New Hire Roadmap: All The Employee Onboarding Resources You Need From Day 1 To Day 90 And Beyond [eBook]

All The Employee Onboarding Resources You Need From Day 1 To Day 90 And Beyond
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Summary: What do your new hires need to succeed? This eBook outlines essential employee onboarding resources to consider for your L&D program.

Which Employee Onboarding Resources Do You Need?

Employee success hinges on a variety of factors. Skills, experience, and mindset are just a few of the essential ingredients. However, organizations must give team members the support and training they need to achieve their full potential. So, how do you create an employee onboarding program that helps them become their best selves? This eBook has valuable insights that will help maximize internal talent and retain top performers from day one.

eBook Release: New Hire Roadmap: All The Employee Onboarding Resources You Need From Day 1 To Day 90 And Beyond
eBook Release
New Hire Roadmap: All The Employee Onboarding Resources You Need From Day 1 To Day 90 And Beyond
We’ll show you all the employee onboarding resources you need to build a great new hire roadmap from Day 1 to Day 90 and beyond!

What Do New Hires Expect From Your Onboarding Training?

The truth is that new hire expectations are generally low because of past experiences. Maybe they've worked for companies that used outdated training approaches that were packed with printed manuals and retro video demos. Or it could be that the organization underestimated the importance of onboarding training and how it impacts the employee journey as a whole. Whatever the case, you may have to deal with negative preconceptions.

Fortunately, you can catch them off guard (in a good way) by giving them interactive, engaging, and dynamic employee onboarding resources. Simulations, serious games, and scenarios are just a few activities that can bridge gaps and extend a warm welcome to your new hires. You can also host live events and group collaboration projects to encourage peer-based knowledge sharing and break the ice.

Why Onboarding Is The Key To Self-Confidence?

Let's face it; most new hires are dealing with more than just first-day jitters. The new normal has brought new obstacles. Employees might feel a lack of self-confidence because they're pursuing new career paths or must contend with emerging compliance challenges. Giving them the employee onboarding resources they require helps ensure that every member of your team is ready to seize new opportunities. They have ongoing support, which means they can handle any hurdle that comes their way and contribute even more to your company.

For example, one of your new recruits is uncertain about new job responsibilities or tasks. Will they be able to field customer questions? Can they use the new software? Do they have the interpersonal skills to get along with coworkers and avoid conflicts? Onboarding helps them evaluate their current performance behaviors to identify personal areas for improvement. Then they have the chance to explore fresh approaches and continually develop their talents autonomously.

About This eBook

Is onboarding really worth the investment? How do you fully engage with remote new hires and provide ongoing support? This eBook has answers to all of your most pressing questions. Here's a sneak preview of what you'll find inside this all-in-one guide:

  • 3 Reasons Why A Structured Employee Onboarding Process Makes A Major Difference For New Hires
  • Employee Onboarding Checklist: Your New Hire Training Blueprint For The First 30, 60, And 90 days
  • 3 Key Characteristics Of Wow-Worthy New Employee Onboarding Programs
  • Team Building 101: The 3 Key Roles Of Collaborative Learning In Onboarding New Hires
  • Maximizing Metrics: How To Demonstrate Business Impact Through 4-Step Employee Onboarding Analytics
  • Adapting To The New Normal: 3 Tips To Adjust Your Onboarding Process To Reflect A Remote Work Environment
  • The Right Tech For The Task: Choosing The Best Employee Onboarding Software For New Hire Training Experiences in 3 Key Steps
  • New Hire Onboarding Showcase: How 4 Leading L&D Experts Structure Their Strategies


Every new employee should have the opportunity to assess their know-how and pave their own learning path based on personal career goals. But how do you create collaborative learning experiences that they'll never forget?

Download the eBook New Hire Roadmap: All The Employee Onboarding Resources You Need From Day 1 To Day 90 And Beyond to learn how to launch a new hire training program that makes a mark and fosters lifelong L&D.