Free eLearning Design and Development eBooks The Ultimate List
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The Ultimate List Of Free eLearning Design And Development eBooks

eLearning Design and Development has always been challenging. Especially in today's competitive and rapidly changing environment, planning ahead for possible changes, additions and improvements seems indispensable. It would be a good idea to make it a regular habit to study on relevant developments, regardless of how well informed in these matters you may feel. In this article, you may find a list of the latest 9 free eLearning Design and Development eBooks you can download and read, to get valuable insight in the field.

These free eBooks cover a wide range of topics, from designing eLearning courses for adult learners, to more specialized issues such as eLearning accessibility for people with disabilities, eLearning navigation, how to make an eLearning course responsive and much more. This wealth of knowledge offers a fresh perspective about eLearning Design and Development trends, and can help you in the process.

This list will constantly be updated with new eLearning Design And Development eBooks, so keep it on hand. Download the ones that better match your interests, and ... enjoy your reading!

1. The Ultimate Guide – How To Create Great eLearning Content From A To Z by iSpring

An expert guide through the entire process of creating and authoring a course — from the initial roadmap to final content distribution. It includes tips and tricks, pitfalls to avoid, and time savers to get your eLearning project done in an effective manner. There is plenty more than inspiration and knowledge, to creating great eLearning content. In fact, there are so many, that you'll be valuably assisted if you read this fully comprehensive edition. Starting from the essentials and advancing to tips and best practices for any type of content, for achieving efficacy, accessibility and all that make for a user-friendly eLearning program. You'll surely want to keep it handy for consultation, further on down the road.

2. Create Learning Experiences: Guide To Learning Experience Design (LXD) by Infopro Learning

Much like traditional website user experience, no matter how good the content, the learning experience heavily affects the ROI of your learning program. L&D leaders can take their corporate training efforts to the next level with this guide to learning experience design (LXD) and 7 Best LXD practices. User experience heavily affects the learner’s journey. You know your content, you promote it, you share it, but unless you take measures to offer learning experiences exceeding the trivial, you won’t get far. This eBook is bound to deliver great help in comprehending Learning Experience Design. The diagrams, the figures, and the whole presentation of it is attention-grabbing, to say the least.

3. Fall In Love With eLearning: How To Make Your Learners Love Their Online Learning! by Growth Engineering Ltd.

When learners love their eLearning they are motivated, engaged, eager to learn, and happy to commit to learning. This free eBook will help your learners be more productive, share knowledge, learn more and become more successful, saving the company money. While the ‘e’ in eLearning doesn’t stand for exciting, or engaging, it is in your hands to make it so. If this task is something of great difficulty in your mind, then you should spend some time with this edition by Growth Engineering. There are more than one ways to make your learners fall in love with eLearning. Read them and choose, one or all.

4. Accessible eLearning by Lambda Solutions

Though often thought of in relation to people with physical disabilities, web accessibility can actually benefit all users - making it easier for them to perceive, understand, navigate, interact, and contribute to the information and functionality that make up your web platform. This here is an interesting read on why make your eLearning platform accessible, what is it that does the trick, and how to acheive this in five easy steps. You will find this organized eBook so helpfull as it puts in order the sum of all things to be considered.

5. Designing eLearning Courses For Adult Learners: The Complete Guide by eLearning Industry

Do adults learn in the same way as their younger counterparts? Or do they need their own special approach to absorb the information? Do you know what your adult learners need to achieve their goals and tackle everyday challenges? Are you looking for ways to keep your adult learners engaged during your eLearning course? Are you meeting the needs of your adult learners by using the correct Instructional Design processes? Are your adult learners pressed for time? Download this free eBook to find the answers to these questions and much more...

6. Designing For Results - A Framework For Designing More Effective Learning Solutions by Kineo

Developing engaging and effective learning solutions still remains a challenge for L&D professionals, with knowledge transfer rates remaining at 37%. In this eBook, you will find a practical framework for design that goes beyond aesthetics and consists of a six-step process to craft a learning solution that not only works but also promotes continuous learning. You can’t focus on knowledge delivery alone. Here you’ll a clear description the change journey you are about to set for, insight for crafting it and how to recognize to route that is for you to cross, not getting something else than what you need.

7. Next Generation Learning Infrastructure by Kineo

L&D never ceases to evolve and transform. Discover the transformation L&D is currently experiencing, the role of SaaS solutions and LMSs in this transformation, as well as the key goals that the new L&D infrastructure accomplishes and the skill sets your training team must possess to keep up. Special attention is also given to real-time analytics that measure both learner needs and training effectiveness. Reading fresh ideas for a new infrastructure, how to get it all in one place, and about places to look for inspiration, will benefit you greatly.

8. Fluid & Future-Proof: How To Create And Distribute A Responsive eLearning Course by gomo Learning

Discover how to ensure your eLearning courses reach your learners instantly and look beautiful – whatever device they are using. Everything you need to know about responsive design is in this eBook: from tell-tale signs that your online learners are ready to engage it, to choosing the very best eLearning authoring tools to deploy your multi-platform friendly eLearning courses. If you are still wondering if and why responsive design is the future of eLearning, read on.

9. The Agile Guide To Agile Development by InfoPro Learning

Today, learning experiences are work-embedded, social, and informal. They are flexible in terms of platform and schedule. Does your training meet these changing requirements? The answer is yes if you are Agile. Infopro Learning put together this guide to help other learning professionals harness the power of Agile development. It is an eBook that includes ten steps to help transition a team to Agile project management, and help you anticipate the most common reasons for failure faced by Agile teams.

Download our free eLearning Design and Development eBooks to get advice of great use, regardless the level of craftsmanship you hold. Everyone wants to expand their knowledge on eLearning Design and Development. This is an opportunity you shouldn't miss.

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