7 Golden Rules Of LMS Promotion On LinkedIn

LMS Promotion On LinkedIn: 7 Golden Rules To Follow
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Summary: For nearly two decades, LinkedIn has been a trusted commercial networking platform. Can it really help you generate more qualified leads for your LMS product, though? In this article, I’ll share the 7 golden rules of LMS promotion on this tried and tested social media platform.

LMS Promotion On LinkedIn: 7 Golden Rules To Follow

When LinkedIn started back in 2002, it was a place where people could make professional connections. You could touch base with current colleagues, former workmates, and industry peers. The fastest way to build a network was to link your account to your email or phone book. It sent automated invites to contacts from your inbox or address book that already had LinkedIn accounts. This then gave you access to their networks. Over time, organizations created accounts as well, and this is where LMS promotion on LinkedIn comes in. Today, LinkedIn gives you the ability to reach your target audience and promote your unique selling points, as well as build credibility and establish yourself as an industry thought leader. You can easily use individual and company pages to promote your LMS. Here are the 7 golden rules of promoting your LMS on LinkedIn.

1. Include Product Info In Your Bio

Your LinkedIn profile allows members to see what you do at a glance. In your brief descriptive statement, mention your LMS. You could say something like ‘Developer of XYZ Corporate LMS’. This makes your profile appear in search engine listings for that particular product or service. It also invites prospects to read your complete profile. There, you can list some of the tools and features that your LMS offers, as well as a link to your landing page and briefly outline your USPs.

2. Build A Company Page

Company pages have existed for a while, and you should design a comprehensive one. It will show relevant details, including your products, logo, and brand messaging. You can also create a showcase page with independent followers and status updates, so it’s a LinkedIn page of its own. But since it’s a dedicated page, you have the full scope to dig deep into the functionality of your LMS.

3. Incorporate Multimedia

Many search engines and social media platforms are currently geared towards video content. If you have opted for promoting your LMS on LinkedIn, include some on your showcase page. It’s a good idea to upload a demo of your LMS. It should be brief and functional, no more than 2 minutes. Other ideas for videos include how-to’s, testimonials, and highlights of particular tools and features. Gifs are also a good way to attract attention. They’re generally playful and may seem unprofessional, but they will attract eyeballs. Just be sure to select the ones that tie into your image and messaging.

4. Swap Recommendations

It’s now much easier to endorse someone on LinkedIn. Unfortunately, one-click endorsements don’t hold much water. Written recommendations have bigger sway, because they are personalized and specific. They point out particular skills and benefits. You could offer to write a commendation for a peer and have them write you one in exchange. If you are serious about promoting your LMS on LinkedIn, you must make sure you source the right person, someone that is relevant to your LMS. Request that they talk about the particular functionalities. Generic reviews can end up looking like flattery, so they lack credibility. Ask them to focus on the unique selling points, being genuine and objective.

5. Share With Relevant Groups

Right now, all social media platforms have group functionality. It allows like-minded people to discuss their shared interests. Identify and join groups that are relevant to your LMS and establish yourself as a helpful member. You shouldn’t just focus on the hard sell. Answer member questions or offer tips and tricks. Only one out of five posts should be sales-y. Position your LMS as a solution to group members’ problems.

6. Create An Ad

While organic reach is quite satisfying, you shouldn’t discount paid ads when promoting your LMS on LinkedIn. They can be targeted by industry, region, or job title, ensuring they get to your preferred audience. Your best bet is to use a sponsored ad. It will include a link that takes members back to your LMS page. However, some members may consciously ignore your ad once they see the ‘sponsored’ tag. Use some text ads that could slip into their lateral eye-line. These ads are billed on a pay-per-click basis with a minimum reach of 1,000 members.

7. Post Value-Added Articles And Guides

Write articles that provide valuable tips and insights to your target audience and publish them to your profile. You can even share the article to other social media platforms to gain more exposure. Encourage readers to do the same so that you tap into their online networks. The key is to offer prospects value-added content that’s free of sales gimmicks or pushy pitches. Especially if you want to gain their trust and establish yourself as an industry expert. Readers are more likely to purchase your LMS product if you can prove you have expertise in the field and that your product addresses their needs. For example, post an article that features on how to improve online training ROI. Include a link to your LMS landing page at the end and briefly explain the benefits of your LMS.

Many organizations use LinkedIn as a recruiting tool for fresh talent. You can turn this to your advantage by promoting your LMS products and services as well. LMS is a good fit, and if you position it right, it won’t feel obtrusive. Mention your LMS in your bio, listing your role in its development. Create a company page for your brand and a showcase page for your LMS. Upload videos and animated content. Exchange written commendations with relevant industry experts. Be active in the right LinkedIn groups, and set aside a budget for paid ads. Every click-through is a potential buyer for your LMS.

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