What Is Customer Training And How Does eLearning Facilitate It?

What Is Customer Training And How Does eLearning Facilitate It?
Summary: In modern times, it has become necessary to not only train employees and staff but the customer as well in order to fend off competition and ensure sustainable recurring revenue. In this article, we'll discuss how eLearning can be used to 'train' customers to successfully use products and services.

Customer Training: What It Is, And How It Facilitates eLearning

The customer has always been the center of every business. After all, they are the ultimate consumers of any product or service created by an organization, and influencing them to buy a product or use a service to generate sales is the fundamental goal of any organization. But, it isn’t easy. Competition has reached great proportions to this day, and companies must bring value at every stage of the customer lifecycle so as to fend off competition and ensure sustainable recurring revenue. As a result of this competition, customers have more choices and thus, customers hold the ultimate power. So, what can companies do to ensure that the customers choose them, and not their competitors? This is where customer training comes in.

Customer training is the process of educating your customers on successfully using your product or service in order to meet their goals. Today, customer training programs are based on eLearning and are created to assist customers in using a company’s products. Customer training helps customers engage with a product or service, understand how the product will make their life easier, learn to use it easily to its full potential, and become long-term users.

The question here shouldn’t be how eLearning facilitates customer training, but rather, what other way exists in these modern times? You can’t have classroom-based training sessions in different cities across the globe, or even in a single city, because who’s got the time to attend such sessions? You can, of course, include a user-manual like a number of companies, but the fact is, your customers don’t want to read a booklet filled with page upon page of text and images. They need something that is modern, something that suits this day and age. Thus, eLearning is the perfect choice for the delivery of customer training. Let us now go through some additional benefits of using eLearning for customer training.

1. It Presents Scalability

eLearning courses can easily be sent to customers all around the world in a jiffy. It is practical and affordable.

2. It Raises The Customer Experience

Customer Experience isn’t limited to just the product or the service nowadays. Good customer training increases the brand’s value in the eyes of the customer while enabling the user to derive greater value from the product or service.

3. It Improves Customer Retention

Of course, when customers have full product knowledge there are no points of friction in their experience to be dissatisfied from. They know what the product can and cannot do. This means that the chances of a customer turning into a long-term user are very high.

4. It Reduces The Strain On Customer Support Teams

When your eLearning program already covers everything a customer might need to know about the product or service, it makes it less likely for the customers to call up customer support and ask silly questions about the product. This helps the customer support team perform better and focus on more serious customer issues.

5. It Creates Brand Advocates

What do you think happens when a customer is fully trained in product usage and knows everything there is to know about the product? They feel happy and satisfied not only with the product but with the Customer Experience, too. When customers feel happy and satisfied, they share it with their friends and colleagues. Free marketing of the best kind!

6. It Increases The Chances Of Customers Buying Your Other Products Or Services

This is what happens when a brand is created. When users love the product or service and the Customer Experience, they’ll likely want to try out other of your products or services. Even better, you can include another product or service in your eLearning courses. This is one of the best ways to advertise. Customers investing more on your products is what you want after all.

Customer training that uses eLearning has quickly become popular, notably with software companies, even though it is not limited to just them. The reason for this surge in popularity is that businesses understand that they must keep up with modern trends or be left behind. But it’s not just that. The process of measuring data from an LMS will bring an increase in your customer retention rate and in the number of upgraded accounts, but a decrease in the support cost involving fewer tickets and queries per month. This is a win no matter how you see it.

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