8 Free Resources To Find The Perfect VILT Solutions In Your Price Range

VILT Vendor Vetting With Free eLearning Resources
Summary: Finding the ideal VILT solutions in your budget shouldn’t cost a small fortune. This article features 8 top free eLearning resources to pick the perfect eLearning content provider at the perfect price.

Choosing The Ideal Outsourcing Partner With The Right Tools

The best things in life really are free. I’m not talking about love and inner contentment. Who needs those when you can choose the best VILT solutions without spending a dime, meaning an eLearning content provider who understands your industry, online training objectives, and brand image. A team of VILT pros who know the subject matter inside out and can collaborate with your L&D department to achieve the best outcomes. There are plenty of free online resources to help you find the perfect outsourcing partner in your price range. From online directory listings to user reviews, these reference tools allow you to rapidly vet vendors and identify top contenders. You just need to know where to look. So, we’ve compiled a list of free resources that are packed with VILT content providers who deliver max value for money.

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1. Exclusive Online Directories

You should be choosy about VILT solutions directories to avoid buyer’s regret. Some sites feature exaggerated claims or biased opinions to influence your buying decision. The secret is to find reliable online directories that are intuitive and objective. For example, they have built-in filters to speed up the search and help you narrow down the list. The vendor pages are easy to navigate and sum up the key selling points. These exclusive directories should also be backed by a credible source. For instance, the site has been around for years and is well-established in the online training industry.

2. Review Sites

Again, review sites should be sponsor-free and authentic. For example, users must provide some basic background info to leave their honest opinions, such as use case, price range, and industry. Start with the summary statements, then move on to the pros and cons of each VILT vendor. In addition, consider the review date to get the most accurate information. For example, the user left their comments 4 years ago and a lot may have changed since then, like the vendor’s level of experience or customer service practices.

3. Social Media Recommendations

Another great place to look for new VILT vendors or qualify the companies already on your list is social media. There are dedicated groups for online training outsourcing and eLearning content providers. Places where HR, L&D, and ID pros gather to discuss their VILT vendor experiences and offer friendly advice. You can even post some basic corporate eLearning project details for personalized suggestions. Online forums and blogs are also worth a look as they often have pinned lists that feature top outsourcing partners in every price range.

4. Vendor Portfolios

Every VILT content provider should have a portfolio that illustrates their best work. Peruse their past projects to see if they possess all the necessary talents and technical expertise. If you’re considering them for other online training solutions, analyze their portfolio with a more holistic overview instead of just focusing on VILT initiatives.

5. Online Guides

Online guides, tip sheets, and articles don’t necessarily highlight Virtual Instructor-Led Training companies that align with your learning delivery methods. Instead, they offer valuable information to help you make the right choice and effectively vet VILT vendors. For example, the qualifications to look for or items to include in your outsourcing budget to avoid overspending. Downloadable eBooks are another valuable tool at your disposal.

6. User Ratings

How does the VILT content provider handle communication with clients? What’s their quality of service? Are they responsive? Do they adhere to deadlines? User reviews address these questions and more so that you can choose the perfect outsourcing partner. There’s also an overall satisfaction and likelihood-to-recommend score to sum up the experience. Just like the review sites, rating platforms should feature unpaid opinions so that you can accurately gauge the vendor’s service. Finally, look at all the ratings instead of focusing on the extremes. If there is one negative rating and 55 positive ones, a disgruntled client or competitor may be the culprit.

7. Top Content Provider Lists

Top lists are tricky because they require solid evaluation criteria to even the playing field. For example, VILT content providers are ranked based on their learning delivery methods, industry know-how, and work practices. Furthermore, there should be net promoter scores or customer satisfaction stats so that you know the information is reliable. In other words, outsourcing companies can’t simply buy their way to the top. Lastly, consider the source. Who posted the list and are they industry thought leaders? Do they specialize in all things in eLearning or is it a generalized site?

8. Requests For Proposals

RFPs are free, but there’s a lot that goes into the drafting process. Essentially, you need to lay the groundwork for your outsourcing project so that you can determine the scope, budget, and tasks involved. VILT vendors must also be aware of your selection process, deadlines, and evaluation criteria. Interested Virtual Instructor-Led Training companies will submit their proposals so that you get a more accurate cost estimate. You can also use their responses to adjust your expectations. For instance, all 5 vendors might come back with a VILT timeline that’s twice as long as yours. As such, you need to rethink your roll-out schedule to prevent implementation delays.

Above all else, free resources should have no strings attached. You can read online reviews, evaluate portfolios, and benefit from online guides without any money exchanging hands—virtually or otherwise. Though the RFPs are a bit more involved, they don’t lock you into any vendor services or contracts. It’s merely a way to test the market and solicit VILT estimates so that you can make your final decision. In fact, having to pay for any of these free resources is a major red flag.

You can discover even more tips on how to choose the right VILT content provider for your business in our eBook VILT Success For SMBs: How To Find Your Ideal VILT Content Provider At The Right Price. Benefit from top VILT vendors’ experience and know-how and reach your online training objectives even if you are on a tight budget.