Learning 2.0: Customized Learning Solutions

Customized Learning Solutions
Summary: When an employee is provided with personal direction, attention, and content catered to their specific needs, they learn more, are faster and achieve more significant results. Necessarily, you can achieve better outcomes with your training courses by making them more personal.

Customized Or Personalized Learning Solutions

Most trainers would agree—customized learning is the best type of learning for individuals. Training is the need for everyone—and, technology is changing everywhere. It demands the way to create the right learning platform. All corporations should focus on creating the right learning solutions, which can help to improve employee performance and create a learning experience.

I have been working in the training industry for around 11 years and have experience in various styles of learning. Online learning has moved to blended learning. Blended learning is combining with microlearning, and microlearning is now moving to more engaged learning. There are many ways to create learning experiences by using an LMS, mobile apps, gamification, or a reward-based system to increase motivation.

What Are Customized Learning Solutions?

Customized or personalized learning focuses on a group of specific audiences and their learning style, proficiency level, and provides the right training solution to understand their needs. It focuses on a learner-centric approach, so the learner can choose the mode of learning, tools, and learning objectives based on their interests, time of knowledge, speed of education, etc.

In business, many employers look for the answer to the question: How can we get results from our employee training and get the performance out of them? The answer to this question is to provide a customized learning solution. With a customized learning path, learners get a custom and highly relevant learning experience that matches their proficiency and interest areas.

Customization of learning is designed to enable learners. Instead of a one-training-fits-all approach, there is now the need for individual training. It boosts their engagement and exercises are more focused. It will eventually result in an absolute gain for the time spent on the learning experience. Learners have varied learning styles and need to go through the same program; but, customized learning can offer a personalized learning solution and learner-centric approach.

In the modern situation at any corporate office, there is always a need for creating employee engagement along with learning. That helps directly in improving employee performance and reducing attrition. It is also essential to create a platform for learners that allows the learning experience to be fast and easy as well as using various technologies to motivate them.

Why Do We Need Customized Learning Solutions?

Customized learning solutions can help the learner to get the Learner Experience and make it more exciting and adaptive to their learning style. Here are some of the main benefits of customized learning:

  • Increased attention and motivation
    Increased engagement means increased motivation. And, with customized learning, your employees will have more options to choose a learning pathway that’s best suited for them. As a result, they’ll be more invested in their learning. A customized learning solution will also help motivate the learner to complete the curriculum since the curriculum is according to their needs and matches their learning style.
  • Reduced learning time
    In today's machine learning and Artificial Intelligence world, it is always essential to learn new things in less time. Providing a customized learning solution for employees/learners will help to make the training in less time, which links there learning needs. We live in a world of multitasking and need to balance various mandates at the same time. With severe stress on time, learners want to spend time on learning experiences that are customized for them.
  • Diverse learning styles
    Everyone has a different learning style, and they come with varying levels of proficiency. And, having a solution that matches their proficiency level ensures learning solutions automatically improve their performance with a lot of learning engagement. They can choose chunks in the learning path they want to learn/need to learn. They also don't need to go through what they already know.

Training is all about inspiring the learner to learn new technology. It is clear to understand that learners should feel the urge to put their mind and heart into what is expected from training. This strategy provides the flexibility needed to honor every learner's uniqueness, therefore better preparing them for success.

Personalized or customized learning might require more cost and effort to develop. But going forward, it’s becoming the need. Customization is only going to increase the learning experiences in the years to come.

Achieving better results with learning programs may be likely with your ability to deliver more personalized content. Think thoroughly about how you are going to assist your learners and offer a better learning experience for them moving forward.