How To Boost Your eLearning Business Listing With PPC

How To Boost Your eLearning Business Listing With PPC
Summary: Marketing your online training solutions shouldn’t put you into the red. Here’s how to boost your eLearning business listing with a targeted PPC campaign.

8 Steps To Boost Your eLearning Business Listing With PPC

Social media and content marketing usually get all the attention. However, an eLearning business listing is a must for organizations that want to improve SEO and generate qualified leads. You can maximize results with pay-per-click (PPC) which gets you premium placement, flexible performance reports, and a variety of other perks, not to mention your very own PPC marketing advisor to point you in the right direction. So, how do you launch a listing in the eLearning niche directory to increase traffic to your landing page? Follow these 8 steps to optimize your eLearning company list with PPC.

1. Create A Username And Password

Before you can create a listing with PPC, you must set up an account that gives you a username and password that log into the back end and modify your listing, as well as check stats and performance reports. This is one of the many fraud prevention measures in place to ensure that every list is credible. You can rest assured that you’re in good company when you add your business to the niche directory.

2. Submit An eLearning Business Listing

An eLearning niche directory business listing features all the evaluation criteria buyers look for, ranging from online training solutions to specialization areas. You can also mention your support services and use cases to attract more qualified leads. We review all submissions before they go live. However, there is an eLearning company guide to help you streamline the process and get your listing approved ASAP.

3. Set Up Your PPC Campaign

Once your eLearning company list is ready for launch, you have the opportunity to personalize your PPC campaign. Choose the right keywords and speak with your PPC marketing advisor to get maximum results. Keep in mind that you can change your listing and pay-per-click settings at any time. That’s one of the main reasons why eLearning businesses must set up a free eLI account. That way, you have round-the-clock access to backend reports.

4. Customize Your Bid Amount

Listings with PPC feature geo-bidding, thus you can focus on specific locations and demographics, as well as set a spending cap. It’s best to create a marketing budget beforehand. Determine how much you want to spend on each bid and your monthly campaign. In some cases, you may need to increase your PPC bidding amount. For example, you want to promote your upcoming webinar, or you’re using highly competitive keywords that come with higher max bids.

5. Create A Results-Driven Call To Action (CTA)

A call to action is what prompts qualified leads to click through. At this point, they know about your training solutions, support options, and specializations. They’ve also read reviews to establish that you have a proven track record, but they may need a little nudge to visit your site. The CTA piques their interest. It’s a short and snappy sentence or two that motivates buyers. The secret is to identify their pain points and buying behaviors, then highlight the number one reason why your eLearning company can help them achieve their online training goals. You can always go into greater detail on your landing page. The CTA is simply there to make them click and get to know your brand.

6. Evaluate Your eLearning Business List Performance Metrics

Every marketing method leaves a trail, metrics that you are able to track to ensure success and identify gaps. However, very few provide as many analytics as listings with PPC. This is due to flexible reports, data-rich visualizations, and the conversion pixel you can add to your listing. With all these tools, you can evaluate your eLearning business list daily and fine-tune your strategy. For instance, you may need to adjust your PPC bid amount to increase your clicks.

7. Optimize Your Page Based On Conversions And Clicks

The most essential performance metrics are clicks and conversions. This tells you how many people visited your site and clicked through to your website, then converted into paying customers. Of course, conversion rates tie into marketing objectives. For example, you might focus on free eBook downloads or event signups versus direct sales. As such, you should optimize your page based on these KPIs. Maybe your call to action needs to be clearer and more direct. Perhaps you need to target specific groups or industries to improve conversions. This is yet another reason why it’s so crucial to understand your buyers’ needs and expectations.

8. Make The Most Of eLearning Business Resources

A listing with PPC includes free landing page optimization and a personal account manager. These resources can help you improve your marketing strategy and stretch your budget. There are also numerous eBooks and articles that feature promotional pointers. You can use these tools to convert leads into clients without spending a small fortune. Yet another great way to get more exposure for your business is to publish eLearning articles. That way, you establish yourself as an industry expert and provide value-added content to your target audience.


Register your eLearning company to get started, then you can set up your listing and add PPC to see immediate results. Bids start at just a few cents, and you can set your own spending limits to stretch marketing resources. There’s even a built-in conversion pixel to help you monitor ROI and evaluate daily performance. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to build your brand, consider an eLearning business listing.

See for yourself why hundreds of vendors list with eLI in niche-specific directories. It gives your satisfied customers a place to leave their glowing reviews, plus you can highlight all your key selling points and specializations.

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