The Power Of Security And Cloud-Based Authoring Tool Features

by gomo Learning

This ebook, ‘The power of security and cloud-based authoring tool features’, explores the importance of cloud-based authoring tools, why the software is so secure and how to get the most from a SaaS-based eLearning authoring tool.

Key Chapters

  1. Amazon isn’t just for shopping, TV and Alexa

    We explore how Amazon Web Services (or AWS) has gone from being the company’s engine room to a huge part of Amazon selling cloud-based computing to the world.

  2. AWS and Software as a Service (SaaS)

    Most of us are now using Software as a Service (or SaaS) at some point in our day, even if we’re not consciously aware of it. But what is it? We take a look at how it works.

  3. Where did the cloud originate?

    These days, many of the world’s best-known companies choose to work in the cloud. Although it was made widely available in the 1950s, it can actually be traced back to the 1950s.

  4. The cloud is a highly effective solution for everyone

    We explain why the cloud is a highly-scalable, reliable and low-latency infrastructure with affordable costs. It has levelled the playing field for companies looking for data storage.

  5. Let’s dig deeper into what AWS does

    Perhaps AWS’ greatest benefit is the massive scalability it offers, safeguarding trillions of objects each day. It is designed as a complete storage platform and built for simplicity.

  6. Meeting the highest international standards

    We explain some of the history of the International Organization for Standardization’s ISO 27000 standards – you’ll want to make sure your authoring tool’s SaaS operation is certified to one of these standards, namely ISO 27001.

  7. Dealing with high demand and growing as you grow

    Your needs are specific and likely to change in the future. Here, we explain why cloud computing gives you the flexibility to access its resources as and when you want them.

  8. Where is the data held?

    Where are the cloud data centers and how does your data reach them? We take a look at how their location and functions ensure your security and data durability are optimized.

  9. Ultra-safe storage in the cloud

    Creating training for a global team can be highly complex. This section examines how the cloud encourages collaboration while keeping your data safe and protecting you from data loss.

  10. Safe, always-available data

    Here’s how the cloud can benefit your business at a time when more and more employees are working from multiple locations and taking their training in non-traditional ways.

  11. The cloud at work

    Find out how the gomo eLearning authoring tool is helping a diverse range of organizations – including market-leading multinationals – to transform their learning with the help of the cloud.

  12. The freedom to concentrate on creating great learning

    Security remains everybody’s responsibility, not just technology providers. This section explains why organizations need the cloud to make it easier to keep up.

  13. gomo and AWS – maximizing the power of the cloud

    Whatever your business size and challenges, you can start creating, distributing and hosting multi-device courses within a matter of days. Find out more in this section.

  14. Choose the market-leading authoring tool

    The ebook concludes by outlining what you should expect from your authoring tool, from easily building multi-device HTML5 eLearning content to effortlessly distributing it and analyzing its effectiveness.

L&D teams need to be certain that their data centers, vendors, and in-house processes are as secure as possible. The cloud is at least as secure as on-premise storage. In fact, as well as all of the other benefits you get from working in the cloud, it’s very likely to address many of your in-house security concerns while providing several efficiency savings.

Users of cloud services have experienced the level of safety reached in this type of technology, nevertheless there is still some insecurity laying around, especially in cases where lots of data is transferred and many users are involved. Both these conditions are met in eLearning, and that is why Gomo Learning took upon the task to bring the truth forth, and along with security give a thorough presentation of cloud-based authoring tools. We are all, more or less, using cloud applications, and this is a chance to grab hold of useful information, and learn the advantages of Software as a Service.

Christopher Pappas

Christopher Pappas
Founder of The eLearning Industry's Network