Lead Generation

October 6, 2021

What Is Lead Time In Marketing And How Does It Affect Purchase Decisions?

Having enough lead time during your campaigns lets your customers and prospects know when your new webinar is live, when you have a new product launch, when you're publishing a new eBook, etc., thus enabling everyone to plan accordingly. Let's see how lead time helps generate buzz but can also help boost visibility, reach more users, and increase conversions.
by John Crabill
June 10, 2021

9 Ways To Optimize Landing Pages To Generate More Leads

For most online businesses, generating more leads is a top priority. First, you need to strive hard to grab the attention of every visitor on your website. But that’s not the toughest part. Getting visitors to engage with your site and persuading them to take some kind of action is what most businesses struggle with.
by Gaurav Sharma
May 16, 2021

Why Should You Consider eBooks For Your Business?

Creating eBooks for your business is becoming the best way to deliver valuable information to your customers and clients. If a business is not creating eBooks, then it is perhaps because they are not aware of the benefits. This article will cover everything about creating an engaging business eBook.
by Ellen Baker