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6 Cultural Transformation Training Tools For SMBs That Want To Go Global

6 Cultural Transformation Training Tools For SMBs That Want To Go Global
Summary: Venturing into new markets can be stressful and resource-draining. However, a strong company culture can make your global venture a success. In this guide, I share cultural transformation training tools that are ideal for ambitious SMBs.

Cultural Transformation Training Tools That Fuel Company Growth

There will always be some growing pains as your organization expands. Employees must adapt their job roles or accept new responsibilities based on regional demands. As such, your company culture must adjust to stay ahead of the competition and build consumer loyalty. Employees need to know what you stand for and how to portray your image to the public. Which policies they must follow to maintain brand credibility and keep your name in the limelight (for all the right reasons)? It also ensures their attitudes align with your professional principles and customer expectations. Here are 6 cultural transformation training tools for SMBs who want to expand into the global marketplace.

1. Live Events That Set The Tone

Host live training events that show trainees what your organization is all about and the culture you’re trying to develop. Ask managers and other team leaders who exhibit key traits to guest speak. So that they can convey your company message and set the right tone for their co-workers. Now’s your opportunity to lead by example. You can even cover a different company principle or aspect of your identity during live sessions. Keep in mind that the foundation of your culture must be ironed out before training commences. So, meet with your team to discuss your vision and then schedule events that support related objectives, goals, and training gaps.

2. Social Media Groups To Foster A Sense Of Global Community

You can speak about company culture with your employees but it’s a more holistic and intangible training topic. For example, tasks involve a series of steps and protocols. You can create demos to impart the basics and employees mimic these behaviors. Cultural transformation training involves attitudes, mindsets, and other aspects that are difficult to put into words. But you can launch social media groups to instill a sense of community and give employees a brand-centered space to chat. They’re able to discuss how the company policies and principles apply to their work duties. As well as share company culture training pointers on how to adapt to change and cater to different customer groups.

3. Simulations That Expose Employees To New Markets

Your company culture must be flexible to a certain degree. Of course, your core principles and values are set in stone (for the most part). However, other aspects are more fluid, based on the regions you expand into. So, develop SMB online training simulations that expose your employees to new demographics, compliance issues, and customer needs. Give them a taste of the local culture and how to interact with consumers in new markets. They must be able to balance your company culture with the expectations and backgrounds of their customers/clients. Branching scenarios are another great way to build experience without offending your new consumers.

4. Demo Videos That Outline Company Beliefs

Employees may already know the company motto or the causes you stand behind. But it’s challenging to translate these elements into the real world. How do they portray your brand in the most favorable light when interacting with customers in different regions? SMB online training demo videos show them company beliefs in action. They help trainees convert their cultural transformation training into favorable performance behaviors and attitudes. You can even incorporate cultural norms to illustrate how your culture meshes with local customs.

5. Infographics To Summarize The Key Pillars

Create infographics that sum up the key pillars of your company culture. Start with one-word descriptions of the qualities your employees must possess. For example, your culture hinges on trust or diversity. Then explain how these terms apply to your business operations and individual tasks. You may need to develop a separate infographic for every department to make it personal. For instance, the customer service team must exhibit ‘adaptability’ in different ways than your warehouse staff. Provide clear examples for how these traits tie into their job duties and performance behaviors. On a side note, infographics are also ideal training tools for customer backgrounds, needs, and buying behaviors. Such as a graphic that tells employees everything they need to know about female consumers between the ages of 18-35 in a certain region.

6. JIT Libraries To Refresh And Reinforce Company Culture

You can’t simply tell trainees how to behave or what to believe and then put them on the sales floor. When all is said and done, employees still have goals and values of their own. So, launch a JIT company culture training library that offers something for everyone. Videos, serious games, and real-world stories cater to different preferences and work requirements. This also reinforces your company culture gradually. Every resource teaches them something new about your company’s history and public persona. They can take their time exploring the various aspects of your culture instead of trying to cram information in one sitting.


Cultural transformation training is one of the most challenging topics because it’s all-encompassing. Every member of the team has to reflect your values and beliefs. Just as every training course must convey the right tone and provide real-world examples of those values. When you add a global expansion to the mix, it can be even more challenging since you must cater to different markets. While still retaining your identity and not losing sight of your professional pillars. It’s a balancing act, but this guide can help you develop effective training tools on a tight budget.

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