Free eBook: The Definitive Guide To Understanding And Achieving Employee Engagement
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Important Information About The eBook The Definitive Guide To Understanding And Achieving Employee Engagement

Employee engagement, or actually the lack thereof, is quite a popular topic nowadays. A lot of companies are struggling with it. A lot of professionals from different fields are trying to come up with effective strategies to battle it. The free eBook The Definitive Guide To Understanding And Achieving Employee Engagement presents the most important aspects of the subject at hand.

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Key Chapters

The eBook starts out with a definition of employee engagement. It continues by showing how it is connected with other concepts as well, such as employee morale. In other words, employee engagement is not a stand-alone factor. It influences and can be influenced by many other aspects of an organization.

BizLibrary's eBook continues by denoting the importance employee engagement has in workplace life, using solid research-based arguments. It also points out how employee engagement should always be carefully monitored. Careful monitoring should be applied even if there is no evidence of employee disengagement.

The third chapter focuses on the three levels of employee engagement, namely engaged, not engaged and actively disengaged. It also provides a summary of what characteristics each employee engagement level comprises.

The fourth chapter uses statistical data taken from Kevin Sheridan’s book “Building A Magnetic Culture” to quantify the extent of the problem presented. The numbers are inarguably impressive.

Different generations need different techniques to be engaged. The fifth chapter employs statistical data to demonstrate what percentage of employees from different generations is disengaged. It also shows how that leads us to conclude that a one key fits all solution is not appropriate when it comes to employee engagement.

The eBook continues by elaborating on the three levels of employee engagement and what each level entails. This chapter is extremely useful as it provides specific traits of the three levels of employee engagement. This way you will be able to pinpoint which of your employees belong to which level.

The seventh chapter focuses on ways to deal with the lack of engaged employees. The chapter highlights the need to use tools to measure the employee engagement rate. It also suggests alternative direct measures to take if you’re battling with disengaged employees.

In order to further perceive why employees act the way they do, one has to focus on what the needs of the employees are in the workplace. Appreciation, contribution, feedback and encouragement are words that inevitably come up in such a context. The eighth chapter highlights the importance of them. It also shows how they contribute to employees who are fulfilled, engaged and work towards the company’s greater goal.

Managerial positions are key in developing employee engagement, especially roles that manage employees directly. This chapter of Bizlibrary’s free eBook focuses on strategies successful managers use to make their employees feel valued and an irreplaceable part of the company’s workforce.

In the next chapter, BizLibrary makes use of a report by Deloitte to highlight the most prominent missing skills in mid-level managers. This could serve as a good starting point for managers to evaluate themselves and detect possible deficiencies.

If all the above were not enough, the next chapter of BizLibrary’s free eBook focuses on why investing on manager training is indispensable. In the final chapter BizLibrary presents the steps you need to take to gradually get to the desired employee engagement levels you desire, starting right now!

Employee engagement is a crucial issue, not to be taken lightly. It can undermine productivity levels as well as the quality of a company’s products or services. BizLibrary and the eBook The Definitive Guide To Understanding And Achieving Employee Engagement offer an array of surefire strategies to help you get your employees’ engagement levels back to the top.

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