14 Things To Consider When Choosing The Right eLearning Authoring Tool

by iSpring

This eBook is designed as a detailed guide on how to choose an eLearning authoring tool that will perfectly suit your training development tasks. It includes a checklist to help you evaluate course creation software and create a list of questions for a software vendor.

Key Chapters

  1. What makes up the price?

    The first chapter clarifies why the prices of similar tools may vary considerably.

  2. Traditional software vs Cloud

    This chapter compares the benefits of desktop and cloud software. It also highlights what aspects to look at if opting for a cloud-based eLearning authoring solution.

  3. Windows or Mac

    This chapter gives you guidelines for creating e-courses on your Mac computer.

  4. Learning curve

    This chapter outlines the things to consider if you need to develop a number of eLearning courses within a tight time frame.

  5. LMS compatibility

    This chapter provides practical tips on how to test your courses with your LMS for compatibility and proper reporting.

  6. Games, video lectures, and simulations

    This section details the types of interactive content you can create and you actually need to create with an eLearning development tool.

  7. Content library

    This section describes why you should care about a Content Library in an eLearning authoring tool and how to evaluate it.

  8. Mobile learning

    This section outlines how the right authoring tool can ease and streamline the creation of mobile-ready courses.

  9. Technical support

    This section outlines what questions to ask the vendor’s technical support before purchase.

  10. Feedback from stakeholders

    This section helps you plan eLearning content delivery and accessibility.

  11. Software updates

    This section outlines how you can find info about a product’s development to choose a tool that constantly grows with the changing eLearning sphere.

  12. License type

    This chapter describes three common license types and their pros and cons.

  13. Who owns the rights to the content?

    This section raises legacy questions, which are especially important if you are going to sell courses online.

  14. Checklist

    This is a 20-point printer-ready checklist for rating each authoring tool you evaluate for your custom eLearning development goals and objectives.

Every day, iSpring is contacted by dozens of eLearning developers searching for the right authoring tool. In this guide, we share the answers to their most frequent and important questions. The guide covers all the essential details to discuss with potential vendors.

Checklists are great! We all love checklists...especially useful ones. This handy guide, "How to Choose the Right e-Learning Authoring Tool: 14 Simple Things to Consider", provides an excellent checklist to help you understand all of the important criteria to consider when choosing an eLearning authoring tool. In addition, you either read all the well-thought-out information or go directly to the checklist. Either way, this a good first-start for those considering an eLearning authoring tool.

Michael Sheyahshe

Michael Sheyahshe
Technologist at alterNative Media