Sellers Dorsey
Instructional Designer—Corporate Trainer
Sellers Dorsey

This position designs and develops learning and practicing experiences for all Sellers Dorsey staff. The goal is to facilitate employees acquiring knowledge, skills, and competencies in an effective and appealing manner.

  • Requires 7+ years experience
  • Full time
  • Philadelphia, PA, United States
  • Requires Bachelor's degree
October 23, 2020

Key Responsibilities/Outcomes:

  • Working with internal Subject Matter Experts to determine the target audience’s training needs
  • Planning Instructional Design projects and setting instructional end goals and creating content that matches established objectives
  • Reshaping content for changing needs of the organization
  • Managing projects to ensure a consistent training experience that directly impacts employee success.
  • Structuring content and activities for optimizing learning; Providing exercises and activities that enhance the learning process
  • Creating supporting material/media (audio, video, simulations, role-plays, games, etc.)
  • Devising modes of assessment, such as tests or quizzes, to measure the effectiveness of the course
  • Consulting, analyzing, and developing highly engaging and interactive learning solutions focused on leadership development, but not excluding varying colleague initiatives
  • Creating learning guides and training manuals
  • Conducting any research required

Key Qualifications:

Education and work experience

  • Bachelor's degree required
  • Master's in Adult learning or Instructional Design/Technology preferred
  • Previous working experience in Instructional Design required
  • Experience designing, developing, and delivering emerging learning solutions including video, microlearning, and immersive scenarios requiring multiple branching elements strongly preferred
  • Healthcare or health insurance experience generally, and Medicaid experience specifically, is a plus
  • Experience in the professional services industry is strongly preferred
  • Paylocity LMS and SharePoint experience preferred


  • Curriculum planning skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, including relaying complex technical terms in an easy to understand manner for a broad audience
  • Ability to write effective copy, instructional text, audio, and video scripts
  • Strong proficiency with industry-standard design software (Adobe Creative Suite, Storyline, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Captivate)
  • Basic HTML and Flash programming knowledge
  • Strong Project Management and leadership skills to achieve design target timelines
  • Excellent organization skills
  • The ability to work effectively and succeed independently or in teams.
  • Skilled at orienting employees in a dynamic manner
  • Highly efficient, flexible, and motivated. Ability to stay focused on long term goals, remain flexible, and adapt to changing priorities
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel required
Who You Are

Core behaviors and competencies:

  • Promotes collaboration, partnership, and relationships among the participants and stakeholders in a design project
  • Applies advanced adult learning theories into a practical, application-based leadership learning strategy
  • Partners and collaborates with other learning professionals and business partners in delivering a consistent learning experience
  • Visualizes instructional graphics, the User Interface, and the finished product
  • Analyzes and apply trends and best practices in learning technologies and Instructional Design 
  • Maintains project documentation and course folders
  • Develops comprehensive measurement strategies for all learning solutions to demonstrate business impact and effectiveness
  • Acquires and applies new technology skills to Instructional Design practice
    Remains a thought leader in Instructional Design and innovation.
  • Design learning that reflects an understanding of the diversity of learners, including the demonstrated understanding of cultural differences that may apply
  • Treat fellow employees with respect and professionalism in all interactions
  • Take ownership of one’s professional development by increasing knowledge, skills, and abilities in areas that are critical to the firm’s success
  • Be self-motivated and be an advocate for your abilities and talents internally and externally

Key Performance Metrics/Expectations:

  • Individual performance goals will be set
  • Successful completion of deliverables, tasks, projects
  • Professional development
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