based Training
  • Why Learning And Development Managers Love CBT

Upon admitting that competency-based training is by now a mainstream trend, what usually comes as a consequence are claims of deploying, or else said, poor adaptations of it. One might say that this adds to the importance of the eBook. Before even starting, know you have to invest patience, time, and resources for this to fully function.

What launches this eBook is the definition of the term. Included in it you will find references on different categories of competencies. By this, you start orientating with the features of your organization and your employees in mind. This structured approach assists in the strengthening of competencies, creating and implementing related models.

What these training models do, is matching individual competencies with job competency models. This results in having the capability of putting talent in positions where they will reach their full potential. This benefits the company and the employees, thus, creating a competitive advantage. Further reading will let you in on why competencies outlive job tasks, and how they support organizational capabilities.

Addressing L&D managers, A Guide To Competency Based Training For Organizational Excellence - Part 1 offers insight on how to spot individual competencies that make for successful performers. Even more, it introduces you to the ways of identifying competency gaps, so that you can achieve strategic goals and help employees reach self-awareness and improvement.

If you want to get on the track of creating competency models that you deliver competitive advantage for your organization, download this eBook today.

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